Power Rangers Turbo – S05E18 – Passing the Torch Part 1

Power Rangers Turbo – S05E18 – Passing the Torch Part 1

Welcome to Ranger Reviews, a webseries where
we look at episodes of the tv show, Power Rangers and then discuss them! Today, we’re exploring the eighteenth episode
of the show Power Rangers Turbo as well as the two hundred and twenty-third episode overall,
titled “Passing the Torch Part 1”. We begin this episode underwater on the ship,
where we see that Divatox is sleeping her bed. Suddenly, a figure appears in one of the windows
before reappearing before Divatox. It is Divatox’s mom, who commands her attention. She explains that they’ve always been legendary
in the space pirate community, but she’s really made things terrible for them by failing
so many times. Divatox asks her mom for advice, and her mom
says to get rid of the Power Rangers, and Divatox asks for some more real advice. She then tells her to remove the leader, which
echos softly… and by echo, I mean, she just keeps saying it. Divatox gets stoked about this idea, and she
plans to kill Tommy. Hurray! Out on the road, Kat and Tommy are driving
in Tommy’s truck, and Kat is impressed that Tommy was on time today. They talk about how they’re going camping
with the others, and how Justin was so excited he got up at the crack of dawn. Kat says that like she was there when he woke
up. I hate this relationship between Kat and Justin. On a random bus, a girl is listening to music
and singing terribly. Like real bad. Passengers are yelling for her to shut up,
and a guy next to her taps her on the shoulder, and she explains that she can’t hear him. She takes off her headphones, and he explains
that she needs to shut up because other people are mad. They introduce themselves. He is TJ, and she is Cassie. She’s heading to Stone Canyon to be with
some relatives so that she can crash the music scene because she wants to be a singer. Girl, you need lessons. TJ is heading to Angel Grove. On the ship, Divatox tosses Elgar aside, exclaiming
that they’re targeting Tommy now. She wants the Piranahtrons to get to the shore. We then see a fleet of them on bikes, going
down the road. They’re tailing Tommy and Kat, who see them. Tommy immediately decides to toss the laws
of the road aside, going off road into a field while they’re being chased. What are they so terrified of? They beat these guys pretty easily every other
time. After what feels like three years of a car
chase, Tommy exclaims that there’s too many of them. They’re legitimately four. At the camp site, Tanya has finished putting
up the tent, and she walks to Adam and Justin who have collected fire wood. Adam is surprised Tommy and Kat aren’t there
yet, and Tanya points out that Tommy is always late. I like that this has been a terrible flaw
of Tommy’s for a long time. That and that he’s super forgetful. Basically, Tommy sucks. They focus on getting the camp together. Then, we go back to Cassie and TJ, and TJ
explains that he wants to go to Angel Grove because he wants go play baseball for Angel
Grove. Cassie asks if he’s any good, and he says
that he’ll find out. Then, he asks her if she’s any good with
singing. Uh, no dude, you heard her. She’s terrible. But Cassie lies and says that she’s gonna
find out, too. The bus makes a stop at a rest stop, and the
driver tells the passengers that they have 15 minutes to themselves. They all start to unload from the bus, walking
into the rest stop. Cassie and TJ walk over to a sunglass tower,
and Cassie starts trying on sunglasses while TJ checks out some postcards. TJ then finds terrible sunglasses for Cassie
to wear, and then he shakes his head about them? Why does this feel like a casting side that
got slipped into the actual script on accident? Meanwhile, Tommy and Kat are getting blown
up. Yup. Anyways, TJ is now outside, and Cassie shows
him a hat. Uhm, anyways, now Kat has jumped from the
car, and she dropped her Turbo Key. Tommy’s tires get shot out finally, and
as he gets out in slow motion, they fire at him, blowing up his whole car. Jesus Christ. Tommy falls to the ground, knocked out, and
Kat is SCREAMING for him. Then, TJ gets up, running away. He thinks he heard someone who needs help. He runs off, and Cassie yells after him because
the bus is leaving soon. Meanwhile, Kat tried to get to tommy, but
she gets cut off by Pirahantrons before he decides she just has to leisurely run away
while they don’t drive at full speed behind her. Divatox decides to make sure that the Rangers
don’t save Tommy, so she releases two putrapods. Remember those? I guess they just found those suits again. She also calls out a new monster to heat things
up: Flamemite. Adam and Tanya are arguing playfully with
one another while they attempt to hang a hammock. There’s no way these two haven’t been
dating since like episode 5 of Zeo at this point. Justin hears something in a bush, and he decides
to check it out himself because Adam and Tanya are still arguing. He walks around, and unknowingly, a putrapod
egg appears. Then, Flamemite is there too, seeing Justin. He runs after him, jumping over him. Then, he spits literal fire at Justin. Adam and Tanya have gotten the hammock up,
and Adam says that the trick of a hammock is no sudden movements. You have to just relax. Then Justin yells for help, and Adam falls
out of the hammock. This episode is pretty on point with its jokes,
guys. They run to help him, but the putrapod appears
in front of them. Meanwhile, Cassie is trying to reason with
the bus driver to stay and wait for TJ, and he tells her he has a schedule to keep. The bus leaves, and we see that Cassie stayed
behind to find TJ… who knows WHY. Then, she ditches her luggage in a bush because
she hears Kat yelling, and she goes that way. Kat gets cornered by the Pirahantrons, and
she is struggling for some reason against them. TJ is there, and he finds the car on fire. Cassie runs up, scaring him, and they see
Kat fighting off the Pirahantrons. TJ says he wants to help Kat, and Cassie pulls
him back, but he goes anyways, and Cassie follows. Then, we see that the other putrapod is in
that field, hatching. Cassie and TJ run passed a knocked out Tommy,
not even noticing him. Great work everyone. Then, more damn Pirahanatrons show up, attacking
Cassie and TJ, who are doing pretty well against them. Get it together, Kat. Then, Justin gets away from Flamemite, taking
out his key to morph, but then it gets knocked out of his hand by the monster. I feel like these keys have proven to have
been a bad idea for a morpher. Then, Tanya and Adam are fighting the putrapod,
and they hear Justin yell for help. Then, Tanya lures it away, getting it tangled
in the hammock. I guess that counts as defeating it now, and
they run to help Justin. Flamemite has Justin up in the air, and Tanya
and Adam go to help him. Meanwhile, Kat is running away again, and
she gets distracted because TJ and Cassie are fighting Pirahanatrons, and she asks who
they are. Then, Cassie does some good moves again, and
TJ asks where she learned how to do that, and Cassie says “my ancestors invented it”. Oh my god, that’s a hilarious if not a bit
racist line. Because Cassie is Asian. Like, come on. Adam and Tanya can’t get Flamemite to let
Justin go, but they can’t, and they figure out that Justin can’t morph. Tanya gets hit back, and she hears from Alpha
that Tommy and Kat are in trouble. First of all, that happened like 20 minutes
ago. Come on, Alpha. Secondly, Tanya is rude as hell to Alpha says
“well, I got news for you Alpha, so are we.” Clearly mad that Alpha is sleeping on the
job. Kat is fighting more Pirahantrons because
that’s all this damn episode is. Then, the putrapod is now walking around,
stalking toward Tommy. Cassie and TJ are still fighting, and Cassie
yells how this is crazy, and she doesn’t really want to be involved in this. Same. They run to help Kat because even strangers
have to save her at this point. Then, Adam and Tanya try to morph, but Flamemite
hits their keys away. Seriously guys; we’re never doing a two
piece morpher again. TJ launches into a kick, saving Kat, and Cassie
wants to know why they’re attacking her, but they don’t get much info because they
get attacked again. Kat runs off to find Tommy, and she finds
him getting dragged away by the putrapod, and Kat gets held back, screaming for Tommy. We get it. Justin gets his key back, and Adam rolls out
of the way from fire, getting his key back, which he tosses around because the metal is
hot. Hahaha. I love little touches like this! Then, he gets Tanya’s key, and they hear
from Alpha about Tommy and Kat, so they run away to handle it? Uh, feel like the fire monster in the forest
needs to be tended to, but okay. Kat is screaming about Tommy, and Cassie tells
her to go away already, but then they get attacked AGAIN by Pirahantrons. Kat just watches them fight? Like, do something, Kat. You’re the Power Ranger. Jesus. In a cave, the putrapod tosses a stirring
Tommy onto the ground. We see that Divatox is there, stoked that
she has Tommy. She is very happy about this. To be continued. This episode is seriously just a single giant
Pirahanatron fight while also being unintentionally hilarious. I mean, we kept cutting back from the intense
peril of Kat and Tommy getting their car blown up to a 90s summer jam while Cassie and TJ
tried on sunglasses. Like WHAT?! I like TJ and Cassie already because TJ actually
wants to do stuff, and Cassie feels like a real girl. Not the perfect stereotype they tend to project
on female characters on this show. She actually seems kind of lazy and unwilling
to do too much for others, and I like that. Unfortunately, her actress is not great. Her delivery is pretty stilted, and sometimes,
it sounds like she’s reading the script in her head for the first time while saying
it out loud, if that makes sense. So, next time, a very big event will occur,
so get ready for that. Until then, may the power protect you!

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  1. It took over 200+ episodes for some random civilians to finally see the Power Rangers have to fight monsters unmorphed. Well, except for Adam, Aisha, and Rocky who coincidentally become rangers themselves eventually

  2. Adam and Tanya were a couple, nobody can make me think anything else. They had such a natural chemistry and I loved their fight scenes here, they both looked badass and you can tell the training paid off. Being honest you can tell the fight cheorgraphy for Katherine was not as strong, she was flailing around and lacked the look of skills she should have by this time. Again she falls victim to propping other characters. TJ and Cassie looked so strong and I instantly loved both of them. They are both in my top ten of favorite rangers.

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