Primitive Candle Making DIY, Pumpkin and Spice For Thanksgiving !

Primitive Candle Making DIY, Pumpkin and Spice  For Thanksgiving !

today I’m going to share with you how I
make some homemade candles during the years on my youtube channel I shared
with you many different ways of making candles and I’m going to share with you
that in the playlist at the end of this video but I’m going to share with you
today how we’re going to make some pumpkin spice candles so let’s get
started right into the video it’s for a generous gift a subscriber
gave me a kit with some soy wax and also with some wicks I really want to thank
you so much for that I use the soy wax so this is what I use and I’m going to
share with you in the description box the links to all of these products but
back in the early days I didn’t have money to get soy wax I didn’t have money
to buy new wicks and things like that so I would take candles that were used and
I would remount them so there’s two ways you can remelt your candles but always
use a double boiler so what we’re gonna do is I have my candle wax in a
container like this and it has a spout which makes it really nice but this is
how the old-school this is how I used to do it so you take an old kettle you’re
gonna fill that with water and I take an old tin can I will bend the tin can to
make a spout and that’s where we’re gonna put some wax in back when I lived
on the farm I used old crayons or old candles but with the internet you can get these
supplies really at a good price so we have our soy wax in here like this now I
do use beeswax but I don’t for candle making because beeswax is really
expensive so we’re going to go ahead and we’re going to put these on a double
boiler both of these go in a double boiler never ever do you melt wax
directly on any heating source always use a double boiler because wax is
really flammable so we’re gonna go put this on the stove and then I’ll show you
what we’re going to use containers are just whatever you can find but make sure
they’re glass and you want to have it a fairly thick glass so these were candles
at one time and I got them at the thrift store for 75 cents
the candle holders so we know they’re gonna work great you can also use a
canning jar you can use all kinds of jars as long as you make sure the glass
is thick so what we’re gonna do is I have Chamber kinds of wicks we have our
traditional wicks which is a form of string and then it is dipped into
paraffin wax or soybean wax with a little clip at the end but I wanted to
try something really different and this is the first time for me
I got wooden wicks so it’s a piece of wood with a clip and you just put it in
your jar like this and I’ll show you what it looks like so the comment strips
like this they really aren’t that expensive and it comes with 50 or 100 or
200 then you find a little metal clip and you just put the wood piece right
into the clip and you just set it right in your jar it stays upright if you’re
going to use these which is what you traditionally will use then you have to
get a candle adhesive and I got this at the thrift store all year I look for
things like this and this is wax or you can get it
they’re like little buttons that you can buy online that are sticky almost like a
sticker and then you put it in the middle like
that and it sticks to your jar of course this wick is way too big and we will
trim it but for today’s demonstration I’m going to be using these wooden wicks what makes these unique is they it
flickers really pretty and it has almost like a wood smell so there we go we have
these three candles it with the wood wicks and then we have one with the
regular wick now I’m gonna go ahead and we’re gonna work on the wax so the wax
is melting and I’ll get back to you when the wax is totally melted what we’re
going to do is we are going to make some beautiful caramel pumpkin crunch this is
a scent that I got online and then we have the orange dye to go with it so I
decided to put some adhesive on the bottom of these as well I think it’s just gonna be a lot better
I won’t have them falling around that way now if you don’t have the money to get a
he Civ that is made for candles you can buy adhesive that comes at your local
Rite Aid or CVS it’s the same wax that you use for when children you have
braces and it’s little wax strips exact same thing you can buy it really really
reasonable and you can use it that way as well much better
so now let’s get the wax and I’ll show you how we’re going to put some scent to
it and a little bit of dye to make it like a real authentic expensive candle
so this first batch of wax is actually leftover from last year when I made the
hot cocoa ones and so I’m gonna make one candle with the hot cocoa now we’re gonna leave a couple inches at
the top all right so here we have the soy wax and it’s all Mountain so what
we’re going to do is we’re going to add some scent and we’re also going to add
some dye to it take a plastic spoon we’re going to go ahead and we’re going
to do the die first so it says three drops per pound so it’s this about a
pound let’s try this it’s all about experimenting so I see it’s got a little
bit of a yellow color so let’s go with another it doesn’t take much of it to
color your wax I like my candles highly scented so I
add quite a bit of scent to it I only make candles about twice a year usually
in the beginning of the fall and then again in the middle of the winter when
you’re using a method like this you just have to be really careful when you’re
pouring into your mold there you go now I’m being a little brave and I’m going
to try something I never tried before and we will see what happens I’m taking
a Dollar Tree mold and I’m gonna pour some wax into it and now I have people save these for me
these are the little clam shells that scented wax comes in you can take off
the labels and soak the labels and I have all of these now I’m gonna make my
own now this is a Christmas gift that won’t cost you hardly anything and it
smells just like store-bought pianos are complete and this is what they look like
you would not be able to tell the difference between this and a brand new
candle and here are what the tarts look like same again they look just like
something you would buy at the store and here I have an old-fashioned label on it
but what about these ones from the Dollar Tree maybe you don’t have these
kind of cases for yours well the Dollar Tree ice cube trays work
amazing take a look at the little pumpkins
these are little pumpkin scent warmers and they look just as cute as what you
would buy at a high-end retail store you just pop them out of the trays and they
pop out great this is the first time using these silicone trays for candle
molds and I love the idea and the wax that’s left on the molds just shake it
in the trashcan and or shake it back into your container and it comes right
out but now we have these candles but the favorite part of all of it is
decorating them so we want to make them look like real authentic candles from a
store most I got last year they were three dollars and fifty cents on se and
they are a download and once you download them you can have them forever
and you can actually use these for sort of commercial items but most of the
times I get my images off the internet and I get them for free I do is I look
for vintage labels online that are copyright free which the graphic fairy
her website has all graphic free little and
just take a look at this how cute is that
so it looks professional but the graphic fairy she has all kinds of images that
you can use you can search on your website using is sheets that blank
labels so I get it from China which takes about three months but you can get
about 50 to 100 sheets for about $8 so what we’re gonna do is I have two more
yet I gotta find my small labels but now we have these so let’s go ahead and
let’s make these so these are actually labels that you can peel and I’ll go
ahead and peel these labels and then I’ll show you how everything looks at
the end people asked me if I plan on selling any of my products as people
know two years ago I did sell some products and they sold out within four
days I am thinking about selling my products again but it won’t be until
next year I’m really trying to establish my channel first and I’m really working
hard on my channel to establish a name a brand name and then I will work in two
cookbooks and work into some of my products but yes I will be planning on
selling my products sometime soon hope this video inspires you to make candles
whether you’re like me many years ago taking some old crayons and melting them
and finding some free labels on the internet and finding containers at the
thrift store or saving a little money to get some soy wax and a little bit of
scent I hope you give candle-making a try it’s a wonderful project that
involves your whole family take care everyone see you guys tomorrow from my
grandma Fanny’s diary were on October the 15th 1943 Danny writes today we
spent the day husking corn it was a cool and stormy day do you like candle making here’s some
other videos I’ve done throughout the years and also maybe you missed some
really good videos this week here they are too

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