Primitive Fuel: Pine Resin, Charcoal & Poop

Primitive Fuel: Pine Resin, Charcoal & Poop

Wax currant is native to western North America Wax currant bushes grow in higher elevations than other species of currants in California The elevation here is about 7,800 feet (2,400 meters) This is pine tree resin, or sap, that has collected on the bark where the tree suffered injury The sap of some pine trees is edible and even palatable A campfire that has burned down to hot coals can easily be reignited by adding dry grass I am placing the cup of pine tree resin near the fire to melt it I made this cup out of clay I collected near my hut The pine resin is already starting to melt The dry feces of a wild animal The feces should be dry and consist of plant remains The dry feces can then easily be pounded into a powder I selected this burned wood to pound into charcoal powder I did not measure exactly but I used approximately equal amounts of feces and charcoal When the resin is completely liquified then it is time to add the rest of the ingredients The mixture should be stirred well while still hot It has now become a sticky tar-like substance This can also be used as an adhesive and as a tar to waterproof vessels Now I need a flame to light the torch The cup is only half full of fuel but it burned for almost one hour Please let me know in the comments what natural materials you have used as fuel

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  1. Có cả vietsub như vậy dễ hiểu hơn

  2. Where are you live

  3. I’m just gonna tell myself that you ain’t gonna be drinking out of that poop cup any time soon.
    Great video brother!

  4. Do you think for the winter you will make a jacket ?

  5. Good video, i admire what you do and teach.

  6. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  7. انت رائع اتابعك من الشرق الاوسط

  8. Nice job AJ STYLES💪🏻

  9. Tarzan nowadays with a taste of old ages ! I appreciate !

  10. How long will it burn for?

  11. Your loin cloth needs a little addition to the upper sides near the hips, extera coverage will help cover the butt, Other than that keep up making videos. Miss the hut.

  12. 저기어디여 도봉산인가 오디가왜있어

  13. Safety First. Dont eat the poop. Dont eat the yellow snow.

  14. Does a human count as a wild animal? That would make the feces part a little easier. I already know where to find some!

  15. The healthiest person alive my respect to you sir ❤🙏

  16. I have some big important tests soon and you can't even imagine (maybe you can? Idk) how good is it to watch ur videos and chill for a bit great work as always

  17. Nice, very instructive !

  18. This the best 1st World play acting.Way to own it.

  19. Who taught you survival?
    Love your editing, thx!

  20. To craft torchs
    Place coal and stick.

  21. Tree resin is good but if you’ve got animal fat that melts just as well. Burns hot and is easier to get large amounts of

  22. If you are not the actor for the next Tarzan I am going to sue the producers because you know your facts. Good job with the torch fuel

  23. Огромное спасибо что теперь в каждом видео есть русские субтитры))

  24. I love what you have. It is very entertaining greetings from Chile

  25. Hello friend, chad! Excellent work, let me tell you that here in Argentina, ground cow or horse droppings are used to mix with clay mud and water to make bricks.

  26. Y como mierda carga la camara quien lo grabara?

  27. Him:*UsesPoop*
    A dung beetle: what have you done ?…

  28. I thought you were making pine pitch and was trying to figure out the use of the poop. Ah! a torch! Very cool! Nice clay work.

  29. Mr. Chad, you with loose hair are so beautifully handsome! You are a primitive dream… xoxo

  30. Why dont you talk anymore

  31. nigga is playin ark irl

  32. You should go on survivor or something

  33. hola utilizastes resina de pino y heces de animal y una brasa apagada saludos desde españa .

  34. So he touched poop with his barehands

  35. Hey I love your videos and I got a question?…do you live in the wild or do you have a home?

  36. This man got the Early acess version from Minecraft 1.15

  37. He is picking up and grinding poop with his BARE HANDS.


  38. well they say poop does help make fire lol

  39. Man you've change a lot from the past years

  40. Hi Mr.zuber how long does that one burn

  41. Would you eat poop for $500? 😂

  42. where did you learn this if you don't mind me asking

  43. I am wondering if something dystopian is about to happen as other YTs are talking about this type of fire making also…

  44. How long you been out in the wilderness for dog

  45. Can the resin be eaten!

  46. Que buenos videos chad…añgun dia deberias venir a la selva misionera de argentina a hacer supervivencia

  47. Tudo bem gosto muito dos seus vídeos das suas técnicas obrigado por traduzir para o português

  48. Youre a freakin badass

  49. He leveled up his crafting skill. That music though

  50. watches guy pounding animal crap

  51. Poop? Uh oh stinky

  52. What shaders is this guy using?

  53. How do you get a wi-fi signal out there?

  54. Siempre ha sido bien sabido acá en México que la majada (popó) de vaca seca es el más excelente de los combustibles…incluso ya bien encendido a fuego blanco sirve para calentar tortillas asar carne o elotes…y le da un sabor a la comida tan bueno que es increíble que algo pueda ser tan sabroso

  55. جميل جداً ورائع

  56. Ни хуя се Гайтавер блядь Тарзан натуральный ягоди в джунглях собирает

  57. Канал как и этот человек очень хороший и мы с помощью этого канала учимся многому. Подписывайтесь!👍☺️

  58. What’s funny Is his zodiac is an earth sign so makes sense he’s very connected to nature

  59. Наверное торф имеет похожие ингредиенты, по началу видео думал Чед хотел гашика пыхнуть!

  60. Ark:survival evolved

  61. Conan:the barbarian


  63. Poop. Wow people are taking this survival crap way to far. There are better things then playing with poop. Happy hep C times.

  64. Just becuase you know how to use a loincloth or how ever its doesnt meen you have to. I would still use my store bought stuff till I had to resort to home mad stuff.

  65. At least once an early human would have crushed his own dried poop..

  66. You'd be surprised with what you can do with a lil poop..

  67. Wouldn’t pine pitch and charcoal be enough though? What does the poo act as a flammable fiber thickener? Could you not also use just foliage? I’m very interested, this reminds me a lot of Greek Fire except they use animal fat

  68. Minecraft irl be like

  69. New sub. Glad i found your channel. One question. How often do you go there?

  70. Am I only one around here that thinks that primitive youtube guys should form a tribe and make a village?

  71. What a sexy shaved Ape! I'll name him Steve.
    Watch out creepers.
    Creepers explode uncontrollably


  73. In the show naked and afraid im sure you'd succeed all those 24 days, but dude im honestly proud of you, you work a lot and its hard at times im sure, nothing is that easy from what i see but just know im a supporter till the end >:0☆

  74. Giving the ol torch thing another round, that pretty good for an hour. Do you have access to horseshoe fungus or birch bark? Will you be flint knapping a knife, spear point or arrowheads? Thanks for posting another gr8 video.

  75. 牛逼啊 哥们。。

  76. Mmm Yes, animal shit. I must add this to my primitive collection

  77. Would like to see if you could survive on the show naked and afraid.?

  78. My wish to know what is this place name

  79. Great vid, and allways learn somthing new.

  80. Ah shit.Here we go again


  81. Minecraft 2 looks amazing

  82. Muito bom seu canal. 👏🏾🇧🇷

  83. Mrc pour les sous titre en français 😁👍🏻

  84. Shoot in 24p frame rate please

  85. Me alivia que sigue vivo :"v

  86. Can you make house vids

  87. dude… you couldnt wait until night to fire that thing up?

  88. That reminds me so of Conan exiles

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