Primitive Technology: Sling

Primitive Technology: Sling

Fast growing tree with fibrous bark Fibrous bark evident Stripping bark from stem Stripping fibrous inner bark from rough outer bark Stripping inner bark into thin strips To make cordage twist each individual strand clock wise and the both strands around each other anti clockwise When one strand runs out add more fibers into it like this, they wont come undone and will hold fast To form the pouch tie knots like this Tie a fiber strand onto one end of the pouch Weave the strand in and out of the pouch area to fill it out Pouch completed Tie a loop in the end for one finger like this And a knot in the other end to hold and let go of when shooting Rough dimension of sling Place a rock in the pouch Swing sling and let go, timing the release of the sling so the rock shoots forward Old pot for target practice First try, more luck than skill Sling

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  1. What is he throwing

  2. I thought the rope which you used to make the weapon was a bought one because it looks so perfect

  3. I made slings like this except I used nylon cord and leather pouchs nearly 60 years ago. I practiced till I could kill a bird or hit a coke bottle!

  4. Yo preparandome para la llegada de zombies :v

  5. Who needs an excavator and a dump truck 2 move stones when you got this guy…

  6. Brilliant as always, going to give this a go myself

  7. Footage of David training before his fight with Goliath.

    11th Century BC, Colorized.

  8. Really was luck on first try

    Nice sling tho!

  9. Что то он совсем не загорел.

  10. Наши придурки, вроде игоря лесника 30 минут разглагольствуют, а этот слова не произнес, а пользы больше.

  11. There’s really no use for that I mean unless you wanna protect your house with that 😂

  12. David and goliath
    Weapon of choice

  13. Bravo! Staying alive ! ..ok what about the perfect sling stones ? Sport loads and flack for birds … any ideas? Press on comrade!

  14. What can you hunt with that ?

  15. крутую вещь зделал однако

  16. Следуйщее видео
    Как сделать пулемёт из консервных банок

  17. Ele está atirando pedras com uma funda isso mesmo foi com uma dessa que o menino Davi venceu o gigante Golias.

  18. On this day 5 birds were harmed 3 deer shat and 2 mice R A N

  19. как я провёл лето 4:28

  20. Почему написано на русском а все онглечани

  21. Санабопичь

  22. The weapon is good but how did you build the camera lol

  23. Genius this man has been teaching you that you are seriously delusional about the world and the fact is he will survive not you

  24. This one perfectly used by King David
    War with Goliath

  25. Usable tree detected.. initiate harvesting.

  26. это оружие кочевников "Балақпан" называется .они попадали на лошеде скакав .мы досих пор ползуемся ими

  27. اسمه مجلاع😒✋

  28. This tech in our lang call machoganda …….

  29. Were are you from??? Pls answer if you se this

  30. I made 6 of these out of paracord and sold five to my friends… And now we have wars whith foil balls…. 😁

  31. Gdyby sie usmiechal to by bylo lepiej z celnoscia. Bodz jak woda akceptuj wszystko

  32. This must be what storm troopers do to get into their academy. You must hit the target once every 50 hits.

  33. А чем ты бреешься, бро?

  34. YouTube hates this video.

  35. Sling of weapons is nabi yunus

  36. not a efficient way to hunting,I better try archery

  37. If I hit the first shot I would spend hours trying to hit it three times in a row too lmao. Crazy how much practice it takes to accurately aim a sling right?

  38. نفس الذي في اليمن ، في صنعاء نسميه وضف ، يصنع من شعر الماعز وينتج صوت قوي جدا عند رميه الحجر ، وهو اكثر دقه وحرفيه وقوه في تصنيعه ، و مهاره التصويب عاليه

  39. Rip that leaf off is left arm 5:39

  40. Well, if you aim in the middle of a whole flock of birds you should hit one of them

  41. This is the equivalent of destroying an old vase with your BB gun

  42. Wow Plague Tale's Slingshot ❤️

  43. im watching naked…

  44. your marksman skill increased to 12

  45. Edwin can use this slingshot better than you.

    Baldur's gate brought me here haha.

  46. guess we can try this if there's ever some kind of Terminator scenario eh?

  47. Honestly, life back then must have been pretty simple and maybe even somewhat peaceful. Not having to stress about literally everything like we do in today's society. But then there's also diseases and famine and death and war so in fine.

  48. Why is he giving instructions? Nobody is going to try to make this!

  49. i would not want to be hit with one of those stones

  50. Try shaving using primitive tech

  51. can you build a crossbow

  52. I bet he is slowly digging a hole under his feet lol

  53. If you had to hit an animal with that would you use the sling or just peg the rock mate?

  54. top 10 anime training montages

  55. I don't know why this came recommended to me but holy fuck am I glad.
    That was mesmerising and you are talented as shit to be able to weave and shoot that thing.

  56. Mom can we get minecraft?

    Mom: we have minecraft at home.

    Minecraft at home:

  57. you're pretty good for just starting out, you appear to be very coordinated

  58. More you swing more chance to miss

  59. ya know, there must be something real about beginner's luck…it is unbelievable that you hit your mark on the first attempt.

  60. Storm trooper simulator

  61. Mert irtad ki magyarul jobb alsósarokba valamitde azt nwm jobról ballra kell olvasni

  62. This individual must be operating under some code of stoicity not to go insane every time he hits the target. I cannot fathom how one would practice percision to even that degree

  63. I can still remember the last time I visited this video. It has almost no likes. Now, well I can see it. Keep it up!


  65. смотрю на парня и пытаюсь представить как воины с пращёй обращались , ведь в строю камни не сможешь метать , так как заденешь соседа , тут получается в радиусе 1 метра от воина не кого не должно быть , может они использовались как снайпера , неприятельского военноначальника из строя выводили , просто в сражении не возможно было использовать большие силы пращников

  66. This man could destroy an entire nation with mud and tree bark

  67. ما دام حياة بدائية من وين جاب الشورت

  68. This guy gonna reenact David and the goliath

  69. Эх.. а я ждал что он себе в голову зарядит😃😃

  70. Practice makes perfect….

  71. What is your name?????

  72. I saw you arrow and bow video nice accuracy

  73. In Hindi we call it gophin

  74. I get anxiety when he twirls the rope right above his forehead because I'm afraid he's gonna hit himself in the head with the rock inside it. XD

  75. 日本人の人おらんよなあ〜

  76. Wow is there anything that you can’t do? Your awesome

  77. Sometimes sound like guitar strings

  78. Practice makes man perfect

  79. Seeing the thumbnail, I thought he was going to make a traditional bluetooth earphone.

  80. Качества видео супер 9млн подпищиков он должен быть богатым но у него нету даже одежды и обуви ютуб ахренели

  81. I was so stoked when you hit the sign at the end!!!!!!!

  82. Бля, не оторваться….

  83. How do we know this guy didn’t just go into creative mode in between scenes?

  84. Whenever he throw the rock with the sling it sounds like he's whooping someone lol.

  85. I love how you showed the misfires. It reiterates how much effort that goes into something before becoming proficient at it. Your videos are awesome

  86. This dude s better at slinging than I am at Basketball.

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