Propane Torch Build

Propane Torch Build

Alright Guys Today I’m going to show you how to make This propane torch For Your metal Melting furnace i got the plans for This from grant Thompson the King of Random I’ll leave a Link down in the description if you Haven’t Seen his Channel before. To construct the propane nozzle you’ll need an 8-Foot propane hose with three-Eighths inch flare fittings a 3/8 By quarter-inch 45 degree flare fitting a Quarter-inch Ball valve a Quarter inch Pipe Nipple a quarter-inch steel coupling a Quarter-inch Brass Plug and a 0.6 millimeter welding Tip You Will also Need Teflon tape a list of Everything Needed to complete This project Will be included in the description Below First You want to apply Teflon tape to all the appropriate fittings Once done It Should Look something Similar to this for the Next part you will need a six millimeter tap 0.6 millimeter Contact Tip and The brass Plug Using 1/8 inch drill Bit drill a hole Directly in the center of the brass Plug you then can Add Threads with The six millimeter tap After Adding Teflon tape The contact Tip Should Fit Securely in the plug Now using a metal file or belt Sander file down all four Sides of the Steel coupling as Flat As possible it’s important to get These flat Because These Will be the contact Points for Holding The Tube and Nozzle Together Once Flattened The still coupling and brass plug can Be Combined to complete the Jet Tube you will need four socket cap Screws a One and a Half inch Still reducer coupling a Six inch Steel Pipe and The quarter-inch Steel coupling from before first You want to file down all four Sides of the still coupling once again You want to be as precise as you can Using An eighth inch drill Bit Now drill four Holes in the reducer two opposite each Other Just, above where the reducer starts to slope down Then Drill Two Holes opposite each Other Just Below The top i Use the pipe and a Level to make sure i was Feeling perpendicular to the surface Then That Threats Each Hole Using an M5 0.8 tap Now screw in the four socket cap Screws The Screws Should Meet somewhere close to the Center Now combine The reducer and the quarter-inch steel coupling by using the screws to suspend the Quarter-inch Coupling in the Center of The Reducer tighten each One One At a time Until the coupling is centered you can Tighten each One With a Wrench but Be Careful not to strip out the threads Next to create the air regulator Get a tuna can lid and Cut Out a Design Similar to this This is What It Looks Like When you’re Finished Now it’s time to assemble the propane torch Connect The Pipe With The reducer Then Connect The ball valve and 45-degree fitting Then Screw The Pipe Nipple into the ball valve Place two half-inch Washers Over the pipe nipple and then Connect the Jet Tube Using a Wrench Tighten All the Fittings The air regulator Will fit Snugly Between the two washers to attach Your blowtorch, to propane you will need a pol valve a Regulator and pressure gauge an Adapter for Your Hose – your Regulator After Applying Teflon tape Attach Your hose to your regulator Then Attach Your blowtorch to your hose Attach The regulator to the propane tank and then tighten It with a Wrench Open Up the propane tank and then open Up the regulator to 30 psi before using the blowtorch You want to check for leaks You’re Now ready to use your blow Torch To use the torch Slightly open the valve and light the flame continue to open The valve until fully open and then Adjust the regulator The more the regulator’s open the bluer the flame and the more Oxidizing Just Shut off the valve when you want the flame to go out The Torch Can Easily Be Added to your metal furnace i use this wood block to support it Thanks for Watching Please see the subscribe button Below if you liked the video Hit the like button and if you have any tips or Suggestions leave a Comment

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  1. Glad to know it works for someone else, I might make it.

  2. Gut vid mein friend, I subbed 🙂

  3. Great video. Clear instructions and good camera work. Question, are you using galvanized steel for your metal foundry? If so, does it ever get hot enough to give off vapors? I understand zinc vapors can make you sick.

  4. Ive seen you around on a lot of the channels I watch. Ive since stopped watching Grant's channel as he has some other guy on there more often then himself, and i don't really like the vids as much with the other guy for some reason. anyway, im going throught your vids after seeing you on ZNA's vid.

  5. Nice man. Thats dope

  6. You know lead melts on a turkey fryer burner…

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