Pumpkin Butter Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls | SECRET 🍕 INGREDIENT | The Starving Chef

Pumpkin Butter Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls | SECRET 🍕 INGREDIENT | The Starving Chef

What’s up hungry people. Welcome back to the Starving Chef’s kitchen. Today we’ll be making pumpkin butter apple pie
cinnamon rolls – it’s all of the quintessential flavors of fall wrapped
up into one cinnamon bun. We’ll start by mixing together one cup
of pumpkin puree, one cup of pumpkin butter, and about one teaspoon of vanilla extract. Mix it all together until it’s nice and smooth. And then we’ll just go ahead and set it off to the side until we’re ready for the next step. Next take about 2 cups of chilled apples that have been tossed in lemon juice, combine them with brown sugar, a little bit of melted butter sea salt, ground cloves, a dash of allspice, and 2 or 3 tablespoons of cinnamon. And then just stir it all together. The lemon juice will keep the apples from browning while we roll out the dough in the next step. And then just go ahead and set the apples aside. Now the secret to achieving quick and easy cinnamon rolls is to
actually use store-bought pizza dough. Any kind of unflavored raw pizza dough will work as the base for your cinnamon rolls – usually you can find raw pizza
dough in your deli or bakery at your grocery store; or I’ve even found it in the frozen section with the bread and rolls. And of course if you are in a pinch you can make your own dough from scratch – but honestly this is the best
way to go if you’re able to find the dough. So we’re just going to dust a
surface here with some flour. Spread it out. And then we’re just going to take our
dough, plop it down here in the center. And then we’ll grab our rolling pin, and roll the dough out. You’re aiming to get the dough to be about a half inch to a
quarter inch thick evenly across. Okay, now that we have our dough rolled out – just try to arrange it in a sort of rectangular shape and it should be about 12 to 14 inches long and probably about 16 inches wide. Next we’re going to spread our pureed pumpkin and pumpkin butter mixture across the dough in an
even layer. You want to get it as uniform as possible without having it
too thick in any certain places. And it’s best to leave a little bit of edges so
that when you roll the dough up, it won’t spit out too much on the ends. Next we’re going to take the apples and spread them in an even layer across the dough. Again you don’t want the apples to be spread to thick in any one place, you want to make sure you have it in as much of a single layer as you possibly can. If you have any
left over apples, you can definitely use these for apple pie. Go ahead and grab the tray that you’re going to use to cook your cinnamon rolls and grease it thoroughly. Then starting from the short end, we’re going to roll this thing up. So starting from the short end, just
gently fold it over until it basically starts to roll itself. And then just evenly compress it so that you have a nice long apple filled, pumpkin buttered,
and cinnamon roll. And go ahead and grab a sharp knife and trim the edges. I have
found its easiest to start by cutting in the middle; and then cut each half in
half; and then cut each quarter in half again. And basically you will end up with
relatively evenly sized cinnamon rolls. So then this is about what they’ll look like, and then go ahead and arrange them in to
the cooking pan. It’s best to go low and slow while cooking these cinnamon rolls, so you don’t burn them – but also end up with a nice cooked center. So we’re gonna go
ahead and cook these at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 25 to 30 minutes,
and then we’ll keep an eye on them in about 10 to 15-minute intervals
afterwards to make sure that they’re nice and cooked in the middle. Meanwhile… We’re going to be making a
maple cream cheese frosting for our pumpkin butter apple pie cinnamon rolls.
How many more keywords can I get into this recipe… seriously? Start with cream cheese that is at room temperature. About a 1/4 cup of maple syrup, and then about 2 cups of powdered sugar. And then just mix it all together until a nice thick
frosting is formed. I figured out it is probably faster to actually use a hand
mixer instead of my arm. At this point you definitely want the frosting to be
as thick as possible because it will melt considerably once it’s put on to
the piping hot cinnamon rolls. Literally so good. And then just leave
the cream cheese frosting at room temperature until you’re ready to spread
it over at the tops of cinnamon rolls. So our cinnamon rolls have been in the
oven for about 30 minutes, and the house smells literally amazing – but there’s one
thing that we didn’t do before we put them into the oven, and that is butter
the buns – and the reason that we didn’t butter the buns before we put them into
the oven, is that they didn’t burn at the slow low temperature. So we’re
gonna go ahead and grab our cinnamon rolls and give them a nice little
brushing of butter. They’re looking so good right now. So what we’re gonna do is just give the cinnamon rolls a really quick brush with some salted butter – and
the butter is added second so that it gives the time for the apples to release
some of their moisture and not make the center of the cinnamon roll too soggy to
cook properly. Make sure you get it nice and even across
each of the cinnamon rolls, down on the sides and between all the crevices – and
this will also help give these cinnamon rolls a nice golden brown color. When the cinnamon rolls are nice and coated in the butter, we’re gonna pop them back into
the oven for about 10-15 minutes, just keeping a close eye on them to make sure
that they don’t burn, but they get a nice golden brown color. When the cinnamon rolls are ready they should have a nice golden brown glow to them. You’ll know
the cinnamon rolls are ready when the apples on top look a little bit
dehydrated and the edges of the cinnamon rolls are just kissed with a golden
brown color. Once you’ve left the cinnamon rolls cool down for a little
bit, go ahead and slather on the maple cream cheese frosting. When the cinnamon rolls have cooled
down so that they’re just warm, they’re the perfect eating temperature. I’ll go ahead and grab one… I’m so excited. Time for the inaugural bite. Oh my gosh. Mmm. Wow. These cinnamon rolls are filled with
every fall flavor imaginable and they work together just magically. What’s your
favorite way to celebrate the start of fall? Let me know down in the comments
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