Pumpkin French Toast Sticks With Cinnamon Sugar | Easy Cooking |Fall Recipes

Hey Cookaholics, Chef Kendra here. And
today i’m going to show you how to make pumpkin french toast. Lets you and I head
into the kitchen and make it happen. You have cinnamon pumpkin pie spice
ginger sugar cinnamon vegetable oil vanilla extract pumpkin curry butter
eggs milk and bread hey guys subscribe and while you’re at it hit that
notification bill so you don’t miss a thing first thing you’re gonna do is
crack open a couple of large eggs into a measuring cup you’re gonna add the
vanilla extract the ginger if you’re using it this is totally optional but I
think it gives you a nice warm yet soft spicy flavor that works well with
cinnamon next add in the pumpkin pie spice and finally the cinnamon pour your egg mixture into a shallow
dish hey guys let’s talk a little bit about camp
pumpkin because it can be kind of confusing there’s a hundred percent pure
pumpkin pure pumpkin pumpkin pari pumpkin and solid packed pumpkin some
have other types of squash and the same can as the pumpkin and can still be
called pumpkin squash like yellow squash butternut squash acorn squash and even
zucchini check your labels but whatever they’re called or squash they have
inside the can they all have this in common they are unseasoned cooked and
mashed squash what about pumpkin pie filling it’s designed for dumping into a
pie crust and it’s already cooked sweetened and seasoned you want to stir
your pumpkin curry into the egg mixture and mix well with a fork once you have finished your mix it’s
time to make your cinnamon sugar take a clean fork and mix the sugar and
cinnamon well and set that aside next cut your bread using a Brit knife into
1-inch strips you want to use a bread that is sturdy enough for French toast
so no wonder bread son now you are set up to make delicious things happen
get a large pan over medium-low heat you don’t want the heat too high because you
want your eggs and the pumpkin mixture to cook before your toast Browns too
much filmy grab a spatula and help it along a bit now for the fun part I’m a
chef I think it’s all fine I digress dip your pieces into the batter to the level
you want your egg mixture to soak into your bread and lay the sticks into the
oil and butter away from you so you don’t splash yourself also don’t
overcrowd the pan flip these boys over when they’re golden-brown and looking
all delicious take them out immediately coat them in
that tasty cinnamon sugar you can serve them up with bacon and maple syrup like
I did but it’s your kitchen serve them however you want then link to the four
recipe is down in the description all right guys I’m out peace

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