Real Reason NASA Hasn’t Sent Humans To Mars

Real Reason NASA Hasn’t Sent Humans To Mars

– [Man] We could’ve been
on Mars 30 years ago. At the peak of the Apollo
era in the early-’70s, NASA was already planning its
next step into the unknown. Its plans included building
multiple space stations, continued trips to the Moon, and its first crude mission
to Mars by the 1980s. Can you imagine watching
astronauts walk on Mars the same time the Walkman came out? But of course, NASA never sent
humans to Mars in the ’80s. And here we are, 30 years later, still dreaming of the possibility. But the reason isn’t necessarily a matter of technology or innovation. It actually comes down to politics. As a government agency, NASA’s goals are determined
by the executive branch. Since its inception, NASA has
served under 12 presidents. And it was clear near the start that not every president
would support NASA equally. By the end of the Nixon
Administration in 1974, NASA’s budget had plummeted
from 4% of the federal budget to less than 1%. Fully funded Apollo missions
18 and 19 were abandoned, along with Apollo 20. At the same time, Nixon
pulled NASA’s focus away from the Moon and Mars and instead towards low-Earth orbit. His parting gift was to sign into effect what would eventually become
NASA’s Space Shuttle Program, but this was just the beginning. – So, what’s happened
throughout all of space history after the Apollo program was over was we had this
start-stop-start-stop-cancel. So, a president comes in,
like President Bush comes in and says we’re gonna go
to the Moon, back to Mars, and then the next president
comes in and cancels that. And the next president
sets their objective, and the next president
comes in and cancels that. The agency’s unable to
sustain consistent funding long enough to do anything. – [Man] It wasn’t until
the Space Shuttle Program was nearing its end that
a crude mission to Mars was finally considered and
funded by a US president. George W. Bush, in 2004, announced– – We will give NASA a new focus and vision for future exploration. We will build new ships
to carry man forward into the universe, to gain
a new foothold on the Moon. – [Man] As a result, NASA’s
Constellation program was born. Never heard of it? That’s because it was
canceled a few years later. It aimed to send a crude
mission to the Moon in 2020 and land the first humans
on Mars by the 2030s. By the time Obama was sworn in, the Constellation program was behind schedule and over-budget. One year later, Obama canceled 100% of the program’s funding. – All that has to change. And with the strategy I’m
outlining today, it will. – [Man] Obama shifted NASA’s focus from sending people to the Moon and Mars to ultimately just Mars. In the process, Obama asked Congress to increase NASA’s budget by $6 billion over the next five years. As a result, NASA launched
its Journey to Mars initiative in 2010, with a goal to
send humans into orbit around Mars by the early-2030s. And until recently, NASA, for
the most part, was on track. But then, this happened. – President Trump has relaunched
the National Space Council and at the council’s
inaugural meeting in October, we unanimously approved a recommendation to instruct NASA to return
American astronauts to the Moon, and from there to lay a
foundation for a mission to Mars. – [Man] Oddly enough, the space policy under Trump and Obama
look nearly identical, except for 63 words. In those 63 words, Trump’s administration has
shifted the focus once again to a Moon-first, Mars-later initiative. NASA isn’t new to this. It’s learned to recycle old
projects to fit new missions. For instance, the Orion capsule was first developed for Constellation and has since been redesigned
for a journey to Mars. But even that can’t prevent
the unavoidable changes NASA programs now face
under the new president. – As such, we’re also gonna realign the organizational structure to best meet this new exploration focus. I’ve asked Steve Jurczyk, the current head of Space Technology Mission Directorate, to lead an effort to design a
new organizational approach. – [Man] As NASA pushes on, a new possibility has
grown on the horizon. Privately-owned space
companies like SpaceX have also set their
sights on the Red Planet. – The scientists and
engineers at NASA are amazing and they’ve done extraordinary things, but there’s still a risk
aversion that doesn’t allow us to do things that are new
and novel and on the edge. It’s these entrepreneurs
willing to take risks and put everything on the line. – [Man] The race for Mars is on. While NASA has closely
partnered with SpaceX and other privately-owned space
companies in recent years, ultimately it might not be NASA who writes the next chapter
in human space exploration.

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  1. Nixon was a turd!! We don't need a bungling dickhead in office.. Hence his real name!!!

  2. There is already a space program that has to do with mars the moon and venus. This shit is all lies.

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  5. You know we haven't gone to Mars because NASA said so? LOL please. Things you find in space are not listed on a Bible. people can handle the truth. They are too fragile in the head

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    As for all this political crap its just a cover to hide that we cannot go to mars let alone the moon.
    They can spend a fortune on that space station but cannot all agree to go to the moon or mars…just how gullible do they think we are.

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    Radiation, Van Allen belt is a barrier placed for any who dare to cross.
    There will never ever be a moon landing
    according to video by a nasa engineer, he didn't say it, just said the radiation will fry a human.

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  50. You were on the right track when you began by talking about NASA’s budget — it went from 4.8% of the overall federal budget to 1%. Its less than that now. The feds now have massive welfare/entitlement programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, housing assistance and dozens of others when before it didn’t. ($2.5 trillion is spent annually on the first 3 alone.)

    Sorry, no money for space exploration, we have to keep retards fed, housed and healthy.

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    Exporting oxygen etc doesn't eliminate how the BODY will deteriorate in low gravity. It isn't happening. GROW UP. Anyone who talks "Living on Mars" is either a SCAMMER or LIAR or so IGNORANT their IQ is so minuscule it can't be measured.

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    2019: Tekeshi 69

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    You may call me devil etc etc etc
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    Edit: I haven't seen the video
    I just expressed myself

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  83. My Reply to this Video's thumbnail Caption –

    Because Humans still don't know how to live on earth !!

    NASA from U.S.A and other countries can never touch the red soil of Mars !!

    Never !!

    Because they are all are Humans !!

    Around the Mars , there is field that is Humanofobic !!!
    It repel Humans !!!

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    .NASA realizes this like DarthVader had (ie Alderan)
    'Let's just blow that fucker up (MARS) . it's in the way and we know what its gonna do at its apex. ' or maybe the opposite. But go back for the dog before you blow it up

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