Rebel Khiladi (Lover) New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Raj Tarun, Riddhi Kumar

Rebel Khiladi (Lover) New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Raj Tarun, Riddhi Kumar

[INNER VOICE]: ‘I lost my mother when
I was 4 years old because of ill fate.’ ‘I lost my lover at the age of 24.’ ‘If you know what happened in
my life 6 months ago… …you would understand what
I’m going through.’ ‘There is one guy named Sampath
who is the worst person of all.’ ‘I knew him since childhood
that he is a bad guy.’ ‘It is better not to talk more about him.’ ‘Whenever he comes, he ends someone.’ You are a journalist.
You should earn by writing. You will be killed
if you write whatever you want. ‘He is Jaggu! My elder brother.’ ‘He does whatever Sampath asks him to do.’ ‘Jaggu never asks anything about it.’ ‘Sampath never says the reason.’ ‘They were good friends since childhood
and hence their friendship is strong.’ ‘He forgets one thing that
Sampath is selfish. What are you looking at? Will you go and tell you wife or what?
Give me the knife. How long will they keep on killing
and I continue to clean this? Hey! The people who get
killed will remain here. Their soul wanders around here. So, you have to stay calm for a
while when you kill someone. ‘She is Sweety! Jaggu brother’s daughter.’ ‘Sit somewhere and drink.
I will beat you if you spill it.’ ‘She is my sister-in-law.
She is more like an angel.’ We should pay her fee.
Her name is on the notice board. We already paid, right? That is for the first month. We should pay this month’s fee. Okay. ‘My brother is never pre-planned.
He do things at the last moment.’ ‘I will have to do something before him.’ Sister-in-law! This is Sweety’s fee receipt. What is the need to do this? Your brother will do it.
– Sister-in-law! Do not feel bad. Listen to me. I am doing this for myself. I didn’t know anything about a family
till now. My happiness during childhood increased. It actually increased a lot. It got 10 times bigger. That is why I am doing this. Okay? Uncle.
– ‘This is my life ambition.’ Hey, you!
– Yes. Got it. What’s this? It starts with a touch! It didn’t start because of you.
I started it with my touch. Oh! What a wonder! This is an
advance technology. Awesome, buddy. You can start a car without a key
just like this bike. We can read its speed and
apply brakes as well. Get it?
– Superb, buddy! The good thing about it is that we can earn
money for our Bangkok trip by making it. Why are you eating
Biryani during breakfast time? Hey! Who gave him Biryani
first thing in the morning? That is made yesterday. I threw it out for stray dogs. Dogs didn’t eat. So, he is eating. Hey! How many times have
I told you not to give Biryani to dogs? I will not do it.
I will give it to you from tomorrow. Hey, idiot. Hey, Raj! Where have you been
all this while? I didn’t see you for many days. I need money. What? I have seen reactions in many movies. I need money for my bike. I should get it. Whatever I gave you is a lot. You make a new bike out of old spare parts
and sell it in the showroom. It is not your work.
How can you ask for money? [INNER VOICE]:
‘There is no use in talking to him.’ ‘Damn! Crazy idiot.’ How much do you need? Brother! This is no need to lend money. I don’t want it. He pays you very little. How can you make living
if you give to everyone? I will take care of it. You can take it. What did you say?
– I pay very little amount? Do you mean you work for free here? What’s this? You pay equally to the one who works
and others who do not work. Hey, come. Doesn’t he know how to work? Isn’t he smart? How many times did you watch ‘Ragada’? Around 20 times. Why? The hero bashes the villain in the climax. My heart gets disturbed when I see that. When the hero comes forward with a knife… The villain should run away
but he doesn’t run. I am scared that he might get into
that situation. That is because the hero smacks
the villain in every climax. No one tries
to change in spite of knowing that. Hey, you! Go away. Go! Go away from here. Hey, you come. Ask him. Is 100 grams greater or 1 kilogram? Tell me. Brother! It is 100 grams. That is because 100 is higher than 1. Am I right? You idiot! He cannot make it up to us.
Let’s go from here. Hey…Hey! Wait… Move aside. This is made beautifully. How much is it? 50000 rupees! He will go to Bangkok now. Take it. 50000 rupees will be too much for this. Where is the key? There is no key for it. If you want to start or stop the bike…
Do it through this phone. Give me the phone.
– The phone is costly, brother. Okay. Tell me how much is it?
– 1 lakh. 1 lakh! Smart start. Why? What happened?
Why are you going to Bangkok suddenly? Brother! Don’t start it again. I tried hard to pull
my chance of going there. I don’t care about anyone. Even God cannot stop me
from going to Bangkok, brother. I talked about God and
these guys showed up. Hey! Why are you blocking my way as
if you were here to plead funds? I told you to carry them. Didn’t I? You left them at home. He would know everything about me
if you bring them here. [GOON]: How can I forget that? Good that you brought it. Hey! We got some work with your brother. It is better for you to
slip away from here. Go. Go… The thing is that
we thought about it all night. We have two offers for you. You should leave Sampath
and join our gang. This uncle!
I mean my boss will garland you. You don’t have to think too much. You wouldn’t land up
anywhere if you think. What is this now? Why is he coming back? Didn’t I ask him to leave? Why did you come here now? We are talking, right? Listen! Give him something and
ask him to leave. We have a decision to make. Leave me alone. Do you think I am Sampath to leave you
alone and go? Who will drop me to the airport
if you stay here? Let’s go.
– Gosh! What is this drama? Can’t you understand
what is happening here? Check that! I didn’t ask you to check your faces. I asked you to drive him away. Where did you get it from?
Doesn’t it work? Didn’t you pour oil in it? We don’t pour oil. It is automatic. Wait for 2 minutes. I will be back. Hey! There is no need for any mess. I am getting late for my flight.
We will leave. [GOON]: Why are you simply staring,
my dear fellows? Bring the bag and open it. Take it. Why? Will you do kickboxing? I didn’t wear my slippers.
So, my feet are burning. What story are you telling him?
Hit him. Take this. Go and buy slippers.
– What about me? He is useless. Stop staring and hit him. Won’t you go? Why are you hitting him? Leave him. Otherwise, I will smash you. I have finished many people. What are saying? Go and hit him. Hit him… No… Shoot! I swear. You will die if I shoot. Get it? You shouldn’t talk much
when you have a weapon in hand. You have to simply shoot. Oh my! He did shoot.
Someone please help me. Listen! Hey…I didn’t shoot.
It happened automatically. Idiot! He spoiled my shirt.
I have to wash it. Why does it hurt just with a bloodstain? Gosh! This bullet hit me. Hey, wait. The bullet hit me and you are running
away. I will not spare you if I find you. You got hit.
You should go to the hospital first. No! There will a hospital in Bangkok. Drop me to the airport first.
– You cannot go to the airport like this. Doctor! Hey…Why are you shouting? Where is the doctor? It is an emergency.
– What happened? The bullet hit me. It is a police case. They will follow me. What is this? Token! Wait here. How can I wait? I might lose
my life and my flight. Hey! Stop him. Stop him. Catch him.
Stop him… I will take care of it. Let’s go. Give CVB and
shift him to the ward for observation. Okay! Mam! [LADY]: I don’t want it no matter what.
– [DAUGHTER]: Nothing will happen. [LADY]: No! I am scared. I don’t want it.
– [DAUGHTER]: Just lie down. God! I should be in Bangkok by now. You brought me to this
government hospital. Damn this life. Hi, Lakshmi. [GIRL]: Hi, sister. [RAJ INNER VOICE]:
‘My dream is right in front of me.’ Okay. Okay. The temperature is normal.
Did you take the tablet? [GIRL]: I don’t want any tablet.
I will have tonic, sister. I will give you chocolate
if you take tablet. Promise, sister? I promise. [PHONE RINGING] Hello. [MOM]: Where are you, dear? Mom! I am in the hospital. I will call you later. [MOM]: Okay. Is she Bhojpuri? No! Bhojpuri. I knew it. Lovely… Don’t consider her as a Bhojpuri heroine. She drives us crazy. Why are you coming in the middle? [MUSIC] What would have happened to my husband
if it weren’t you! We are not even relatives. But, you do a lot for us. Aunt! I have done nothing at all. You are elder to me.
Just give me your blessing. Live long, dear. Who are they? Are they her relatives? [LADY]: We will leave now.
– Everything will be fine. Not only them. You can consider everyone here
as her relatives. She helps everyone. She helps them with a discount. That is because she cannot see
anyone being sad. She is simple girl. Her heart is pure. She never thinks badly of anyone. God creates such girls. She is great. What did you say? I mean she is like an angel amongst evil. God is great. Your work is done. You may leave now. All I want is for him
to get well soon, dear. Yes, doctor. Good morning, sir. Good morning. Let us know if there is any
requirement for the operation. Okay. You can leave now. The operation can be done in two days. You will receive a call from the hospital.
– Okay, dear. Meet the doctor before you leave. Okay?
– Okay, dear. How are you? I am bored. Not you. Ask her to come. I will not go to him. You go. He is threatening me. What happened? Any problem? No. Give me your hand. Your BP is high. Yours is minor surgery. So, don’t worry. Listen! Take these two tablets now
and these two tablets after lunch. Okay? No! This is after lunch. I should take this now. No! You should take this now. Brother! What are you saying?
She asked me to take this. Try to understand.
You can ask her if you want. Come to my brother. He will not take medicine
if you do not come. He is not well educated. So, I got confused. Okay. Brother. Call that girl. Hey! She should be somewhere down. How should I tell you, brother?
It hurts a lot. O’ God! I just cannot take this. Please, brother! Try to understand. My brother is badly hurt
where you put bandage. Listen! These stitches are newly
made, right? So, it hurts a little. Nothing to worry. Okay. Brother. Brother. Call her once. I stayed here because you are sick. I didn’t come here to see your romance. You stay alone. I am leaving. Brother. Hey, brother. You’re leaving anyway.
Tell her once while you leave. Prepare bed no. 35 patient file. We should discharge that patient today.
– Okay. Hey! How did you come here? You cannot move around like this. Doctor said that
I should be under observation. Hey, boy! The doctor asked us to keep
an eye on you. He didn’t ask you to check us. Hey! Your hand is hurt. Not your legs. [RAJ INNER VOICE]:
‘I will finish you!’ Where is your brother? He has important work.
He will come, doctor. Don’t call me a doctor. I am sister. Nooooo! What happened? That is… you are sister for everyone else. But, you are my heartbeat. Huh? I mean you are my doctor
who checks my heartbeat. Doctor! Please doctor. Don’t leave me and go.
I am so scared. Doctor! What is your name? Hush! Take rest. Doctor! Check my BP. It has been a while. There is no need for that.
I gave you the medicine. I am sweating.
There is napkin in that bag. Can you please give it to me? Take it. [NURSE INNER VOICE]:
‘Cunning fellow!’ Doctor. Doctor will come for rounds. I have to go. Please. Doctor. Doctor. [FRIEND 1]: ‘How can we drink near
hospital? Anyway, open the bottle.’ What a girl! Mind blowing. To be honest, I never thought that I could
find someone like her ever in my life. [FRIEND 2]: Why are you so excited?
Is she that great? [FRIEND 3]: I didn’t even see her. [FRIEND 1]: Do you think we saw her?
No one saw her. Friends! You haven’t seen her.
She is as kind as mother Teresa. She is as beautiful as Angelina Jolie. [FRIEND 3]: Aren’t you imagining too much? [RAJ]: Not at all. [FRIEND 1]: He’s gone crazy. I always thought that people overact
when they recite their love story. I am feeling that lover’s emotion when
I telling my own story. He was screaming all night and
wandered here and there. He didn’t allow us to sleep. Take him away from here at any cost.
I plead you. Hey! Get up. Get up. Darling. Who is your darling? Get up first. What is all this? Who did this? What happened? You did everything. Gosh! I guess I had too much last night. What did you say? You must have given me wrong medicine. That is why all of this happened. Okay, come and check my BP, doctor. My BP goes high as
I am tensed because of you. Hello! You got discharged. You can go away from here.
– Discharged? How can you do that? You are not my headache anymore.
– Hey… Doctor! Doctor! Doctor! How can that happen, doctor?
Please, doctor. Who is responsible
if I go out and something happens to me? Tell me, your honor. My responsibility is done now. Your responsibility might be over
as a doctor. But a responsible lover…I mean the patient
should be under your observation. Did you get a chocolate? These people are like that. They will not give. You check me. I will check him. 1…2…3…4…5…6! We completed 7 steps together. No one can separate us for life. You will lose your job
if I see him again in this zone. Thanks, sister. Didn’t your mom come? There is a lot of work today.
So, she will be late today. Sister! How long should I stay here? The doctor said that you would get
discharged soon. I pity my mom. She works at many houses
to take care of me. She gets tired. She comes home and works even then. She prepares breakfast and
takes me to the school. She goes to the factory after that. I want to finish my
studies and help my mom. Sister! That uncle had been thinking of you
all night. It seems like he loves you. You don’t know anything dear.
He was just a patient. Anyone who doesn’t love a patient is
also a patient, doctor. Security! Hey…. What are you doing? Go away from here. Did you give proper medicine
to the patient? – Yes. I did. Don’t worry. You will be fine.
– Okay. How are you aunty? When did you come?
– We came this morning. My husband has dizziness.
He’s unable to walk and became weak. I thought it is better
to consult a doctor. The operation should be done by now. No one has ever called us. I will check it. Sir! Actually, this patient should get the
operation done first. But, someone else’s operation was done. We must have given then enough time. They may not have come on time so
we did operation to other patient. Moreover,
they must have received the call. I talked to them. They didn’t get
any call from the hospital. What can I do about it? You are the in charge of it, sir. Isn’t it your responsibility? Will you teach me how to be responsible? I am the senior surgeon in M.B.B.S, F.C.S. You are just a nurse. Mind your own business. Is it hospital or a fish market? Sir! This girl doesn’t give
any respect to senior doctor. Charita! This isn’t the way to talk to a
senior doctor. – Sir… You have to remember that. Sir! This is the name
written in the operation list. But, someone else got operated. What if something happens to this patient?
– Shut up. I am here to take care of any issue. Yeah! Ask her, sir. She thinks that
we doctors here are doing a business. You should get suspended
for such behavior. I am excusing you because
this is your first time. Now, get out from here.
– Sir… I know what to do. Go away from here. Why do you get yourself into such things? No! Something is wrong. Will they give vodka to him? That is not vodka. It is water. It is 2000 rupees per liter. Why expensive water to drink? Not to drink but to wash. Sir. The central minister is not in his office. Hey! You go to the minister wherever
he is and tell him. Brother! Please do attend my son’s wedding
tomorrow and give your blessing. See you, brother.
Come along with your family. See you. Hey! Did you think that it is normal blood
likes yours? We cannot find this blood group
because it is rare. You tried to spill that kind of blood. Hey! Leave him. Why are you getting tensed for
such a small thing? Uncle! Anything that is related to you
is not a small thing for me. His health is getting worse. It is better to get the operation done
as soon as possible. What about the donor? Hello! How is it going? Sir! My people are searching everywhere to
find someone with that blood group. It is a different blood group, right? You will get to hear good news in less
than a week. Good. Sir… Sir! The amount that you sent is over. I can search for that blood group sooner
if you can send more money. Don’t worry about the money. My uncle’s life is very valuable. Listen! You don’t have to tell me that. You will hear good news in a week. It is for sure. How is the donor’s condition? I already told you, sir.
The donor is perfectly all right. So, we should illegally give slow poison
to the make donor’s brain dead. So, it takes a little more time. Hmm-mm. What’s the matter buddy?
Why did you ask me to come immediately? Alcohol it is!
– All for you. He has a sweet love story. “Reason for celebration! Have Tequila.” That girl rejected him. He is out of his mind since then. That is why we gathered here to help him. Give a solution to recover from sadness. “Have Tequila…” Stop it. Give me an idea for my love. We should have a little to develop
some ideas in mind. Give me a little. [RAJ]: You have to show humanity at least. Please. I have an idea. Girls in these days like branded things. Buy everything branded and wear it. Then, girls will follow you. I am not worried about the brand.
– What? I am worried about the bonding between us.
– I have to watch James bond movie then. Next… Do one thing. Fill up a balloon with air. Write ‘I love you’ on it
and fly it in the air. You can at least do that for your love. Super, buddy. I am already flying high because of her.
You are telling me to play with hurricane. Buddy! Will the bike work
when it is in neutral mode? How will it work? My matter is something just like that. That is why I called Srinu. Did you call Black Srinu? I agree that he is dark. But,
he is only one who succeeds in flirting. Darling. I am in a meeting.
I will catch you later. Okay, darling. Bye.
– Yes. Sweetheart! Can you say that again? Okay.
– Speaker! Darling! One more time. Okay, bye. One more time. Bye. One more…I guess she guessed it. You won’t understand that lovers
will also have sweet problems. Huh?
– Move aside. Thank you. What happened? What are those faces? We didn’t get alcohol. You have to help me with my love. I will get your wedding done.
Tell me what the matter is. So, the thing is…
the girl entered your life like this. It will not work if you ask them
about girls who did (Physics). You should ask a professional
flirt like me and it will do. How does a Rangoli look? Just like that
how your face is made. Lower your voice. Why aren’t you laughing? I am holding a glass in my hand.
I might spill it if I laugh. What will happen if you laugh?
– Stop it, guys. This is not the reason
for sharing alcohol. Then, what? I want my love story to work well.
That is the reason. Tell me, Srinu. No tension.
I don’t know how you will do it. But, get her to coffee day just once. I will take care of the rest. Don’t worry. I will handle it. I have headache. Stop here. Let’s have tea. I am worried about taking that girl to
coffee day and you ask me for a tea. Are you the king of hearts that the
girl will come if you ask her out? You have to think about a way to
convince women. Get an idea and convince
in a lovely manner. Hey! You put less sugar, right? Hey! When you fall in love,
everything seems to be beautiful. But for me, every girl looks beautiful. You will stop liking her after
you get married. You started talking like
this in just 7 days. Does it mean that my mind isn’t working? [INNER VOICE]: ‘Is it that by any chance?’ Hey! I will make you blind. Are you suspecting my love? I will not see anyone even
if beautiful girls pass by. I will not move at all. Won’t you move at all? Let us see. I have a doubt. When a guy loves someone,
he sees her in everyone. But for me, even you look beautiful. Don’t take me wrong. I already love someone. She lives in that hostel. I am deeply in love
but still I disturbed you. I couldn’t stop myself from giving
you a compliment. By the way, I feel like I have seen you
somewhere. – Sister! Bag. What are you doing here? Where is my darling? God! Must be crazy! Is it you? You changed. She is the one.
You know it, right? Get lost. My friend! This girl makes me crazy in that
modern dress. She is the one in my life. I am so stuck up with her. O’ God! Don’t separate us.
– He’s a trouble. Yeah, right.
– Doctor! Why are you after me? Listen! I don’t believe in love at first
or something like that. I get angry when you
do something like this. Why did you say that? What should I do? Do you want me to stop working
and listen to you? Do you think that I am
passing my free time? Give me an opinion. One incident can change a person. We take birth one day
and die some other day. One incident can change
everything in life. Likewise, decisions might change. Okay. Come with me to coffee day. You might change your opinion on me. It will not change. And you should never disturb me again. Come with me. Okay. Coffee? That is why you called me here, right? Hey! Come here. Do not shout, bro. Okay… Why is he shouting? I am telling him, right? Be silent. Order please, sir.
– Two coffee. Regular or large, sir? Get me large. We can chat longer. Do you need any extra cream, sir? Any particular flavor? Get me something.
It has to be coffee. That’s it. Okay, sir. Go. Hey! Are you done ordering? What should I do, buddy? He said the
entire list of hotel just for a coffee. Okay…Focus! Keep staring at the girl. Look into her eyes. She is not even looking at me. Do something that will
make her look at you. What should be done?
– You go and tell him. Hey…Where are you going?
– I will ask him to see. Shut up. I am here. Okay. Move your hand slightly towards the girl. It will not look good.
– Hey, bro. Do it. Do what I say. Get close to her so that she looks at you. Move your hand towards
her and lift your leg. What is this, dude? You are saying
things to do with hands and legs. Are you teaching him yoga? Wait! I will go and teach him.
– No… To the respected sir! What brought you here? Best couple, sir. I say it with all my heart!
You are best couple. You look like you’re made for each other,
madam. Sorry. I say whatever I feel. Sir is our regular customer. He came with many other girls before you. But, today is a perfect match. It is more like togetherness. Stay by her side, sir.
– Excuse me. Someone is calling you
from table no. 2. Go and check. Go and say that I will not come.
– Listen, sir. The customer is calling you. I think I should go. I will be right back, madam. [SRINU]: Place your hand on her hair
and pamper her. What did you say? Do what I say, bro.
– Will you kill me? Don’t be scared, bro. Do you feel something? You should go and see a psychiatrist. I know a doctor.
Your treatment will be done. Why because
your mind is not proper right now. Do I bring girls?
– Why are you hitting me? Did I bring many girls?
– Mummy! That’s not the point.
People come to such place with girls. No one will come alone. I said that you give you some courage.
Was I wrong? Let it be.
– Hey, you! Now tell me. Should I look into her eyes? Should I pamper her hair? You think that
you are a professional flirt, right? Actually, that is… No…I will tell you… I dropped my phone because of you. I was telling you a technique to
impress girls. But, there was a communication issue.
– Was it a communication problem? Everything is ruined because of you. Damn. What is all this for? Who are these people? Why me? There is no answer for such questions. No one knows. A guy will fall for that special girl. He goes crazy after seeing her. Shall I say something? He doesn’t understand
why and what he is doing. His mind doesn’t work until the girl comes
and makes it proper. Then, the marriage will happen. Electricity usage will be high after that. You will get a bill and
then the transformer will fail. Get it, madam? Shall I say something to you? You should start giving respect to
girls from today. Get it? Will you come, then? Hey! Did you guys come to help
or ruin my love story? Stupid fellows! Sorry, bro.
I said all the facts in a flow. It is just that.
– You said facts? Why are you hitting me? Why are you hitting me?
I didn’t do anything. Didn’t you do anything?
You should’ve done something. ‘Smoking is not allowed in theatres.
But, people do not give it up.’ Greetings, sir. ‘Likewise, how can we leave
someone we love?’ What happened to her? Madam! This girl has a problem. What is the problem? Let it be. My doctor is here. You can do your work. Why did you come? I came along with child, doctor. I am not a doctor. I am sister. No! Sorry. I got used to it. You are sister for everyone else
but you are doctor for me. What happened, dear? She has fever. I had fever last month, uncle. She is not eating because
she had fever last month. See! The food remains as it is packed. See this. You brought me here before my lunch hour. That is… Doctor. Emergency, doctor. Emergency. Doctor! There is severe blood loss.
It is a head injury. We should admit him immediately
and do the operation. Is there any of his relatives? Hello! What happened to him? It is hit and run case, sir.
He was lying on the road. He’s got severe head injury. We should do operation immediately. You should sign on the surety papers. Do you know the meaning of surety? You are responsible
if something happens to him. Listen! Call the police who are outside. Sir! I cannot stay here any longer. I will lose my job if
I stay here nay longer. Please, sir. Do something to save him. Listen. Please listen.
– Hey… See! They bring them here and leave. What can we do? Keep him aside. Doctor! Please, doctor.
We can’t leave him like this. He will die. I will give him the surety if needed. Staff is not eligible. Someone dies right in front of us
and we cannot do anything. What is the use of such job? I will give him the surety. Do you know what is surety? I will take care of everything. What have you done? You signed the papers
because of that girl. That looks like a serious case. What is the need to take such a big risk? I will endure any kind of risks. But, I cannot see tears in her eyes. Uncle! My school hours will end soon.
My friend is waiting for me. Shall we go? Come, dear.
– Let’s go. Come. Hey! That girl just gave you a smile. You behave as if she said ‘I love you’. Hello. Who is this? Raj? Why is he going that way? Hello! Who is speaking?
– This is Charita speaking. Can you come to the hospital once? I have to talk to you. ‘She spoke with me for the first time.’ ‘She asked to meet.’ Charita. Come. ‘What is it?
Is she taking me to propose her?’ Come inside. ‘Gosh! She wants me to go inside.’ Thank you. Who is this? You saved his life by
signing those papers. So, he wanted to meet you. He wanted to meet? Hmm. Me?
– Hmm. This man? Livelong, son. I am safe because of you. God bless you. What have I done? What is he saying? What else would he say? He is saying thanks. That is for saving his life. Oh! The one who should
thank me doesn’t say it. Get well soon, sir. Hey, buddy! Did you succeed? Nothing is done properly. Who? Me? No! God! God? Troublesome situations are created. I can’t laugh or cry or do something. Living this life has become hard. Damn. Mission fail. No problem. You don’t worry. That isn’t the issue. I will stay happy even though
I have troubles. But, I cannot endure it. Everyone will get a chance. Raj! It is your day. I have no idea what she will show me now. Go fast and see whatever she shows you. Can’t you see tears in my eyes? I told you, didn’t I? One incident can change our opinion. Charita. O’ Charita. ‘Whose bag is it?’ ‘Can’t you keep it outside?’ ‘Keep this bed outside.’ Did they change Lakshmi’s ward? No, doctor! That girl left. She should tell me if she got discharged. She didn’t get discharged.
She left without saying a word. Sir! A girl
who came for the treatment is missing. It happens all the time. Whom are you talking about anyway? Lakshmi, sir. Lakshmi? What happened to Lakshmi? This is slow poison. Why is it in the patient’s ward? This? How did it end up there? He is in charge of that ward. Ask him, sir. I will not spare anyone
if something happens to Lakshmi. Everything will be told to the media. You shouldn’t get angry for everything. There is a chance that
she didn’t like the hospital and she left. I will find out. What will police and media do
at the hospital? I will look after this case personally. Please. Leave! Okay, sir. ‘We were in love and we went on
a long ride for the first time.’ We should be at this beautiful place
at the age of 60! A tiny house with amazing environment! There will be two big trees by the river. You and me will rewind our memories. How will it be? You are thinking about what to do
after 60 years. Will you think after 20 years
about what to do now? Life is very precious. Everyone has one. So,
there should be an ambition in life. What’s the goal? What do you want to do? We might be or might not be in this world. People might or might not remember us. But, our life should have an ambition. Just that? We shall get 4 – 5 lakhs from
someone on the way back home. They will remember us for life. I am trying to tell you something else. You never understand. She started again. Okay. I will be back. Where are you going? Nature’s call. I will come back after that. Raj! Hey, come. Raj! Raj! Raj! Raj! Raj! Hey. ‘Who attacked us? Why did they attack us?’ ‘I don’t know anything.’ ‘What’s happening?
I don’t understand anything.’ ‘We lodged a complaint
at the police station.’ ‘We got to know that a murder
took place there.’ ‘Charita was so scared.’ We got a complaint
from that place earlier, right? Yes, sir. Anyway! We will bring the suspect. Identify that person. [RAJ INNER VOICE]:
‘I had no clue what is happening.’ Okay, sir.
– Okay, sir. What happened? Forgive me, sir. I need 4 more days. I will plan in a proper way this time. I am telling the truth. [RAJ INNER VOICE]: ‘I told my brother and he
said that he’ll take care of everything.’ You don’t have to worry about anything. You take care of Charita. I will find out what is happening. Do not get tensed. You should take Charita
and go for a vacation. [RAJ INNER VOICE]:
‘I thought that is the right thing to do.’ ‘I was about to discuss it with her
and she was already leaving to Kerala.’ Are you leaving me alone? Don’t you feel that pain? Don’t tell me filmy dialogues. I already told you that
I would come back in a week. I will come with you. Hey! Can’t you understand? It will be a problem
if my parents find about us. Hmm? Bye. ‘I didn’t want to send Charita alone.’ Jaggu! Come here. This is our next assignment. Huh? Hi. What are you doing here? Why are you hitting me in the public? You should’ve told me. Why did you come? You are crazy. Will you bring me along with you
if I tell you? You wouldn’t do that. ‘Kerala! The place of devotion.’ ‘The place where angels reside.’ Girls here look pretty. Do you know? All those heroines like Nayantara,
Anupama, Nitya Menon, Keerthy Suresh… Will you stop that nonsense? Hey. How much? We do not accept cash, sir. No cards too. Only Paytm.
– That’s amazing. You developed well. Fine. Hey, dear! Are you doing well? Yeah. Mother-in-law! I am here.
Your would-be son-in-law! Bless me. Did you see how I flattered your mom? Welcome to Kerala.
– What? Hey! She is not my mom. She is my maid. Oh my! She looks very rich. I guess you are giving too much salary.
– Don’t talk too much. Madam! Charita is here. A crazy guy came along. It is rainy season. You should’ve
informed us that you are coming. I would send someone to pick you up. Who is this guy? ‘How should I say?’ Mummy! Mother-in-law! I am here.
Your would-be son-in-law! Bless me. – Hey… What is he doing? Mummy! He is my patient. He is crazy.
I brought him for the treatment. Don’t be scared. Feel like home. Okay? Yeah. This is my home.
I came here now. No problem…Don’t worry. No problem…
Feel like home and stay happily. Come. You can feel fresh air. Not of the city but of the village. The toilet is over there. Turn on the geyser if water is cold. Get fresh and place
your bag in this closet. Go. You come. Hey! Where are you going? Come and stay with me here. Nothing like that will happen.
Don’t act like this. You should stay here
and I will stay there. What is it? He is saying that he
will go to some lodge. He doesn’t want to trouble us.
That is why. No…You stay. No problem… What did you tell her? I said that you don’t want to trouble
and you wish to go to any lodge. That is what I told my mom. Why will I go to the lodge
when you have such a big house? Let us send your mother. Then, there will not be any disturbance.
– Disturbance? No! No disturbance. You stay. No problem. Aunty! No problem.
Let your daughter stay here. No problem.
– You! Come. Let’s go.
– Hey…Your mom told, right? Stay here. Get ready. I will show you our village. I deleted Charita’s data. It is done. Jaggu bro! How are you? I am good. That girl! Where is she? Charita! Didn’t she come? What should I say? Why? Is there any problem? There is no problem.
Your brother is a big problem. I have no idea what he did to her. She doesn’t come duty on time
ever since she met him. I guess that both of them went to Kerala. Sister.
– Yeah! I will come. You can find her there. Charita.
– Hi. Hi… We are meeting again after many years. How is everyone at home?
– They are good. She is Neelima. We studied together. Hi.
– Hi. Her name is good. It doesn’t match her face. Kerala girls here will be pretty, right? Why? Am I not good? Do you know Hindi? She works in Mumbai. I mean you are very good. Your name is more beautiful than you.
– Thank you. You guys have fun. We shall meet later. Definitely. See you, then.
– Bye… Let’s go. My dad is nature lover. He sold his property in the city
and bought this house. There are many memories for me here. I grew up by holding my dad’s hand. I am very connected to this place. I place my head on my father’s chest
and sleep whenever I have a problem. My dad solved them all.
Those thought don’t leave me. The love I have seen in my father is
what I see in you now. Maybe my dad sent you to me. Is it true? Does it mean that your
dad cancelled my Bangkok trip? Hey. Do you like my village?
– Hmm. My house?
– Hmm. And my mom?
– Hmm. You will take care of her, right? I don’t have mom. Your mom is mine from today. Eat well, dear. See how weak you are. Aunty! Items are very tasty. Kerala special. Aunty! Do you have BP? What is he saying? He is asking if you have BP or not. I am fit. You are old but you are fit. She is young but she is not fit.
She is weak. Yeah. Aunty! When do you sleep in the night? He is asking when you sleep at night. I will sleep at 10. You won’t get up during midnight, right? Hmm? He is saying… What did you say? Nothing. If she wakes up during midnight
and doesn’t find you… She will come to my room and see both of
us together. Her BP will go high then. That is why I asked. This is too much. What is he saying? He has digestion problem.
He is asking for a remedy. You should do some exercise.
It should be fine. Sweet aunty! You are awesome. We cleansed the water in the stomach. There is a lot of infection. The operation should be done immediately. His condition might be
critical if we delay. See you. Hey, dude!
Does the guy named Raj live here? What’s the work? We can do the repair if you want. He should be here to do the modification. Leave that. We should meet him.
Where is he? No one knows where he will be
at any time except for Jaggu bro. Go and meet him. Jaggu? Where can I find him? Where do you work? I work at building construction. Oh! Will you guys stay here after marriage? There are guests at home.
Why are you sitting here? Come. Raj. Will the guests come everyday?
You should meet them when they come. Why haven’t you got ready yet, dear? Listen! Tell me. We are living in Ananthpura. We will shift to Kerala after marriage. Yeah! I will shift to Kerala from
Ananthpura after marriage. No problem. Mummy! Why did you call them? I don’t want to get married. You can leave. Oh no! Why did you stand? Will you not marry this guy or
will you not marry at all? Listen, dear. You shouldn’t be
stubborn about it. – Please be seated. You please have a seat. I didn’t understand
what they spoke with each other. – Sit. But, I understood that they felt bad. Will they attend our wedding
if you behave like this? Stop it. Those people will not attend our wedding. They brought me a match. Wedding? Hmm. Yours? Why do need another person when I am here? Is your mom crazy? By the way, what did you tell
your mom about me? I said that you are crazy. Am I crazy…? Yes. I did. I said that you are crazy. But, mom never suspected. Yes, aunty. I am. I am crazy. I am crazy for your daughter. Get her married to me. I will take care of her very well. I lied to you. We both… actually love each other. Sorry, mummy. We should talk to their elders first. Then, we can make a decision. Your parents and other people? Call and ask them to come. No problem. No problem… Happy? Very happy.
– I am happy too. [RAJ INNER VOICE]: ‘I just got to know that
mother-in-law tricked us to find out the truth.’ Tell me, man. Why were you inquiring about Raj? What is it about my brother?
– Bro…I am telling you the truth. We didn’t go there for your brother. We went to find that girl named Charita. Charita? Hello. Jaggu! I have to talk to you. Come fast. Isn’t Raj in touch with you? He is not seen around these days. I can’t even reach him on phone. Forget it. What’s going on with our assignment? You didn’t find that girl. She is not coming to hospital these days. These guys told me all that. She planned to go to Kerala. She must’ve gone there. Did you think that
I will not work or I cannot work? One chance! Give me one chance and
I will prove it. Hey! I guess he is hungry. Give him Biryani. Go! Chicken Biryani is inside. Go and eat. Chicken Biryani? They said that it wasn’t made
when I asked them. Okay. I will deal with them.
– Okay. Tell Raj to meet me if you get in touch. Raj called. He asked us to come there. He said that his engagement is fixed
with the girl he loved. He found a girl whom
he always wanted to marry. Hey! What happened to you? Jaggu! You know what sort of work we do. But, you are trying to save someone. In spite of knowing who is behind this. ‘He is a dangerous
criminal of south India.’ ‘You know, right? He can do anything.’ ‘No one can stop him.’ No…Leave me… Even God cannot stop him
if he takes any decision. Raj fell in love with that girl. You know about it. I am afraid. He might lose his life in order to save
that girl. When are we going there? That poor guy doesn’t have
anyone other than us. Listen! Place the flowers there. Uncle! Hey! Come… Sweety. How are you, sister-in-law?
– I am good. Charita. We are happy to see you like this. Give that to me. Hello, sister-in-law.
– Charita’s mom. Greetings.
– Greetings. Baby. Greetings.
– Greetings. Come…Come inside. Come, dear. Hey, Raj. I need to talk to you. Let’s talk after you freshen up.
Come inside. Drink. What happened to you? You are being silent from yesterday. Brother! Change your clothes first. This will look good on you. Raj! I need to talk to you. Do you want to talk right now? Yes. Right now. Tell me, brother. What is that you want to talk? I want to discuss about Charita. You have think to wisely before
taking a decision about this wedding. I know what you want to say. God took away mom in my childhood. But, I guess he understood his mistake. He sent her again to me as Charita. I am getting that love
I hadn’t got since childhood. I am telling the truth. I am very happy. This is all because of Charita. This is what you want to say, right? Let’s go home. Come. Everyone is waiting for us. Hello! Jaggu! What’s going on
with our assignment? Yeah. It is getting done. You said that you don’t believe
in such things. Yeah! I don’t believe in them but
I trust you. Where is brother? Look there. Brother. Come. I will talk to you later. Be happy, both of you. Keep smiling like this always. I will smack Raj if he troubles you. Come. Slowly. Bye, Sweety. Bye.
– Bye, uncle. Bye, aunty. Clear all the bills, dear.
– Yeah. Raj! You clear the engagement bill. I have some work.
I will meet Neelima and be back. Hmm?
– Okay. Bye. What happened to you? Get in the train. You take Sweety and go. I will come later. One second. Hello. Hello. Yeah, brother. Tell me. Where are you? No, brother. I came out. Do you have any work with me? I want to meet you right now. Come to that place of engagement. Place of engagement? Okay. Brother! Is it urgent work? You had a train, right? Why didn’t you go? Okay, brother.
You want to talk something, right? Come. Let’s sit and talk. What happened, brother? Is there any problem? Where is that girl? Which girl, brother? The girl who got disappeared from
the hospital! Your life has a threat
because of that girl. Those people will do anything for money. They are dangerous. Listen to me. Save yourself by giving that girl to them. Brother! Why are you scared? We can give complaint to the cops. The cops will help us. Charita! Cops cannot
help us with this case. Raj loves you a lot. He cannot take it
if something happens to you. You have to give them that girl. Will you give them
if Sweety is in that situation? You are right. He is a sentimental fool. We found him. He is right in front of us. Talk to Sampath. We cannot trust anyone in this business. But, I trusted you. I suspected you when Charita got
disappeared from the hospital. Listen! Handover that girl to them
and you come back. Raj might be sad but
he will at least be alive. Brother. Charita! You leave. Charita! Go! Charita…Run away. Hey. Mother-in-law! Did Charita come? No. She’s escaping. Come fast. You brother called her and asked her
to come to that engagement place. She went there. [RAJ INNER VOICE]: ‘Did brother call her?
But, he left already.’ Charita! Charita! Brother. Brother! Brother! Brother! Brother. Brother. Brother. Brother. Brother. Brother. Brother. Brother. Brother. [PHIONE RINGING] Brother. Brother. Brother! Get up. Brother.
Get up, brother. Brother. Brother. Brother! Get up. Brother. Brother. Brother! Get up. Get up, brother. Brother! Get up. Brother! Get up. Charita! Charita! Charita! Charita! [ROARING] Have it.
– That’s enough. Eat.
Serve him more. Wear it, brother. Uncle! Will dad never come back again? Raj! This was in his hands. Charita’s ring. I have been waiting for an hour, sir. Yeah. Tell me. What were you saying? Sorry, sir. Why did you send my brother to Kerala?
Tell me. Why will I send him? You made phone calls to my brother. Go away. Brother asked me to delete
Charita’s data from hospital. But, he didn’t tell me the reason. Two people came to the garage. They asked for you. Do you have their picture? No, bro. But, we might find them in CCTV footage. Do you know about Lakshmi? I know. Lakshmi’s father left
her when she was born. Her mother is working hard to take care
of her. So, whatever we are doing is a good deed. Her mother is troubled
because of that girl. Mother won’t be troubled
if her daughter is gone. Do you know where I can find him? No. Did you see her? This girl is lovely. I will rip it off. Tell me, idiot. Tell me fast.
– I will tell you, brother. Go to Tenabanda fish market route.
There is a temple over there. You can find him there. Madam! Does this guy live here? Yeah! He lives here. They planned to kill the kid. Where is the girl? Where did you hide her? Raj! Raj? Raj! Raj!
– Hey… Who is Raj? Who is Raj…? Who is Raj? I want Raj. What did Charita do? The minister has liver cirrhosis. They are searching for the liver to do
transplantation. They found a girl in the
Ananthpura government hospital. Charita escaped that girl when
everything got ready. I want his number. [PHONE RINGING] Hello. Raj. Charita’s lover. Hey! I am looking for you and
you are searching for me. Nice. I know what you want. Will you say or should I say? I want to see Charita. Do one thing. Bring that kid
and take back Charita. What’s the guarantee that
Charita is with you? Correct. One second. She became weak. She risked her life to save a kid. Hey! I will bring that girl you needed. But, I will spare you if something happens
to Charita. Don’t get angry. Give me that girl. I will give back your Charita in a
good manner. Do you understand? Yeah! That girl was
disappeared 5 days ago. Who is that girl? Do you have her picture? She was in the opposite bed
when you got admitted. Hi, sister. Is it Lakshmi? Yeah. When did she disappear?
Do you know the exact date? She disappeared 2 days
before you went to Kerala. Raj! Come to the hospital. Can you please drop my friend
Neelima’s sister? ‘Was it Lakshmi whom
I dropped to the station?’ She is Neelima.
We studied together. Hi. Neelima? I have some work.
I will meet Neelima and be back. What happened, bro? Where is Charita’s bag? Where is Charita’s bag? Hello, Charita. Hello! This is Raj speaking. Where is Charita? Aunty is worried about her. Do you know anything about Lakshmi?
Lakshmi is getting treatment here. They gave slow poison to Lakshmi. She is recovering well now. [PANDYAN GARAGE, COIMBATORE] Don’t we have another way? No! You already know. They will kill Charita
if they don’t give them that girl. Tell me, boss. I am ready to give that girl to you. But, there is one condition.
Charita shouldn’t find about it. Tell me where should I bring that girl. I will tell you where to bring Charita. Different places. It should happen at one time. I accept. Tell me the place. I will call and let you know. It should be done within half an hour. Done. Listen, Raj. That girl is young. Think about it one more time. I want Charita back at any cost. Raj. Market yard, Anna Nagar! KMC Hospital, Airport road! You should be there in half an hour.
– I am ready. Is everything ready?
– Everything is ready. She is still unconscious, sir. Greetings, son. Where is Charita sis? How is she? Can I meet her? We are going there now. Confirm that girl’s blood group
after she comes. Brother! Can I talk to Charita sis? I am taking you to her. Okay. You are doing a lot for me.
Thanks, brother. Get down, dear. Take it. Let’s go. Sir! We reached market yard. Stay on the line. Where is the girl? I am ready. You will see Charita when I tell you. The girl will be there
before you when I say. Why are you delaying? Say it fast. I want Charita first
if you want that girl. There is a Maruti van behind you. See. Confirm if the girl reached. Hey. Everything is fine, sir.
The blood group is a match. Hey! Leave Charita. Raj. Raj. Talk to me. Talk to me, Raj. Brother wants to speak with you. Boss! Thank you so much. You gave a new life to my uncle. I will not forget your help. I am so happy today. Are you happy too? See! I gave back your love. Where is Lakshmi? Where is Lakshmi, Raj? What happened to Lakshmi? Tell me, Raj. Tell me. Everything I did so far will be wasted. Oh! Did she find out? I didn’t tell her. Forget it. What was I saying? Yeah! It is about the condition you had.
This is my bad habit, Raj. I cannot sleep in peace
if someone disturbs me. I have a problem if I do not sleep.
So, your lover is my problem now. My uncle’s reputation will be ruined
if anyone finds about this issue. That is why I have to kill her. You can save her if you can. Nothing will happen to Lakshmi. Nothing will happen to you. Trust me. Hey! Take care of that girl.
– Yes, sir. No one should come to her. Confirm with doctor
before sending someone. – Okay, sir. Why, man? You have been saying to keep
an eye on the girl. Your uncle should reach the hospital
first in order to do that operation. He can never reach there. The car you are driving isn’t safe. What are you saying, man? [RAJ]: ‘We cannot attack them directly.’ ‘We have only one option
and that is technical edge.’ [FRIEND 1]: ‘He uses high end car.’ We can hack his car
if we can get the control of ECU. Car hacking? How? You go as the company executive
and access the car. His car will move with the help of this
ECU. ECU means engine-controlling unit. Just like computer. Door locks, steering, brakes
and everything is controlled by it. We will connect our e-device and
install our software in that car’s ECU. Our e-software will run in the car. And DNE symbol!
It is called spring mobile device. This antenna receives the signal via mobile
network of the SIM placed in that device. We activate the software via Bluetooth
after transmitting it. Then the system will compromise and
we get the entire control of it. I didn’t understand what you said. Will it work? Two guys named Valasek and Miller hacked
BMW X series in this way in 2013. They hacked a jeep as well. I designed this device
with the same protocol. Why? Are you tensed now? Okay, fine. Listen to this song and chill. [SONG PLAYING ON RADIO] Hey… Why? Didn’t you like the song? Hey… Okay. Tell me which song your uncle likes. What is he saying? Sorry, uncle. [MOVIE DIALOGUE PLAYING ON RADIO] Hey. Sorry, uncle. I will take care. Boss! I guess you didn’t understand. Your car is hacked. You are driving the car but
I have the control over it. So, your entire batch should leave
this place in one minute. Get it? Hey! Go away from there. Go! Go! Raj! You listen to me. Raj… Raj. Why don’t you listen to me, Raj? They say that we shouldn’t trust
even our close ones in such matters. Raj! How did you think that
I would trust an evil person like you? Hey! Do you how it feels to see someone
we love lose his or her life? Check this sample. Help…Help! Will you take a kid’s life to let
your uncle live for few more years? Hey! You said that the
problem is my lover. Actually, the problem isn’t my lover. It is your uncle. You said that we should clear
whenever there is a problem. Take care of your uncle. Happy journey. Where is Lakshmi? Sister. Move. Mummy!
– My dear. What happened to you? Are you fine?
See, aunty! Your daughter is a problem. She doesn’t understand it. Problems… We’ve got problems
because of your daughter. No problem… ‘She knows only one thing.’ Listen, aunty! Either you should English
or teach me Bhojpuri. I should tell you if there is
any problem, right? See how she tortures me. Hey! Hit him this side. This side…

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