[RECENZIE] Svietidlo FSS-014 6Э2 RATNIK (LUČ) /CC: English

[RECENZIE] Svietidlo FSS-014 6Э2 RATNIK (LUČ) /CC: English

Welcome to RUSVVO. Today we’ll talk about flashlight FSS-014 RATNIK Grau designation 6Э2. It’s usually deployed as personal illumination option. This one is mine and as you can see its not sitting in the drawer. Usually delivered in the box with manual, but i didn’t saved mine. In set is light itself, AA battery and adapter for helmet mounting. FSS is powered with one AA battery That is inserted into this part of the light, this way. Unscrew the cap, insert battery + side first, install cap back on. Body is made of plastic with metal clip. thats used to attach light to helmet adapter or other gear, for example something with MOLLE webbing. This light is in my EDC because its small and light , weights only 95g (3.35oz) Can be also attached to lid of you cap. Like this… its secure and you have both hands empty. Unfortunately i don’t have helmet to show you how this attachment is mounted, Its very easy to do, adapter holds on helmet edge with this metal hook First you loosen this screws then you hook it on edge of the helmet, and secure it by tightening this screws back. On outside is this spring loaded cap, and metal part in the middle is holding to clip of the flashlight by sliding it over in keyhole. Light is secured well on it and now light is adjustable not only horizontally but vertically as well you can also hear ratcheting sound so you have idea how much you angled up or down. You can remove it by pressing it in and sliding it out of the keyhole. Front side of the flashlight is protected with acrylic cover plate and it secured there with removable bezel with six philips head screws. so you don’t have to worry that cover can get damaged . If any damage occurs it can be replaced. As you can see flashlight has 4 LED’s, one main warm white one and 3 color led’s. Its turner on with this button on the top where is written ВКЛ /РЕЖИМ, in russian of course, it means turn on and mode, and button on the bottom marked ЦВЕТ, in english color, changes to other colors. There is one main light with white warm light, and other 3 color options, red, green, and blue. if you press and hold top MODE button you can change intensity of the selected light. you have 4 different options available. you can see that when you hold the button intensity is changing automatically so you can just let it go when you reach the one you want. Light has a memory and it will remember the color light and intensity when you turned it off. So it will return back after you turn it on again. Only on white light, no matter what intensity when turned off and on it will start in lowest setting. I think that is nice feature as when you turn it on it doesnt blast full power and potentially don’t let everyone know where you are hiding. and you can still add to it if you need to or change it to one of the color one. By holding bottom button you’ll turn strobe mode on. And is available on all color options. So flashlight can be also used as a signal device. It looks like when in strobe mode leds are set to highest intensity. And after turning it off and on it starts on lowest white setting. I really like this flashlight and can be useful in many live situations. Light beam seems brightest in center but there is plenty of light around. Manufacturer claims that with one AA battery you’ll get minimum of 5.5 hours of light I didn’t have to change battery that came with it yet and it still works great so it really lasts for long time. Its rated to work from -30°C to +50°C and with humidity of 100% up to +40°C.
It is also protected from condensation and frost. That’s all for today about this FSS014 or 6Э2 RATNIK Give us a LIKE and SHARE this video with friends. Eshop link for this product is in descriptions below. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and hit that bell button so you don’t miss on any of our great videos. Thank you for watching and goodbye!!!

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  1. В войсковых частях, при проведении тренировочных ночных стрельб, данный фонарь закрепляется на шлем и поворачивается в направлении руководителя стрельб (при этом используют самый слабый режим свечения), для того, что бы контролировать куда смотрит военнослужащий.

  2. Aké je využitie tých farebných svetiel.

  3. Would be cool if it fit on ARC rail for helmet

  4. Musite tocit tieto videa? Ešte včera som tuto baterku nepotreboval a dnes je už v odoslanej objednavke 😀

  5. Thanks for your review, this light does not work properly, sometimes I have only three modes, then two (Led), it flickers and goes out. A bug? Did you see this problem?

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