Republican: Founding Fathers Wouldn’t Allow ‘Sodomites’ to Marry

Republican: Founding Fathers Wouldn’t Allow ‘Sodomites’ to Marry

another interesting comment from a
republican official texas republicans are unrepentant after
a prominent member up their caucus referred to see him sex
couples the sodomites and said that the nation’s founders
would be appalled that they are being allowed to marry this is according to
Houston’s khou and involves conservative Republicans up
Texas president doctor steven hotsy who made the bigoted remarks in a press release
supporting Harris County Republican Party Chairman Jared Woodfill who is running for
reelection here’s the quote from the fundraising
letter doctor hotsy our founding fathers would be furious to
find out that the Constitution was being
interpreted to allow sodomites to marry when asked by khou about the remarks he didn’t back down he said I don’t know
how I could be any clearer this whole issue is about judicial
liberal activism that is trying to redefine
marriage up okay so let’s take this step by step if we’re going to base all of today’s
law on what the Founding Fathers would or
would not be okay with with the founding fathers have been in
favor interracial marriage I don’t think so
did the founding fathers write the constitution to allow the space program the interstate highway
the public school system clean water regulation mandatory meet inspections fire departments television the internet
the FCC no didn’t the founding fathers fighter revolution to get out from under
the oppression religious conservatism yes but you
wouldn’t know it from how right-wing conservatives today talk about the
founding fathers now know everyone’s an expert and
everyone knows exactly what the founding fathers meant as if they knew them personally I’m I mean we knew with a fight against ray
why they came to this country and that’s pretty much where it ends
that I don’t know how they come to these conclusions every time the founding fathers in the
constitution are brought up I don’t think that we shouldn’t care about the constitution for the founding
fathers but to suggest that we don’t need to I just for the fact that the
Constitution was written hundreds of years ago when so many of
the things and processes and systems that exist today would be indistinguishable from magic to
those who wrote the Constitution how can anybody honestly argue that we need a literal
interpretation of the Constitution and even if we were able to perfectly
ascertain the one hundred percent definitive
intention of the founding fathers who can really argue that that’s exactly
what we should be speaking to in modern society yeah of course I i mean things change
things are always changing and many countries around the world I
embrace that change and change their I don’t know eg Constitution although
equivalents right the other thing but you go back to the
marriage part Louis is that the whole myth about so-called
traditional marriage modern marriage has really only been
around since I don’t know a the early the early nineteen hundreds right this
entire concept living gauge min send engagement brings in diamonds which of
course we can look at the diamond industry is very much for that and and one man one woman the idea that
just overall in history the only types have domestic partnership
arrangement that have existed are one man married 21 women are
ludicrous whether we’re talking about the Bible whether we’re talking about ancient
European societies whatever it is we have instances of
polygamy men in multiple individual marriages a three-way marriages gay relationship to be the idea that
that what was determined in the nineteen forties or fifties to be the right way to do marriage as
the good the law for the rest of the time is very childish it is and people just
keep going back and saying well this is what the founding fathers meant this is their their documentation and
it’s kinda like the holy grail for them and they can’t be changed it can’t be reinterpreted well there have already
been changes in addition so I i don’t think that’s a good argument
anymore coming up next congressman steve stockman threatened to arrest anyone who publishes a mug shot from
when he was arrested we will show you that hug shot next also
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  1. Our nation's founders would also be appealed by the laws put forth by christian lawmakers to force their religious beliefs on the US population.

  2. Okay, Comstock, go back to Columbia now. You're not wanted here.

  3. 1:38 I'm from the UK, don't know that much about US history but is Pakman right there? They fought a revolution to get out from 'religious' oppression? Isn't he confusing the puritans with the founding fathers?

  4. "Lighthouses are more useful than churches" ~Benjamin Franklin 

  5. Founding Fathers, eh? Well then I guess they were fucking WRONG!! Holy shitfuck, why is this still a discussion?…

  6. The founding fathers would also like to own black people and rape them….who gives a fuck what those old elitist murderers wanted or thought?

  7. There are a LOT of things the Founding Fathers wouldn't have allowed. Non-landowners voting for one, then women, slaves, or people of any color.

  8. "Founders this, founders that" Well guess what, the Founders, while incredibly smart, we NOT all christian. They didn't care what their neighbors were doing. I don't care about what my neighbors are doing either, as long as it is not abusive. Find some better arguments. Oh shit, I'm on the wrong forum.

  9. The Puritans and the Founding Fathers not the same. If we went with what the Puritans wanted it would be a theocracy. I'm so glad the Founding Fathers didn't believe in that bullshit, and wanted separation of Church and State.

  10. I think it's a given that if the issue of marriage equality was brought up back then the country would have shifted to a much more religious view of things which would have resulted in religion actually being part of the government.

    I'm glad the founding fathers kept their buggery to themselves since the people of the time were not as enlightened as the founding fathers.

    To be sure, there were people who were aware of such things, but the topic was not discussed in public at that time and such activities were kept away from prying eyes as much as possible.

  11. Some of the colonies (Plymouth as an example) were established for religious freedom from the crown. Later on it was one of the factors besides "taxation without representation". My Commonwealth of Massachusetts was the colony that got the worst treatment. (Boston Massacre, Closing of Boston Harbor, first battles of the war; Battles of Lexington and Concord). Freedom of Religion was one of the main things added to the Bill of rights. People forget however that our Constitution wasn't the first form of government in the United States, but the second. The first being the Articles of confederation, which gave the states more power than the federal government, but ultimately failed, and was changed after Shay's Rebellion in western Massachusetts to the current Constitution. Also people always say that the United States was founded as a "Christian Nation", but that is just simply not true. Many founding fathers have stated it wasn't examples: "As the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion, as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion or tranquility of Musselmen, and as the said States never have entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mehomitan nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries." President John Adams, Treaty of Tripoli of 1797. "Lighthouses are more useful than churches" Benjamin Franklin. Our government was based off of the Old English Republic and Iroquois Confederation (Ben Franklin researched). It had nothing to do with the Bible or Christianity at all. Much of the nation was Christian like it is today, but not all of the founding fathers were Christians. Ben Franklin for an example wasn't a Christian, it's still debated whether he was a simple deist or an Atheist. Because of the strong population of Christians in the country, the Founding Fathers didn't want the religion to control politics, so that's why they came up with the idea of "separation of church and state". Something the Republican Party, Christian Fundamentalists, and Bible Belt have either completely forgotten, have been brainwashed, or are ignorant too. The Founding Fathers also wanted to make the Constitution a "living document", because they realized society, technology, and history would change far beyond there imaginations. They realized that the Constitution needed to be able to evolve with the times and changes. So because of this, it doesn't really matter what the Founding Fathers would think of society, social changes, and if they would have acceptance of today. 

  12. If the founding fathers we so right … how come we had to add amendments to the the main document …. these men were far from perfect …

  13. Aside from the theoretical opinions of people long dead being completely irrelevant to any modern argument, there is absolutely no reason to believe that at least some of the founding fathers would have supported same-sex marriage if society had been different. George Washington himself knowingly employed the shamed Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, whom had been forced from his homeland due to his sexuality. It kills me how the zealots of this country remold great men like our founding fathers into brain-dead mongoloids.

  14. sodomy is anal sex, oral sex and beastiality, so I guess nobody is allowed to get married.

  15. Who in the fuck cares about these "founding fathers"?
    They were dusty, rapey old men. Shut the fuck up, honestly. 

  16. The founding fathers are dead and plenty of straight couples enjoy anal sex. These "the founding fathers wouldn't" arguments are irrelevant because they didn't care enough to include them in the laws.

  17. The founding fathers would have been appalled at blacks having equal rights. They lived like 200 years ago.

  18. it really helps your case referring to gays as "sodomites" lol

  19. If the Founding Fathers were alive today I'm quite sure they'd say "Help! Help! Get me out of this coffin!" rather than call for an Amendment banning gay marriage rights.

  20. At some point we have to govern ourselves today and adapt as the world and circumstances change.

  21. Well then, that's one reason to be glad that the Founding Fathers are DEAD AS FUCK.

  22. The only people who know how the Founding Fathers thought back then is the Founding Fathers; to act as if one knows what the 'Founders' meant don't know crap, all we have is the Constitution to largely see what they were thinking.

  23. If Founding Fathers saw Jesus they would have bull whipped him while asking what plantation did he runaway from

  24. While a lot of things have changed in the last two hundred years, people really haven't themselves changed that much. We are still eating, sleeping, shitting and fucking as we have for at least a million years. We still have the same emotions, desires, and faults.
    When we look back at the Founders, the issues they dealt with have many parallels in today's world, the fight against feudal oppression not being the least. Hell it is a lot of the same families even. Two hundred and fifty years is not really that long in the brand scheme of things and trying to put their ideas off as obsolete is a mistake.
    Besides, the idea of calling the constitution a perfect document given to us by god is a really recent bit of right wing propaganda. The first thing the founders did after writing and ratifying the constitution was to am end it. The founders had the foresight to create a living document that keeps up with the times through the amendment process.
    If you disagree with some part of the constitution, there is nothing preventing you from working to amend it of call a convention to rewrite it all together. So, David don't just sit there and try and pretend that the constitution is some ancient obsolete document that you can ignore at will. If there is something you disagree with in the document, work to change it, but don't be so stupid as to tell us it doesn't matter.

  25. No, I don't imagine some dudes from the 1700's would be cool with gay marriage. And this matters why? Nations change, people change.

  26. The founders of the USA would also be extreamly angry about the attemps of christian take over of the country! We were NOT founded by christians!

  27. “I desire above all things to see the equality of political rights exclusive of all hereditary distinction firmly established by a practical demonstration of its being consistent with the order and happiness of society.”
    Who is the communist debauched porn actor who wrote that? Must be a Russian gay communist, right? Nope, it's Alexander Hamilton. Since homosexuality have some hereditary traits, he would be for gay marriage, right? As long as it makes some people happy…

    By the way, I got another quote:
    "As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion,—as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen,—and as the said States never entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mahometan nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries."
    Unamerican, for the terrorist… Can't be the word of a founding father like President John Adams in 1796. Right? Oh, it is…

    I'll save you from George Wahington, because people could write a book about how pro-gay he was. I mean, he instituted the first don't ask don't tell policy about sex at Valley Forge, because when you are at war you don't give a shit if some solder take it in the ass as you need them to be ready… That's only the practical aspect of the story.

  28. He means to say "FUNDING fathers".

  29. Being a Sodomite includes millions of straight people who enjoy oral sex too.

  30. Factoid:  Pres. Thomas Jefferson's grandson, Francis W. Eppes, owned 70 slaves who labored on a cotton plantation in Leon Co., Florida at the start of the Civil War.  As it turns out, Jefferson only freed a few of his slaves and his family members continued the tradition of plantation life.  Is that the kind of thing we want?  Just keep perpetuating the same old sh*t?  I'm not trying to bash the founders.  But, humanity has a lot to gain by "evolving" on a myriad of issues.

  31. The founding fathers was criminals, lowlife, undesirables in England sent here as punishment. The women were for the most prostitutes. They had no morals other than honor among thieves.

  32. Texas: the less governmental intrusion in our personal lives state.

  33. Considering the time period the founding fathers are from I wouldn't be surprised if he was actually right about that

  34. The founding fathers were a bunch of oligarchs who didn't give a shit about anything other than dodging taxes. Wheres the first amendment got you? The 3rd largest prison population in history. The second amendment? Blind people with guns. Its funny that so many of you on YouTube attack christians for advocating an outdated document written by slave owners, then you go and advocate an outdated document written by slave owners.

  35. Don't tell them that Ben Franklin, one of our beloved forefathers, had quite a fancy for whores… not even the American ones, either, they were of the french variety! And it wasn't a "good christian, puritan" sort of fancy either.

  36. Founding fathers wouldn't outlaw slavery either. Founding fathers wouldn't allow native Americans to live where they wish in their own land either? Who cares? They did some things right but they were morally wrong on some not so minor issues like civil rights, women's right to vote, gay rights, native American rights etc.

  37. No rethugicon should speak of knowing what the founding fathers would have wanted, since they are already trying to erase and rewrite the first amendment.

  38. I'm sure they would be "appalled" and "furious". So?

  39. Now that we have Dr. Hotze's input, let's hear a rebuttal from Dr. Totze. 

  40. Even around the 1920s the majority – Ive seen as high as 80% of people worked on the land. It was the effect of GOVERNMENT under FDR that RADICALLY altered America into the modern powerhouse it is. Giving more and more people theit RIGHTS that hS been one of the engines of this. Women, non whites, gay people, the poor the more inclusive the world gets tge better for EVERYONE These reactionary bigots shoukd learn to STFU intill they have properly educated tgemselves.

  41. They also wouldn't want us taking away their slaves either, but we don't live in the 18th century. The founding fathers weren't always right, and that's why there are amendments to the constitution.

  42. This issue was far from the Founding Father's radar. It wasn't mentioned, so speculation on that is a waste of time.

    There was a great deal of concern for the freedom of slaves, which they couldn't confront then because the Southern states would have likely refused to join the union.

    LGBT rights is something that we are working on now, and it's the right time to do so.

  43. Yeah, most of the founding fathers were terrible fucking people. Fuck them.

  44. You don't ask how people would have handled it centuries ago when asking how to handle todays problems. -Johnathan Dale

  45. But, the founding fathers were fine with slavery, so that shows how perfect they were.

  46. The way these people speak about the Founding Fathers of the USA is exactly the same way the religious people act and say the know what God wants and needs it's the same thing with the constitution and the Founding Fathers. These people are so authoritarian it's unbelievable. Think about it, God and the Founding Fathers are the so called "authorities" and how do we know how they feel about thought about things, The Bible and the Constitution, which so many people are ignorant of what's even in it. This means people are interpreting what ever they want for propaganda reasons, but people forget that people in that time an era were different along with the culture and thinking.  

  47. No they would just ignore it Gays served as Kings and presidents and every other position in government.30 to 40 % of most military's where homosexuals or where men who engaged in gay sex to pass the time……No TV back then.

  48. The founding fathers were trying to make this a Free nation. Not christian. Its time republicans would do sone research on the intent of those who were also merely a product of their time (but of which some were way ahead of their time). Unfortunately such can't be said for politicians today.

  49. The founding fathers were trying to make this a Free nation. Not christian. Its time republicans would do sone research on the intent of those who were also merely a product of their time (but of which some were way ahead of their time). Unfortunately such can't be said for politicians today.

  50. The FOUNDING FATHERS allowed slavery and the slaughter of Native/Mexican Indians, shed some light on that….Bullshit harking back in time to back up 21st century bullshit

  51. Well, technically, they are Sodomites, and most likely, the founding fathers WOULD be horrified. The next question is, who gives a fuck? The founding fathers fought against the "divine right of kings" and they fought against the majority view of the time, and I suspect that they would be open minded enough to understand that times change. I think that just MIGHT be why they allowed for amendments to the constitution. Gee, smart guys, weren't they?

  52. That's funny because the country was founded by Greek and Roman traditions.  I'm sure that included anal and oral sex.  Also Known As Sodomy. Just as Ben Frank 😉

  53. they'd also own slaves, oppress women/others, & legalize rape. STFU!

  54. Well they wouldn't allow blacks to marry whites either and raped their slaves.  Maybe the moral of the story is to not fully follow the words of some slave owning rich elites 200+ years ago.

  55. Hmmm, there is a reason why the founding fathers built into the Constitution a way of changing itself.  The Constitution is a living Constitution, not a holy do not stray from type of document.

  56. Conservatives are stupid.

  57. The founding fathers would be outraged that we let women vote.  

  58. The sin of Sodomy was to be unwelcoming to, or to assault strangers.
    ie, Solomon says of Sodom that it, "refused to receive strangers when they came to them".

    Michael Carden, who teaches comparative religion at the University of Queensland, says in his book "Sodomy: A History of a Christian Biblical Myth".
     The Original meaning of Sodomy was "associated primarily with inhospitality, xenophobia and abuse of the poor".
    Sodomy only took on it's homophobic meaning during the Christian era much later in letters between priests.

    Web article.
    'The Real Meaning of Sodomy'
    Nick Gier, Professor Emeritus, University of Idaho.

     By their own definition, it is conservative xenophobes and bigots who are the actual Sodomites.

  59. The founding fathers didn't abolish slavery. But that's not here nor there

  60. This Founder worship on the Right has gotta stop… facepalm

  61. Of course the founding fathers would be shocked that gay marriage was being allowed, for fucks sake, they lived going on 250 years ago.

  62. The Founding Fathers owned slaves, and had no concept of an Apache Helicopter, Germs were a working theory. Not everything has to be about them.

  63. Don't drag the founding fathers into this.  If you have a irrational fear of something don't be chicken and hide to behind a thin veil of something else.

  64. judicial liberal activism? so the court systems shouldn't do their job?

  65. 2:15 "but to suggest that we don't need to adjust for the fact that the constitution was written 100's of years ago…."
    You are talking about people who think sand script written 1000"s of years ago are still valid enough to run a 21st century world.
    "when so many of the things, processes and systems today would be indistinguishable from magic…."
    These people literally believe in magic, this argument is invalid to them, just saying.

  66. The Founding Fathers also preached against interracial relationships, but that didn't stop them from having sex with their female slaves, did it? 

  67. the founding fathers would also be furious that blacks and women now have the right to vote. so i wouldnt take the founding fathers opinions all that seriously. 
    plus if this republican doesnt want sodomites to marry shouldnt we ban heterosexual marriage as well? sodomy, its not just for gays.

  68. They fought a revolution over taxes. Money is a motivator behind many conflicts. The main thing is that they left a method to change the constitution if the people want to. That has been ignored, beginning in the 30s, in favor of reinterpretation.

    Why was an amendment needed for the federal government to ban alcohol, but not later needed to ban drugs? The power derived from the reinterpretation of the commerce clause beginning in the 1930s.

  69. They would also be furious about the christians having the freedom to discriminate against every non-christian! If we didn't have religious freedom, the puritans would still be burning people claiming that they were witches. Now, in the last week in October, they would be out killing the kids who go trick or treating! Do the christians want to continue with that?

  70. it's hard to redefine sexual perversion, it is what it is, dude.

  71. For those who truly have an open mind and would like to hear the truth about what the Founding Fathers believed please hear David Barton @

  72. Founding fathers would not reward illegal immigration but Dr Steve is all for that. He's a fucking traitor. I'm sick of scapegoating everything on the gays. Illegal immigration is the destruction of this country in this bastard is all behind it and for it

  73. Founding father, that's a laugh. The only person you really care about is your teacher Adolph Hitler. You have an ugly hate filled life and are evil.

  74. "Hotsy"????  And "Woodfill"????  This stuff writes itself.

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