REVEALING 60 *NEW* BLUEPRINTS & PRICES (Blueprint Reveals Rocket League)

REVEALING 60 *NEW* BLUEPRINTS & PRICES (Blueprint Reveals Rocket League)

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  1. Hi TRI!! Are you going to do a stream tonight? Oh and btw, RP5 IS OUT!!

  2. trihouGasm TriHouse over here blowing the competition out of the water

  3. Do you think the blueprints are too expensive?

  4. The prices make no sense lmao. Good thing the rocket pass is pretty sick!!

  5. I got a white wet paint

  6. I think I opened less blueprints then you in this video and still managed to get 3 goal explosions and bubbly…you just cant beat me in anything can you tri Kappa

  7. #MakeTreeHouseGreatAgain

  8. FrostAllThemFlakes

  9. From what ive seen painted adds 200 for everything but rares. I got a burnt sienna BM and it is 2200. But TW cost even more.

  10. Great vid, Make sure you follow his twitch for great streams as well <3

  11. I got so many great items but I doubt I'll ever get to use em…I don't got stacks like that

  12. Alright, infiniums are in the shop right now and they are 1400c, right? Infiniums used to be like a key or something, maybe less. Well, a key was like $0.99. Credits are 500 for $4.99. It’s like a 1credit:1cent ratio. That means infiniums used to cost $1, but now they cost $14.
    Please leave a like to help expose them.

  13. Jebaited with that mainframe. I wonder if double painted matters. I assumed the items are already set but maybe I'm wrong.

  14. I just discovered your channel today, and I love it! You are so underrated, you have great editing and attitude!

  15. i got a tw fsl-b wtf is this

  16. I got pcc dissolver 🙂

  17. Painted wet paint is 2200

  18. This surely doesnt feel fairer to the playerbase in any damn shape or form. If I dont missunderstand things there's no way to get any of these things without spending money now.

  19. So painted cars like octane and breakout are obtained how now? Building the very rares and trading up?

  20. Idk if someone mentioned it or not, but I got lucky getting a mainframe TW blueprint. And the prices is 2500 credits. So around 20€.

  21. Im really salty about this update… i really feel that it destroys player trading because now you have to pay 20$ in credits to unlock a BM that yesterday cost 5$…. They nuked a stable market in favor of a cash grab… its disgusting and until someone convinces me otherwise, Psyonics is no better than EA

  22. I got a shattered blueprint !

    It's painted burnt sienna 😂😭

  23. bloodyNASsassin here.
    What we mean by killing trading, ruining it so people won't trade as often. (They know full well this is what we fear)
    What Psyonix means by not killing trading, they won't put a stop to trading. (This is what they pretend we are afraid of)

    They're not putting a stop to it, but are ruining it.

  24. Any items in the Revival series can now come painted. These items also come painted in their original blueprints now. I.E. Dragon Lord, Shibuya, Pixel Fire, Toon etc.

  25. he said smh my head which doesnt make sense(smack my head my head)????

  26. They’re trying to hard to make their marketing system like fortnite they’re game is a lil old now for them to be making stuff this expensive

  27. Titanium white lone wolf is 200 credits, so titanium white does not make a difference in prices.

  28. I don’t like these blueprints they are really bad for f2p players and I am one of these I hate it I wish crates and and the free keys would come back

  29. Guys prices are set by category not if it’s painted or certified 😂 and it will be the same price to unlock a blueprint and buying from the store so just wait for whatever you want at the store or get a blueprint from a friend bc people are asking too much for their blueprint right now

  30. Tri House i opened 319 of my 914. Already gave the following:

    Dissolver paragon
    Fire god
    Hextide goalkeeper
    Reactor wheels black goalkeeper

    Feels good man. Curious if everyone else is rolling this high.

  31. A painted mainframe is 2300

  32. I like them, I got a cert intrudium and a regular intrudium blueprint in my first 2 opens lol

    Fire god Blueprints
    2X Solar Flare blueprints
    3X Fennec BluePrints
    2X NeYoYo Whell BluePritns
    2X P-SIMM BluePrints
    1 PyroBoss BluePritns
    1 Zowie Blueprints
    Guys What is their value?

  34. I got purple trigon

  35. TriHouse! it’s me again! BEARGRILLZ. Just a heads up, at some point double painted weekends will be a thing and blueprints will be part of that. I have a FB from RL to confirm.

  36. I got revival series tw zomba..are they super rare?

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