(Review) ELEMENT SF X300 Ultimate LED Flashlight

(Review) ELEMENT SF X300 Ultimate LED Flashlight

Hello everyone and welcome to this new video presentation ! Today I will talk you about a lamp that was sent to me by the online store AirsoftPeak. It’s from “ELEMENT” brand and has the sweet name of “SF X300 ULTIMATE TACTICAL LED LIGHT”. ELEMENT reference is “EX 359” and you can find it directly on the site of AirsoftPeak by returning the reference “15079”. Note that ELEMENT sells us this lamp in a simple plastic packaging and to my knowledge, TAN color does not exist, at least when I make this video. I’ll unpack this article and I’ll take the opportunity to tell you that the online store AirsoftPeak offers you a voucher worth 5 dollars on your next order placed by returning the little code that I will insert, as usual, on the top left of this video. There ! So thank to them ! So ! The first thing that can be noted is that this tactical flashlight is provided to us without manual and without batteries. You will need 2xCR123A batteries to make it work. Instead, it is delivered with the Lever-Latch “Universal (U)” and “Picatinny (P)” and their “Rail-Lock”. There is also the allen key for mounting them. Indeed, this tactical light is primarily for our handgun replicas, but can also find its place on the rails Picannity of our helmets and our long replicas. Besides, if you want to be picky, we regret the absence of the “Retaining Pin” that prevents the battery cover from opening unexpectedly. Here, we see it… We are done with the accessories. Now on to the lamp. She develops 200 lumens of a very white light. The battery life is about 2 hours with 2 CR123A batteries. She is ambidextrous and offers Constant-On and Momentary-On functions: Constant, you turn the switch and the Momentary, simply press it. It is made of aluminum, weighs less than 100 grams and will cost 65.99 dollars. And if its appearance is not familiar to you, you can simply apply gasoline F here to see appearing the brand of the original model. I have already done it for the video. Before we couldn’t see it. So here we have a copy of the Surefire X300 Ultra or X300U-A for insiders. Luckily, it turns out that I have in my possession the real Surefire. I’ll let you make up your opinion on the ELEMENT model. But as much be clear : they did a good job. Marking, size, accessories… we are not far from flawless copy. The main difference will be in the light beam. Although the ELEMENT light is very well, very white, she’s beaten flat seam by Surefire light. Normal you say for the price difference. In conclusion, ELEMENT provides us with a very good product, very faithful to the original model. The price, even if it may seem a little high, is justified by the quality of this tactical light ! I would end by showing you the rendering obtained on a replica handgun.

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  1. Bonne vidéo sa donne envie d'acheter – le doux nom 😀

  2. Where did you purchase the WA M45 CQBP from ?

  3. J'hésitais à l'acheter. Maintenant c'est sur que je la prends.
    L'original à 500 lumens ?

  4. En revanche pas de review du M45A1 USMC ? Rhôoooo quel dommage^^

  5. Si je peux demander.
    Est-ce que cette lampe propose un mode Strobe ?

  6. Sa tombe bien j'ai cassé la mienne et cette présentation arrive pile poile encore merci 😊

  7. Salut , quelle type de lampe me conseil tu pour une glock 19 ?  Celle-ci fait un peux grosse j'ai l’impression ?  Merci 🙂

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