(Review) JETBeam M-PA10 XM-L2 LED Flashlight

(Review) JETBeam M-PA10 XM-L2 LED Flashlight

Hello everyone and welcome to this new video presentation ! Today I will tell you about a flashlight that was sent to me by the online store GearBest. It’s from JETBeam brand. A brand you know well now. And this is the M-PA10 model. So we will open that box, and I’ll take the opportunity to tell you that the online store GearBest offers a discount price with promotion code that I will insert on the top left of my video. I need to said that this code will only be valid for this item. That’s it ! Thank to them ! Once everything has been unpacked, there is a leaflet, oddly only in Chinese. Do not look for English version. We find a clip, in order to put it on a vest molle, in a jeans pocket or anywhere. Anyway ! An accessory in order to secure the lamp and do not lose it. We find as usual with JETBeam a replacement Tailcap and two red rings. We find a small strap to put around your wrist so you do not lose this lamp. And we end up the lamp itself. As usual with JETBeam a very nice product and always well chosen materials. I feel that it’s solid, and it’s beautiful. That’s always full of beautiful lamps from JETBeam. In this case, that model has a power that goes up to 660 lumens. You have a bulb CREE XM-L2 good. You have a lamp that weight without battery, and according to the manufacturer’s data, 76 grams. She is waterproof and Shock Resistant. She has a light beam which can be up to the 150 meters. And… that’s all. Two special features for this lamp. The first feature that will definitely make you happy if CR123A and 18650 batteries give you buttons is that this lamp used 14500 batteries … I don’t have yet, but maybe I would have one one day. And AA batteries ! So AA batteries and only a single AA battery. Everyone does not have a 18650 or 14500 battery, for against everyone must have AA batteries at home. If you don’t have those batteries, takes it in your remote control … unless you have AAA, that should not do the trick. It was the first feature. By using it, you will notice that it has only mode. This is both true and false. She is here in “normal” mode and to using this lamp in a tactical mode, simply turn this little adjustment ring … I’ll light the lamp you will see right away : I turn a little and we fall in tactical modes. So here, I’m “SOS” mode. So we find the modes that are found on all other lamps of this type. That is to say, “SOS”, “High”, “Medium”, “Low” and “strobe”. So it’s a real flashlight because if you are not in Airsoft, if you just need a flashlight, you tighten this ring then and you optain a normal flashlight. You have just a flashlight. So as usual with JETBeam, very good product. As I said I don’t have any auction or participation share with them but I would like to have it. And … that’s it. I did the trick.

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  1. Continu comme sa scarfab elle déchire tes vidéos, propose nous un peu plus de gameplay et sa serait parfait 🙂

  2. Perso je prefere ma X-M22 Warrior mais celle la est moins cher je pense

  3. Salut scarfab je voudrais l’acheter mais tu sais ou je peut trouver des fixation pour rail adapter s'il te plait 🙂  

  4. J aurai besoin de conseil pour débuter l airsoft mrc ca serait sympa

  5. I have been waiting """3""" weeks for my item to be sent, they are very lacking in communication and integrity
    The least they could do is keep me updated, But Know that's to Hard. I have had enough of online shops shitting on buyers it is SICK.
    I had a deadline to meet but now that's all out the window, I did the following, I made sure the item was in stock, I ordered and paid for the item, I checked the shipping times, so now I think yep buy now, yet I am left waiting with Know communication at all! I'm still waiting to receive my money back!
    From reading the good and bad reviews I feel like a fool for even looking at the site!!!


    To support this place is to support customer abuse

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