Review | MT20C Tactical Flashlight | NiteCore

Review | MT20C Tactical Flashlight | NiteCore

Hi everybody ! Today I will talk you about this flashlight from NiteCore’s brand and this is the MT20C model. This flashlight was sent to me by the online store GearBest, whom I thank. You can find in the description of the video, below, all useful information and links to the online store. At the packaging level, we can see that we have some important infos. It works with either two CR123A or with a 18650. Here we have the type of bulb. It has a light output up to 460 lumens. One gets the information of the presence of two side buttons. We’ll see them later. It has a battery life up to 480 hours. A light beam with a range up to 180 meters. 8300 candelas for the “Beam Intensity”. It is ShockProof up to 1.5 meters in height and is WaterProof up to 2 meters. We will now open it. We find a manual in English. It’s always better than Chinese for us. It’s still necessary that we speak English. And I say nonsense because there is a Chinese version that I had not seen the other side. Here we find a holster to fix to a belt, molle system, carabiner, what do you need … This is according to the use you will. An accessory bag with a NiteCore’s wrist lanyard. A metal clip to put in a molle system, a belt or pocket. It is fixed directly on the lamp. Finally, O-rings and replacement button. The “Spares Parts” as they are called. It’s always nice to have in case you break something. This lamp, so here goes. We will look more closely. It has some specific features that you will see. Here for example. That piece, we’ll see. And if you see well, you need to see here something that changes. It is done as often in aircraft grade aluminum CNC. As always, the finish, and whatever brand, is excellent. The letter “N” for NiteCore,found here. So ! We will immediately put a 18650 battery. It works well. Here you have the hole for the strap to the wrist. You have Tailcap, the power button, to turn it on and off. Here you have a ring that allows the lamp not to roll. This is one of the specificities of this lamp. It stops rolling in case of inclined slope. You can make “Momentary-On” or “Constant-On.” The specifications of this lamp. We will start with the light. The two buttons that are out there allow you to go through all the light mode of this flashlight. No need to use the Tailcap. This is actually as “+” and “-” You have 5 levels of white light. Turbo High Medium low Very low, for all that is reading map or cover progression. Besides that, you also have a red light. So ideally, when you are in the dark, it does not cause discomfort regarding adapting your eye about the obscurity. With white light, it will hinder the eye. He will lose the habit of darkness. The red light does not cause that problem. This also has the function to avoid confusion with other lights where you play (house, urban light). This can also help to find more easily between players from the same team with a different light from that of other players. It is not only the red light but also a flashing red light. During night game, this can be used to recognize you. This is one of the possible functions. I place myself in the airsoft context. Besides that, there are all the usual functions such as memory function of the last used mode. You can arrive directly to the Turbo modes or red light by pressing the Tailcap and buttons “+” or “-” depending on the mode. In addition of the 5 white light levels and 2 red light modes, you also have the Strobe mode, SOS and a positioning light system. When the lamp is ON, pressing the two side buttons, you get the Strobe mode. There you have a location mode. It’s a flash for, for example, mark a location. It’s a landmark mode. You end by the SOS… A priori, it’s hardly used in airsoft game but it deserves to be there. We have here the flashlight with all the accessories. The lanyard wrist and the fastener that attaches to the lamp. And finally, the lamp in his holster.

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  1. Tu a combien de réplique chez toi scar? J'adore tes video

  2. sacré produit, plein de fonctionnalités, génial !

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