Så jävla metal – Bathory & Candlemass

Så jävla metal – Bathory & Candlemass

On the 7th of june 2004. Ace “Quorthon” Forsberg is found dead in his apartment in Stockholm. Cause of death was heart failure. He was the man behind Bathory. Bathory is one of the most unique bands in the world. One of the strongest moments I’ve had musically was when I discovered the darker side of music. Not only was it brutally fast, but it was also swedish. They had the same function as bands like the Beatles. This whole scene, this world, hadn’t been the same without them They are one of the reasons we’re all here. Me and Fredrik, “Freddan”, who’s my cousin. We were interested in the heavier kind of metal. That was in a time when Punk was still quite popular and we liked it. And we had a vision to play a kind of fast Black Sabbath type of music. So we were gonna start a band and put up posters announcing that we were looking for a guitarist and singer. That’s how we came in contact with Ace. At first we didn’t realize it was him, because he looked a bit older than us and he was really dressed up you know. Much more so than us. He had some kind of striped ballet tights on him almost always. Bones hanging from a belt and long black hair. So he was right on from the start. We had a studio in the area so we just went down and started. Jennie Tebler (Quorthons sister) – They had a studio in Kista And when they started playing… You started to wonder if it was supposed to sound like that! It was pure chaos. So I kind of questioned if he could actually play. I questioned “are these real chords? What the hell is this?”. He was one of the few that didn’t really listen to anything like the stuff he played himself. Of all the artists that I’ve ever met, he’s one who’ve had the most integrity and been the most “naturally gifted” in a way. and the music came out of him, just like that. At a signing at “Heavy Sound” record store 1987 Eventually Ace started to record on his own and we were out. I believe it was all about the timing for him. The most unfortunate is that he isn’t here to experience this, what’s happening with Bathory now and that it’s got the status it deserves. He should have been here to witness it, and he had so much more to give musically. He could have kept going. 2010 – Watain held a tribute concert for Bathory at Sweden Rock Festival The concert was presented by Quorthons father and producer, Börje “Boss”Forsberg. I’m sure that Quorthon is with us here tonight To all Bathory fans: Thank you for all the support under all these years. Here comes the Bathory set. Since Upplands Väsby was a sort of working class suburb to Stockholm it was natural that metal grew strong there. and it produced good bands like: Rise, Mercy, Universe, Europe. Yngwie Malmsteen was around. and Nemesis which became Candlemass. Early on we had no record deal and were considering to quit at that time Messiah Marcolin was some crazy dude from Ronneby, Småland. Who called me one night and yelled that he wanted to be our new singer. I received a tape that was sent to me by a friend, I listened to it, I think it said “Candlemass” on it. And I didn’t even know they were from Sweden I just thought it was so damn good music. So I called up my friend saying “What’s this, it’s awesome!” So I got Leif Edlings number, and started calling him and nagging that I wanted to sing for them. It took like a week, and then he had moved up here. I wanted to get to it you know. I felt it was right for me and that it would work out. He knew all the songs from “Epicus” and sang damn good, so of course he was in the band. We played at Dynamo Open Air for example, and there was journalists from entire Europe there. That gig was a crazy success for us. The day after we left Dynamo, we were suddenly famous in the metal world. That gig was our breakthrough. With a bang, we were suddenly in magazines, on posters, called “Biggest breakthrough 87” and “Most talanted band”. Record of the year in Kerrang. Went on tour in Great Britain and Europe and we didn’t really understand it. If you want a band to work, you got to have your 4 or 5 people who are pulling in the same direction, and can work together. Communicate with each other. But if you have someone that doesn’t give a shit about that, and refuses to communicate or discuss things: it wont work. Leif wanted to change how I sang and I wouldn’t take that. I liked my style. So I felt that was enough and I quit the band. It pissed me off and I was angry for a year over it. If we had things in check back then we could have gone a lot further. I feel privileged to have been able to do this through the 80’s, and have a “revival” after the 90’s and still sell records. And still be out playing gigs today.

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  1. English version for METAL fans??? I still wear my imported Bathory t-shirt, and a girl at the Hub MPLS bike shop has the same shirt, not only that I was commended on it going into a CUB supermarket! WOW, still mind blowing

  2. With RE Candlemass, I can't stop thinking of the silly interviews done for Hard and Heavy video magazine (VHS here in the USA)

  3. Subtitles please..quorthon have many fans around the world my friends

  4. could someone pls translate this into english? the bathory-part at least. would be so grateful!

  5. Bathory is part of the swedish nation. There should be a Bathory memorial day, a goathead statue.

  6. In addition to Venom and Celtic Frost, Bathory is the most important extreme metal band of all time. Quorthon was such a visionary, it's sad that we lost him too early

  7. Sweden outside of UK are easily the most influential when it comes to metal.

    Bathory, Candlemass, In Flames, Dark Tranquility, Opeth, Sabaton, Amon Amarth. Hell even Europe with their first two albums were very influential to the whole power metal scene

  8. Vilken låt äre vid 1:55?

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