Sadhguru – Third Eye – seeing things the way they are.

Sadhguru – Third Eye –  seeing things the way they are.

What is referred to as a third eye is not
necessarily another eye like this, okay, it is not. It is just that.. you know, there are.. (there
are) okay – in the pranic system, we talked about those 72,000 nadis. These 72,000 nadis have 114 important junction
points in the body. Like, you know, in this building electrical
systems are running, there are many junction point where major meeting of connections are
happening. There are 114 junction points in the body. Generally these are referred to as Chakras. The word ‘Chakra’ literally means a ‘Wheel’
but these are not in the form of circles or wheels, they always meet in the form of a
triangle. The nadis always meet in the form of a triangle. Why I think, yeah, there’s a tri.. orange
triangle being used, it is because that is the basic way the nadis meet
they are the chakras and the whole yogic systems depends on what you do with them. So, out of these 114 – Seven are held as the
major junction points. So, these are the seven chakras that everybody
is normally talking about. They are in certain.. located in certain parts
of your body. You know something about this or? Everybody knows something about it, okay. These are ‘Muladhara, Swadhishthana, Manipuraka,
Anahatha, Vishuddhi, Ajna, Sahasrar.’ ‘Muladhara’ means ‘The foundation.’ This is a center which is physically.. or
physiologically it is located between your anal outlet and your genital organ, it’s called
the perineum medically, I think. Where is the doctor? It’s the perineum, right? So, this is Muladhara. If your energies are dominant in your muladhara,
food and sleep will be the two major qualities of your life
they will be the most important factors in your life, food and sleep. If your energies are dominant in your ‘Swadhishthana,’
which is located just above your genital organ, here you will be a pleasure seeker. Pleasure does not necessarily mean sex and
things like that – you’re somebody who wants to enjoy the world; that’s dominant in you. So, a person who is a pleasure seeker, he
lives little more intensely than a person who is living just for food and sleep. Yes? So, these are just different levels of intensities
of life. As the intensity increases your ability to
experience different dimensions of life moves from one area of life to another. If your energies move into ‘Manipuraka’ or
if they’re more dominant in Manipuraka you are a doer in the world, you want to do things. Maybe you’re a businessman, maybe you’re a
politician or something where lot of doing is needed, you know, you’re a doer. If energies move into ‘Anahatha,’ this is
the creative center, you become a creative person. Maybe you’re an artist or at least you have
tendencies. Maybe you didn’t make it in the Hollywood
but you know, you’re.. you want to create more
than simply eating and sleeping or seeking pleasure outside
you would like to do something, there is creativity in you. A person, let’s say an artist, generally their
lives may be considered little freaky for other people
but they experience life little more intensely than let’s say a businessman. Yes? It’s a different level of intensity. If energies move into ‘Vishuddhi,’ which is
the pit of the throat the word Vishuddhi, the word Anahatha, means
‘Unstruck’ this is the un-struck sound, this is the meeting
between the lower and the higher. All your survival instincts are in the lower
three chakras. Self preservation is in ‘Manipuraka, Swadhishthana
and Muladhara.’ The longing to break away from all this and
go away beyond is in ‘Vishuddhi, Ajna and Sahasrar.’ Anahatha is the meeting point, so anahatha
the symbolism is two triangles meeting. You’ve seen that, the Star of David, everything
comes from anahatha. Okay, that is the symbol for anahatha, two
upward moving and downward moving triangles meeting
because these are two different dimensions of life – one is catering to self preservation,
another is catering to the longing to go beyond. In your head and your heart you have longings
to go beyond but in your body you have longings to preserve. So, if energies move into ‘Vishuddhi’ it’s
a power center, you can become enormously powerful; very powerful individuals. When I say power, not necessarily physical
or financial or something, people can be powerful in so many ways. Just the very way they stand, some people
are powerful, some people are not, isn’t it? Yes? See (you) don’t have to do any action. You make 10 men stand here; the very way (they)
stand, some men are powerful, some aren’t. Isn’t it so? It’s not necessarily because of their activity,
just the way they are. They don’t have to pose for anything, just
simply the way they are there is power about them. If your energies move into (anahatha) ‘Ajna,’
I’m sorry, you are intellectually realized, you see things clearly, you see everything
the way it is. Once you begin to see everything the way it
is, you are at peace. So, Ajna is called as the Third Eye because
you see things the way they are. With.. these two eyes are very deceptive,
they make you see things the way it is necessary for your survival
they don’t make you.. allow you to see everything the way it is. Once your energies touch ajna, now you’re
seeing things the way they are, everything the way it is
Now that is why it is referred to as a Third Eye. Now, ‘Sahasrar’ is the seventh chakra; that
is not in the body, just outside the body. For most people it is dormant, it is not active. If some sadhana comes into your life, if you
activate it in a certain way or because of a very intense way of living it can become
active. If saha.. if energies move into your sahasrar
you will become unexplainably, unreasonably ecstatic, simply like crazy you’re ecstatic. If you come to the Bhava Spandana you will
see, simply for no reason you will be spilling in ecstasy, you just don’t know what’s happening. Just no external reason, simply you’re ecstatic
simply because your energies touch Sahasrar. From Muladhara to Ajna there are many pathways
as to how to get there, any number of methods and teachings as to how to reach there. From Ajna to Sahasrar there is no path. If you want to move from ajna to sahasrar,
because there is no path that is the reason why many people have gone
about propagating peace is the highest thing to achieve because they got stuck here. You’ve heard of ‘Ramakrishna Paramahamsa?’ (Were there) a story about him in the video
or something ? Its there right. Yeah Ok (Ramakrishna)
So, Ramakrishna was like this, he was a devotee of Kali. Kali is a form of goddess, a fierce goddess. He took Kali as his mother and worshipped
her. He’s such a devotee, he became in such a way,
his consciousness became so crystallized that if he makes lunch for Kali, that form
comes and eats with him. This is not imagination, this is actually
happening. ‘Oh, is she sitting somewhere’ – that’s not
the point. A crystallized consciousness can just create
it, just make it happen the way it is known to him. So, he actually used to feed her and she used
to eat; food used to get empty. So, he was like that but he was.. when she’s
on him; he is like ecstasy. The moment she leaves him, he is misery
all the time crying, literally crying like a baby, calling calling like ‘Mommy, mommy,
please come.’ He would be just crying, ‘Please mother, come
to me, come to me, come to me.’ When she’s on him he’s all ecstatic. When she’s not he’s lost. He went on like this. So, a certain guru whose name was called ‘Thothapuri,’
a yogi, saw his condition and he saw the man’s potential
such an intense human being, just stuck with this one form and, you know, he’s enjoying
it alright but it is not getting him anywhere. So, he tried to instruct him but this is the
whole thing about people on the path of devotion Ramakrishna said ‘I don’t want any realization,
I don’t want liberation, I just want my mother.’ This is just like you try to tell a little
child, whatever you tell him he says ‘I don’t want anything, I want mummy’ you know. He’s in that kind of thing. So, in many ways Thothapuri tried to instruct
him, he wouldn’t go. Then where they were sitting there was a piece
of broken glass he just took this piece of broken glass and
just slashed his ajna open physically, he just slashed this part of the
body open and that’s when he got realized. Suddenly, he was a different man because the
shock of cutting this just took him off from those limitation(s).

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