Samsung TV won’t turn on + blinking red light (explained fix) #18

Samsung TV won’t turn on + blinking red light (explained fix) #18

I had a problem with my Flat screen TV not
turning on. Instead of sending it in for repairs I decided to fix it. Using time lapse to speed
things up, I’ll show you how I did it. First I disconnected and removed the TV from the
wall and laid it face down on a flat carpeted floor. I then removed the rear panel screws
and lifted off the panel to get closer to accessing the boards inside. I wanted to get
a closer look at the power supply board, as I suspected it was causing the problem. So
I disconnected more connectors, removed more Philips screws and then removed the metal
protective panel over the boards to gain access. Once the panel was off, I had a clear view
of the power supply board. It was the board with the heavy power cable wires that went
to the wall outlet plug connector. Then I proceeded to carefully unplug the board. I
also zeroed the high voltage capacitors that were present on the board. These on mine read
450 volts. I did this by holding the plastic handle of the screwdriver and shorted the
legs of each capacitor together with the screwdriver blade to zero them. I then lifted the board
off the chassis and took a closer look. I could clearly see that the tops of 2 electrolytic
capacitors were swollen. One was actually leaking. I decided to replace those, as well
as the 2 capacitors that were beside them. From my local electronics store, I purchased
4 replacement capacitors. See my notes below for details. All 4 items cost me a total of
3 dollars. Using some Soder wick, a 25 watt soldering Iron, and some solder I proceeded
to remove and replace the 4 capacitors. After marking the bottom of the circuit board, I
gently and carefully de-soldered the capacitors. You can see that I clearly marked the polarities
of the old capacitors on the circuit board. I took this information from the top of the
board by looking at the labels on the existing blown capacitors. One must always use the
exact same voltage and capacity components when replacing parts on their devices. I had
no way of knowing whether the 2nd pair of capacitors were defective by visual inspection,
but for the price, it was hard to go wrong in replacing them. Once the old capacitors
were removed, I had to clean up the leftover solder residue from the board using soder
wick. If this old residue was not removed, I would later have a tough time getting the
new ones in where the old ones came out. Now it’s time to install the new electrolytic
capacitors. I’m careful to pay close attention to the polarity labeling of the new ones as
I put them in. Careful not to get solder on any other components I progressively move
up the circuit board one connection at a time, always careful not to spend too much time
in one spot. Excessive heat for extended periods on any connection can cause collateral damage
to the components being soldered, the board, or anything nearby. Once the connections were
all made, I carefully snipped off the long legs of the capacitors, and took a quick look
at the board afterwards. That’s it. I re-assembled the TV in the reverse order that I took it
apart and fired it up. This repair I did 2 weeks ago, and as you can see, all is in order.
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  1. I fixed 4 condensator that are broke!

    vda pet 35v 1000uf 2 pieces
    w1a pet 10v 2200uf 1 pieces
    vde 25v 1000uf 1 pieces

    I use the same 35v condensator for the 25v, this was no problem if the 1000uf are the same;)

  2. Interesting! Never heard about solder wick, this'll aid me in my repairs!

  3. My Samsung led tv series 5 won’t turn on and it has the red light on standby then when I try to turn it on it starts flashing , then the light goes off, I checked and the capacitors look good no blushing, any idea?

  4. Damn good video Mate, Just the facts, no Bovine Scatology.

  5. Lol too much work for a cheap t.v

  6. i will be trying this in a few days will report back with the results 🙂

  7. My tv is a different model than yours so the layout is different but I can't find any swollen capacitors

  8. What Happened to mine It wouldt turn on and a blinking light would happen what i did was disconnected it from the outlet and let it rest for 1 or 2 days and it worked hope this worked for you

  9. Thank you, thank you! $4 to fix my expensive tv

  10. thank you so much. Mines been doing the same thing for a yr now. I have a Samsung model #ln-t5271f. I didn't want to just throw it away as its the first tv I didn't get buyers remorse over. For a price tag of just a little over three thousand you would think they would use better parts. Funny, but every repair shop I called and described what was happening, EVERY SINGLE ONE told me they would look at it but it was most likely the main board and the tv probably wasn't worth fixing. With how common this problem seems to be you would think at least one would have heard of it… Very professional video-Great job!

  11. 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈FML

  12. what is problem??? thanks

  13. Im having troubles just getting the cover off

  14. My Samsung TV keeps blinking with the red light on but there is no bulging capacitors what should I check next

  15. Is there a number I call to talk to someone on this problem

  16. Do use flux or soldering paste when installing capitors?

  17. Really, u had to disconnect it and unscrew

  18. I hope my capacitors aren't blown. My wife just bought this tv for Christmas.

  19. my problem is tv on mood standby blinking,i m check power supply everything is ok, so what i want to do?


  21. One of my Samsung Led LCD TV died, red blinking light only, no image… But I sent it for repair since the TV picks a lot of humidity all days, I bet a lot of stuff went bad.

  22. What if the power supply board is good, but the tv still doesn't come on? I checked all the PCB's and nothing was burnt, no swollen capacitors.

    Just doesn't come on. No picture or audio. The power LED blinks five times and then nothing.

    It's a 40' inch Samsung UN40H5203AF

  23. Hi Chris I have same problem for my Samsung TV can you fix it can you send me your phone number please I wanna come over their to fix my tv.

  24. So fucking stupid looks like samsung makes these tvs to fuk up so u can buy another one well fuk that im never buying samsung

  25. Hi, I have this same issue and popped mine open but all capacitors look ok. What else do you think could be the problem?
    Model UN50J5200AFXZA

  26. wtf i cant do this..can u come over ?? PLEEEASE

  27. same problem, but capacitors all appear normal.. Next thing to check.?

  28. Great video I don’t know why people can’t hit the like button. I been putting off fixing my tv and was probably going to toss it in the trash after watching other videos that will take a ton of work and a good bit of money to boot. I’m about to take it apart now to check them. Hopefully this will fix it and I’ll be back with the edit if it does.

  29. changed all capacitors to my tv, didnt change anything

  30. my 9 year old samsung LCD flatscreen just stopped turning on. the red standby light stays on, does not blink. could that still be a capacitor issue, or something else power-related? i have two different remotes, both with good batteries, and neither does anything to the TV. i've unplugged it, let it sit for a few hours, plugged it back in, but no change in behaviour.

  31. I replaced the capacitor and my tv turns on for a second and then stops working, I unplug it and plug it in again and it does the same thing. Is this because I damaged it when I replaced the capacitor?

  32. Today is August 12th 2018. (Almost 4 years since I did this video). My Samsung television that I repaired in this video is still working absolutely perfectly. I just wanted to update you guys.

  33. So helpful!!! Thank you

  34. THANK YOU! My TV is going Black on me doing the same thing, blinking red light same model Samsung just smaller. It will only turn back on after unplugging the HDMI or power occasionally and that doesn't work most of the time. I'll be opening it up today.

  35. I had this same issue. I opened the tv and noticed that the pieces that are swollen on his were not swollen on mines. I unhooked everything from the power chassis then plugged them back in. It start working again. Just something to try first

  36. I like this video and probably need this video to fix my Samsung that just broke down last night, I think too much power was running thorough it in terms of HDMI connections stuff, anyway it went. But I think before attempting this I will study up on Capacitors more. Any other tips on making sure you are using the Capacitors safely, would wearing rubber gloves help and are there any MUST NEVER DO tips?

  37. Thank you for this video. I have a 32 inch in our bedroom that’s cycling off and on. It’s been doing this for a couple of weeks now and it’s happening more often. I think it’s time to open it up and check it out.

  38. my tv is still clicking + led blinking, even after changing 2 blown caps, any ideas?

  39. For those of you with no soldering experience just replace the board and enjoy your tv, simple

  40. no body feels like having a freaking construction day on a big piece of plastic and some metal

  41. I just got a free 60 inch samsung tv and its doing that same i need to do the same thing as well cause its coming from the blinks on n off wen you turn the power takes a long time to turn on..but wen it turns on it stays on untill you shutt it off again

  42. My Samsung TV model: LA26A450C1 had the similar problem. I replaced the swollen capacitors and the TV started working. Thanks a lot for posting this Video. It's very helpful.

  43. My tv is doing the same thing I disconnect power cord and wait a couple mins sometimes hours and plug it back in and works but then i have to do it again when i turn it off it just blinks red i would like to try this and check to see if its the same problem as yours but im just afraid that i would get shock or mess it up im a bit shaky when trying to be careful

  44. I would do this, but I dont wanna do it since I'm only 10 and will probably get electrocuted! I have a Samsung Smart TV in my room and it won't turn on ;-; . couldn't find much on that 😒

  45. You a smart som bitch!

  46. miami i have a samsung . where do you buy the capacitors ?? My tv just clicks on and off and wont start. Im so pissed. Thank you for your video.

  47. Bingo! My tv had only bad capacitor. Took the board to a local tv repair shop the guy replaced four or five of them just as precaution and only charged me $30. Not bad. Thank you so much for your video.

  48. My TV doing the same, i took it apart but no caps where bulging, but i had already bought new ones, so i replaces them.
    Some improvement, TV powers on, you can see blue tint on screen, but red power light is blinking and no sound or picture

  49. Buy a new TV>get electronic repair degree

  50. Electrically speaking you can use a higher voltage rating for capacitors. It will not harm the TV. Example a 470uF at 16 WVDC can be replaced by a 470uF cap at 25WVDC.

  51. Mine the red light doesnt appear!

  52. Last night my tv turned its self off and got a continuous flashing red light. I fear the worse. Not even sure i have the ability to do this fix

  53. And other than making these repairs,there are nothing that could be wrong with the tv that could be a little more simpler

  54. Have you ever had a problem with a transformer it's(how would you check one) like after the tv builds up the heat it would shut off .? No bad capacitor but I did have some diode that read both ways. The aluminum bars that hold the standup diode had cracks and a lot of cold solderings. It was like the bigger soldering point like a large capacitor or bar had. Bad or cold solderings so I redid those and it stopped all that clicking and had not cut off sense? The diode still is weird to me like why they tested both ways but yet it's running??? And the stand-up some of the diodes tested bad too made me feel like future problems are coming it would be a great help if you had video testing on transformers, stand up 3 prong diodes and diodes would be awesome if not thanks for your already shared knowledge & Happy New Years.

  55. Turn the bell on in hopes.

  56. About to attempt this. Thanks

  57. Im never buying another samsung product again – problem solved…

  58. Mine is Toshiba 32W1333DB 32" TV,blinking red/green lights and does not turn ON,looks like all the capacitors are in good shape not swolen at all.any idea please?

  59. I have a question, I heard the clicking sound in the singe panel on top of the one you open, was it the same for you?

  60. Very clear and detailed explaination of tv repair procedures. Thank you!

  61. Doesnt hurt to maybe wear some rubber gloves

  62. My Sony flat screen tv kept going off and flashing red six times on and off.
    It turned out that the tv had detected something faulty that it was connected to, in my case a satellite tv receiver unit.
    It took me a long time to nail it down to this problem. You might save yourself a lot of grief if you check this scenario out first. Happy viewing Keef.

  63. Is this a good kit of capacitors to repair my samsung LED?

  64. Excellent video! I was going through several videos for the same issue and yours was the best! Your explanations are very clear along with details of cautions.

  65. Please help, I have Innjoo smart TV4 and anytime I turn it off, it would not turn on until after 2days or more. I want to know the problem.

  66. Amazing My Samsung TV Problem Solved Thanks Bro

  67. WOW Thank U because mine just went on the bad side 😩🧐🤔👍 I will have to try 👍

  68. This is absolutely the most sensible and productive video, I have watched on YouTube regarding fixing Samsung TV issues. The info surpasses all help websites and with that I thank you with all of my heart. Well done, brilliant!!!!!!

  69. How can i fix my older mid sharp tv

  70. Wow, great vid, straight to the point, no waffle. Thanks for not showing how long it takes to undo all the screws without an electric screwdriver. Bulged caps are always the first thing to look for, that and burn marks lol. Cheers.

  71. Going to try this, but what kind of dormant voltage is there when I short it?

  72. afraid if going through all this and it not working… or it being a different problem…

  73. This problem may caused by thunder surge, They should test it before sale

  74. Way over my head….

  75. Just pulled one of these out of the alley. Powered it up to the red blinky. Thanks for the info and the 40" Samsung.

  76. Hey Mysimplefix, I changed 4 capacitor on my ln40a530p1f. Tryed to turn it on but still does the same blinking red light. Have u done anything to reset tv display after installing the 4 capacitor or it went on instantly :O ? Nice video !

  77. 2019 and i need 2014 video … well done … rich and simple

  78. Hey hey…. Stupid question I guess but the reason I ask isint the reason that would make it stupid.
    Where did you get the capacitor's
    like what store near you or did
    You order them online ?

  79. Someone at work is throwing away a 40 inch samsung that has a blinking red light, I'm half tempted to see if I take it and fix it, I don't know much about this stuff but would it be worth a try?

  80. Silly question,but will be my first,ur video is so good I think I can…but was wondering what solder do I need to by? Thanks

  81. I literally just bought a Brand new Samsung NU6950 and the thing wont even turn on. I plug it in and the red light underneath just blinks a few times, the SAMSUNG logo pops up on the screen and then it shuts off, and repeat. Over and over.

  82. Too much work, lol. Guess it’s time for a new tv.

  83. Sooo the tv's broken??! 😂

  84. Is there any solution for when system is turn on state that time power gone and again came in that moment TV won't start it will take hours of time to again turn on

  85. Thanks. Mine is an HP plasma. It was on the legacy pages as it was delivered, and scrubbed from HP when I looked again later that week. Fortunately it worked as a monitor for the cable box for the last decade. Last time the power went out the old thing was reluctant to start. This time it just will not do it. I suspect the same root problem.

  86. Hope someone can help. Our Samsung has the blinking red light but DOES turn on. The Samsung remote does not allow us to get to Prime, Netflixs….no volume adjustment either. We disconnected power on the TV, and everything attached in hopes something would reset. Nothing helped. We are able to change channels using the satellite remote but volume wont adjust. I cant figure it out

  87. I swapped the capacitors without success and now I swapped the entire power board, but without success too.. Any tips??

  88. I have the same problem but the only difference was, there were no visible swollen or damaged capacitors. What do i do now? Should I check for capacitor voltages and see if they have the right corresponding values?? -55" Samsung Plasma TV.

  89. fuck all that rip tv

  90. power supply board replaced, main board replaced…still blinking lights. Now what?

  91. Found your video 2 weeks ago. I thought, "What the heck" & gave it a try as the TV was pretty old. Well, the only problem I had was finding a supplier BUT,,the results were the same. Spent $7 on a used soldering iron 80 cents for the capacitors. Only two glitches..1. Lost some fastener screws 2. $11 for shipping. Other then that Im back in business!! THANK YOU

  92. Eehhh, I'm just going to unplug mine for a while and see if it resets. Worked before. I have no idea how to sotter or any of that stuff. Then again, if it ain't working and it's out of warranty, there's not much to lose.

  93. What if the capacitors look ok .. what else could be the problem?

  94. Superb tutorial, concise, well shot, well described. Thanks for making and sharing!

  95. I have this issue but its time for a new TV anyway.That one lasted me about 14 years.

  96. I stg I’m scared shitless. It’s probably nothing but ever since I say Shane Dawson’s video about cameras I’ve been traumatized, and I looked at my tv ( a Samsung tv but it’s not one of those really nice ones, idk how to say it) and three was a red light. Of course my dumbass immediately thought it was a camera and I was scared scared scared. I kept staring at it in extreme fear. Then it stopped. So I searched it up but safari just talked about a blinking light ( which it was a constant light until I looked at it) so please help I’m scared I think I pissed my pants. ITS PROBABLY NOTHING. But I need someone to confirm so I’m able to sleep. This was at 6 pm and it was dark so idk if it had anything to do with that( probably not because it’s inside) please help me. I’m probably just being paranoid.

  97. How about a line in the screen

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