Sealing Wax with Paper Source founder Sue Lindstrom

Sealing Wax with Paper Source founder Sue Lindstrom

a new nifty thing wax seals so waxes really are a great thing as you can see they close envelopes they close many things they’re the world’s first security system you know back in the Middle Ages when you know knights when charging across I don’t know Europe and to deliver things if that seal was broken then you knew that there was a spy that had checked at the incontinence we don’t really use it for that anymore and but it does still reflect a wonderful old feeling of a world it’s a great thing and since I’ve been selling these for bloody 25 years the contents of the wax has changed enormously in the ease of use back in the old days you get a little like Bunsen burner and you light the thing and you put a little pot in and you’d melt the wax you can still do it this way now hot glue guns with the wax put in it’s the most brilliant sort of contemporary way of doing a wax seal so let’s make some get these out of the way this is my little wax gun I always put something underneath it to catch the potential drips if you collect your drips you can put them in a little thing and melt them in a microwave and use those too if you get a bunch of different colors and makes it kind of a fun little you know creative thing do something creative every day so now this has been heating for way over five minutes so it’s really hot so now we’re going to put an actual seal on this envelope and you just you can either seal it closed which guarantees that it won’t pop up while you’re working or you can just hold it down I’ll do it the brave way so you just depress the little handle and let it squirt out there’s no rush you just sort of ease it until you get a circle that is about the size that you want you can see you just do it very slowly and you can move it out I’m not depressing anymore I’m using the nozzle to increase the size of this the circle it doesn’t have to be perfect and beautiful as a matter of fact a lot of people prefer to see it a little more hand done looking I’m going to put this over here and I’m going to find a seal I’m not very organized over here so here’s one that is very decorative here’s one that is a big flat S I’m fond of S’s all these are different kinds of seals that we carry this from the size of this you think that probably I should be going fast but it’s better for just to cool down a little here is an L an excellent letter and I’m going to put carefully on top pressing down if you do it too early the lick the wax is to liquid hold with a little pressure and then you lift up and it’s a beautiful beautiful impression I hope that the camera can really see how nice that is and as I said it’s a security system the other nice thing about it is that they’ve now make the wax with a lot of bendy stuff I don’t know what scientifically it is but it makes the wax bendy so that when it goes through the mail and one of the damn little machines go like this and it won’t break so it used to be a real problem for wedding invitations and now it’s great so now I’m going to put the wax seal on this and we’ll be done so again I figure out where I want it put my glob of glue on making the circle the size I want letting it cool slightly holding these edges down in the meantime and then putting a couple one of these little oops it’s running I’m going to run back the other direction I’m going to take one of these little ones and put it right in the middle hold it down give it an extra minute or two lift it up and it’s a perfect little seal and a very elegant look and a few more words about this this gun this is a multi temperature gun but you use the wax on the low setting actually I think this luckily only does low so you can’t screw it up the wax comes in little packets like this it’s a little three pack it comes in lots and lots and lots of fun colors so there’s no matter what your project you there’s a color that you can find it’ll look beautiful in it red is the traditional one but who needs tradition and this is another kind of wax I want you to be aware of and I think this is probably the finest quality wax it’s made today it’s made by a young man he was young when I met him he is now getting middle-aged guy in Switzerland he makes the most beautiful quality waxes in the world they don’t fit in the glue gun oh well it’s you know win some lose some but I’ve developed a technique of just putting it in the microwave for a few minutes and keep a eye on and then you put it in a little thing that you can pour and it works almost as well as a glue gun or you can do it the old traditional way with just using heat with a from a black a Bunsen burner kind of thing anyway these are exquisite colors from a lovely young man in Switzerland these are American fabulous I think this is easily the easiest way to go and we have all sorts of wonderful little seals and we also have them in these little boxes which also make a lovely little don’t touch this thing it’s hot these lovely little boxes there are great for a gift particularly for a bride or somebody like that and I think that’s it happy sealing

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  2. 0:48 – Oh, so you've been selling for "bloody 25 years" huh? That's a bloody long time. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the info

  4. Haha you're actually funny. I enjoyed this, I think I might order a package!

  5. @MikeofWyoming this is definitely a way to do it, however there's silicone in the glue gun type, and it will survive the current mail system we have. hard wax that thin is a little too brittle, so it doesn't work well (though it still may if it's ONLY hand-cancelled). I have used both, and prefer the glue gun type. Local craft stores sell the glue gun around Christmastime pretty cheaply also.

  6. where do they sell that at,the wax seal stuff for glue guns?

  7. @ricpride LOOOL I wasn't sure what I was hearing too lol Until I saw it written in a users comment I thought to myself, then I did hear correctly!

  8. 2:35 "here's one that is a big flat ass, (I'm fond of asses), um, all these are different…"

  9. who needs tradition? you know your advertising the traditional way of closing letters over the modern way do you?

  10. Its sad i think more people should start sending letters to there friends and love ones with a nice seal on the back instead of emails the romantism of recieving letters is so precious ,
    to see some beautiful intaglio seals do web search for ancinttombrings

  11. Did you stick in a normal piece of the stick was into the glue gun or what way do you do it

  12. BLOODY 25-YEARS!>>>HA

  13. It's funny that most kids my age is looking famous people on YouTube or looking at the ice bucket challenge, but with me I look at sealing wax or calligraphy and I'm 13.

  14. can you use regular glue sticks?

  15. but thanks for the video I will be using the tips 

  16. "I'm fond of asses"

  17. That's a bloody flat ass!

    Welcome to the internet.

  18. This chick sure knows her wax

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