Shooting Flashlights From a Shotgun – Ballistic Test

Shooting Flashlights From a Shotgun – Ballistic Test

YO this is Mattv2099. and what we have here is the ultimate home defense shotgun load. and what we have here is a Thrunite Ti3 flashlight 12 gauge wax slug and you can see this is a functioning flashlight. super bright. there you go. functioning flashlight round. what this is for is if there is an intruder in your home in the night you can turn that bad boy on and spotlight him, blind him and then T-zone him. with this round. so we are going to demonstrate these rounds. shooting our 12 pound gummy bear. that was donated by 555 gear This is the return. he got all melted up this summer when I RHMB him. But he’s back and then the tactical head is assisting there. as you can see, you can illuminate dark places, dark corners. blind your enemies. anybody who breaks into your home is a fool. you will take them out. you will snipe them with ease with these loads. they will discover just how effective, how powerful and how dangerous these things are. these essentially are wax slugs with a flashlight in them. super incredibly powerful. so lets give them a try here. as you can see we’ve got a flashlight load in there. I’m going to point it at the camera here. yeah that’s bright blinding fools. I’m going to hide behind a door here. just in case of some crazy ricochet’s or whatever put my ear protection on. I think that was a direct hit. I hope I can recover the flashlight. I think that was a direct hit. as you can see the flashlight frangilated and fragmentized. if that were to t-zone a bad guy we are talking instant incapacitation. the gummy material absorbs the energy wonderfully oh my goodness. there’s one. look at that. I think that’ll buff right out. we saw what the flashlight load did against the gummy bear against the gummy bear. let’s shoot the tactical head. here’s round number two we are testing. what you’ll notice with the first one is that it flew straight and true. hit right where I aimed. let’s see what happens to the tactical head, yo the flashlight round hit the head, entered it then exited it. I’m assuming. I can’t find it. I’m searching in the holes. I’m probing the holes. that’s a devestating, wicked round. flies straight. serious power. you would not want to be hit by a thrunite ti3 flashlight slug I have one more.I’m going to save this for another video someday. someday when I’m shooting something cool I will bust this out and shoot the third one. but for now, that’s the first flashlight load test. I’m seriously impressed. Man that was awesome. thank you for watching. mattv2099 out.

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  1. What a badass idea, this should be in a movie or something. 😀
    "Let's shine some light on these muthaf…" BOOM

  2. Why do shotguns use gauge system for bullet size, why don't they use the caliber system? Ex : 12  gauge would be .73 cal

  3. Its a torch 🔦 y no night shots?

  4. you should shoot handheld lasers out of a shotgun at night.

  5. you cant snipe with shotgun too shortrange

  6. I wonder how a Titanium body light would hold up compared to a aluminum body. I am sure the Ti would no longer work, but it may just be strong enough to stay in more of one piece.

  7. were the hell do u live, it looks so sick

  8. the mountains and stuff

  9. Put lazer pointers in a shell

  10. Haha what the actual fuck<3

  11. if you don't have rail-space but you want to be operator as hell

  12. You should set up a camera at that far tree line and wait till night for the ultimate tracer…slug….thing

  13. Lol was that a butthead laugh at 4:28 ?

  14. "That'll buff right out" 😂😂

  15. Do anal beads from a shotgun.

  16. Try replacing the flashlight with a laser light.

  17. Now just wait for battery acid to build up and make it even worse for the target

  18. Flashy shots vs a bulletproof gummy bear

  19. well this time the gummy bear did get shot

  20. so what this video is telling me is that if i can make a gummy shroud i will be bulletproof?

  21. Im a weapons noob so pls dont blame me for this question.
    Wouldnt a taclight on the shotgun itself be a bit better in terms of spotting a intruder?
    You can blind him all day long with a flashlight under your barrel and the light diesnt get shot into the enemies body ^^

  22. you have to buy a slomotion camera

  23. Lasers would be awesome

  24. i wasnt to see this shot at night, it would be like a tracer lol

  25. That's a light load 😁😄😂😆😅😄heh

  26. that makes 'bore sighting' your targets much easier lol.

  27. What does RHMB stand for?

  28. Can you shoot the flashlight up into the air in a rainbow style arc at night for me?

  29. "I think that'll buff right out."

  30. "I've probed the holes….. huh huh huh huh."-Butthead  I'm speechless.  Finally, someone with my sense of humor.  lol

  31. The ultimate home defense load.

  32. Hmmm, how many rounds you can put (flashing) in your 12g? One? what if intruders are like five of them? 😀 Just joking, well great vid bro!

  33. Those Shells Must Be Really LIGHT!

  34. now shoot a railgun

  35. Eres la persona más idiota imbécil y estúpida que pueda existir por personas como tu hay tantas matanzas que lástima me das…

  36. Id love to see that shot into some ballistics gel and see how it travels through it.

  37. You should of shot it in the dark, on a field like a few inches above the ground to see how it illuminates the patch it flys in… does that make sense?

  38. Jesus, shooting flashlights from a shotgun sounds retarded.

  39. do a Asian fleshlight round

  40. Could you revisit this but with tactical flashlights? You know the ones with the jagged fronts? Or how about do this at night?

  41. aren't you worried that the flashlight would be turned on you after you shoot the intruder ?

  42. shoot a laser pointer from a shotgun…. you would know exactly where your gonna hit

  43. poor yummy bear he got opprated son

  44. Do a laser pointer if you can find one big enough 😀

  45. That laugh tho… 4:20

  46. oh so this is how video game guns with no flashlight visibly get light

  47. Put a laser pointer in a 12g

  48. 2:00 this is so dangerous!!!! he pointed the gun right at us!!!!!we could have all died!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Just subbed because that was awesome! lol

  50. Should shoot some at night


  52. GE-NIUS!

    I laughed so hard just by seeing the image of the flashlight inside the shell!

  53. So, the light is coming out of the flashlight at the speed of light. Then you pull the trigger. Is the light now exiting the flashlight slower than the speed of light, or faster than the speed of light?

  54. Turn the flashlight around and you have a tracer!

  55. What if he came to steal flashlights?

  56. this guy sounds like ray ramano

  57. love it kool stuff

  58. what shot gun is that ?

  59. Try it with a 10440 Li-ion battery for more blinding and a potential incendiary effect.

  60. You should be ashamed of yourself for destroying those awesome flashlights.

  61. You should shoot one at night straight up in the sky would be really cool to see

  62. Amazing, you can make your victims see the light twice now.

  63. Dude you got too much money and time on your hands

  64. this is stupid on too many levels to comment in one comment box. not to mention I don't have the time to invest.

    here's just one for you… …the knurling on the flashlight just destroyed your barrel.

  65. You should have shot one at night, on a ballistic trajectory. I really wonder if they'd make decent signal flares.

  66. work on your english

  67. poor mans tracer rounds

  68. You should have done it in the night. Tracer flashlight rounds!

  69. you should sell that flashlight on ebay LOL
    P.S. that gummy saw "a light in the end of the barrel"

  70. this takes seeing the light in death to a whole new level

  71. Try shooting it at night

  72. Am i the only one wanting to see what it would look like being shot at night?? haha

  73. Wtf was that intro bud? Lmfao

  74. How much is a Ti3 flashlight?

  75. Perfect for target acquisition and dispatch. I'll take twenty.

  76. that was so cool. What was that white stuff that seemed to be expanding out of the flashlight? You tried to pull it off at 3:07

  77. Did you try one of the best Tower Defense game like that:


  78. is it weird that i laughed at the start of the vid

  79. Ever use that last round?

    Awesome video, fellow operator.

  80. Weaponized flashlights. . . Hahaha! Yes!

  81. Who's Head? Head's dead, baby. 😀

  82. Or just mount a flashlight on your shotgun.

  83. What area do you live in, all the mountains in the background look like the kind where I live

  84. do they stay lit when shot before impact? if so, perhaps a night shoot flashlights vs tracers lol 😮😁

  85. shoot those at night

  86. Kermit likes shotguns

  87. explain to a judge how a burglar has a torch in his skull. well ok maybe the southern states you will get away with it

  88. "So the officer scratched his head when i told him i shot the intruder a flashlight."

  89. I lost my shit when he showed the flashlight on in the barrel lol

  90. Need a clipazine to feed those!

  91. Why did it take me 4 years to see this? 👍

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