Simple Candle Light Made From Recycled Stuff

On this easy project I will show you
how to make a candle light To start making this project, you will need a
soda cans that has been cut like this and if you prefer using a cup you can
use this but you still need a soda cans for making this wick holder and then
you will need a cotton for the wick and don’t forget the cooking oil
the cooking oil used for the fuel for this candle so let’s make the project First off, you should cut the soda cans
into like this but, if you prefer using a cup, you can use this without cutting this one. but you still need this one, and… after you cut the soda can, you should make this
a wick holder from this cans after that you can grab a cotton, and then cut quarter half of cotton and then twist it and insert into the wick holder and you will need an styrofoam or you can use anything
that can float on the water bend the tip of the holder and insert the styrofoam after that you can insert the cooking oil
into the soda cans and, insert the wick that we have made before do not hit the tip of the cotton to the
cooking oil because if you hit it will hard to start the fire so now let’s
light these things up

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