Sing Along with Us to Hanerot Halalu (The Chanukah Candle Lighting Song)

Sing Along with Us to Hanerot Halalu (The Chanukah Candle Lighting Song)

Hi, I’m Eli! And welcome back for another episode of
Jewish Music Toronto’s Sing Along with Us. This week we’ll be doing Cantor Avraham Tzvi
Davidowitz’s version of Hanerot Halalu. If you haven’t watched this week’s lesson
video yet, you can watch it right here. And we’re gonna get straight into the song. It goes like this. ♪ Hah-nei-rot Hah-lah-lu ♪
♪ Ah-nu Mahd-lee-keen ♪ ♪ Hah-nei-rot Hah-lah-lu ♪
♪ Ah-nu Mahd-lee-keen ♪ ♪ Al Hah-nee-seem, ♪
♪ V’al Hah-neef-lah-ot ♪ ♪ V’al Hah-tih-shoo-ot, ♪
♪ V’al Hah-mil-chah-mot ♪ ♪ Sheh-ah-see-tah La’av-oh-tey-nu ♪
♪ Sheh-ah-see-tah La’av-oh-tey-nu ♪ ♪ Bah-yah-meem Hah-heym ♪
♪ Bah-yah-meem Hah-heym ♪ ♪ Bah-yah-meem Hah-heym ♪
♪ Bah-zman Hah-zeh ♪ And that’s it! It’s really simple to pick up. And as I did in this week’s lesson video,
I’m also going to include a full version link in the description, so you can feel free to
check that out as well. It is a little bit more complicated, but definitely
an interesting listen. And that’s it for this week! Be sure to check back in the coming weeks. Next week we’re going to be doing another
Chanukah song, to give you a little more to get into for the holiday. And be sure, as always, to, please, subscribe! And check us out on Facebook at Bye for now!

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  1. Hanerot halalu anachnu madlikin
    Al hanissim ve'al haniflaot
    Al hatshu-ot ve'al hamilchamot
    She-asita la'avoteynu
    Bayamim hahem, bazman hazeh
    Al yedey kohanecha hakdoshim.

    Vechol shmonat yemey Chanukah
    Hanerot halalu kodesh hem,
    Ve-ein lanu reshut lehishtamesh bahem
    Ela lirotam bilvad
    Kedai lehodot leshimcha
    Al nissecha veal nifleotecha ve-al yeshuotecha.

    We light these lights
    For the miracles and the wonders,
    For the redemption and the battles
    That you made for our forefathers
    In those days at this season,
    Through your holy priests.

    During all eight days of Chanukah
    These lights are sacred
    And we are not permitted to make
    Ordinary use of them,
    But only to look at them;
    In order to express thanks
    And praise to Your great Name
    For your miracles, Your wonders
    And your salvations.

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