Six Reasons Neil Armstrong was a BADASS

Six Reasons Neil Armstrong was a BADASS

Good morning John, and sorry for this unscheduled video, But as you know, Neil Armstrong has died, and it’s super sad. And I wax poetic all over the place in my video on SciShow, so if you wanna see that, you can go see that. But now, instead of talking about the symbolic nature of this great, I just wanna talk about how Neil Armstrong was pretty freakin’ badass. He did many amazing things, of course, but today we’re gonna talk about the 6 MOST amazing things that Neil Armstrong ever did. #1: The first amazing cool thing that Neil Armstrong ever did is that he got his pilot’s license before he was legally allowed to get hid driver’s license. Which is pretty amazing. And a great way to get a leg up on the competition if you wanted to become the first man on the moon, which I’m sure was not his goal when he was 16 years old, but still! But in addition to helping him out in getting to the moon, it also ensured he would be the youngest person in his squadron in the Korean War, where he flew 78 missions, one of which ended when he got hit by artillery fire and had to fly all the way back to base and then eject because there was no way for him to land the plane. #2: While working as a test pilot for aircraft Neil Armstrong flew over 200 different types of planes! And during that particular career, he almost died around 3 times. Once when he and Chuck Yeager were doing a touch-and-go landing on a salt flat that was muddy. Once when his X-15 bounced off the atmosphere, sending him 40 miles off course with limited fuel reserves. And once when he was landing his plane and his landing gear collapsed underneath him and he had to power out of the landing, smashing the tail of his plane on the runway. It destroyed the radio and released the hydraulic fluid. *sarcastic* Yeah! #3: And another time Neil Armstrong almost died! Gemini 8, of which Neil Armstrong was
the command pilot was the first mission to ever dock 2 vehicles
together in outer space. And as soon as it happened,
they started spinning uncontrollably. While spinning at 1 revolution a second, (That’s pretty sickeningly fast) Armstrong aborted the mission, separated the craft, corrected the roll, saving his and his pilot’s life. #4: Now, when they were planning on how
to build the lunar lander, they had this test thing called the LLRV. And it was basically just a chair strapped to a jet engine. While test driving that thing, one of the little jets
on the side failed, Armstrong had to try and get the thing right side up for a moment, so he could eject, and this happened like 30 feet above the ground! Before the thing hit the ground and exploded
into a giant ball of fire! Later analysis showed that if he had ejected
0.5 seconds later, he would have died. And that’s not even the amazing part! Neil Armstrong, after that, did a little press conference with some reporters, and then went back to work. People came by and were like “Dude, I heard that you almost just died! What are you doing here?” And Neil was like “I had some paperwork to do.” #5: Neil Armstrong threatened to sue his barber. Now this seems like kind of a jerk move. Dude’s been cuttin’ you hair for 20 years and he gives you 1 bad haircut you threaten to sue him?! But no! He threatened to sue him because the guy took some of Neil Armstrong’s hair and sold it to a celebrity hair collector. Neil found out about it and was like “You get me my hair back or you donate that money to charity or I will sue your barbershop right out from under you!” And unable to retrieve the hair, the guy donated the $3000 to charity. Good on you, Neil! Good on you. And finally, #6: Neil Armstrong walked on the freaking moon. But before that, he landed the LEM (Lunar Excursion Module) on the moon. In order to do that, he had to override the computer, just like Luke Skywalker “I’m gonna use the force!” So the computer was taking them down into a crater with big, like car-sized Rocks in it and he diverted. Everybody’s freaking out, like “What’s Neil doing!” He gets there, lands the LEM: 30 seconds of fuel left. 30 seconds away from our first foray into another world ending in tragedy! In having 2 men, still, dead on the moon, their bodies still there. Imagine the impact that would’ve had on our national psyche! But that’s not what happened. Because Neil Armstrong was a freakin’ badass. John, I’ll see you on Tuesday.

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  1. I hate finding out how badass people are after they die:/

  2. I realised how programmed I've become when I knew that Hank was going to say "fricken" at the start of the video. He says it a lot, granted. It's been unintentionally integrated it into my regular vocabulary after watching the back-catalogue for the past few weeks.

  3. With what dose, exactly?

  4. Any brave man or woman who has served or is serving in the Armed Forces is a badass to me.

    Thank you for your service, Military Nerdfighters.

  5. Best Phi Delt of all time. RIP Brother Armstrong!

  6. Wow… It seems that I can never make anything of my life. I might as well just live it lazily, just relaxing as much as possible. 🙁

  7. Again; wth what dose, exactly?

  8. I love that he punched reporters that questioned the moon landing. Badass and willing to punch the haters. American through and through.

  9. Dammed was used as an adjective. I wanted to emphasize how much of a legend he truly is. It's very common English slang. "You are a damn hero" or "I think you're a damn idiot for not knowing how to read English" are two examples of how damn can be used as an adjective.

  10. When Neil was 16 his goal was "I want to be the first man on…Alpha Centaury!"

  11. I'm not doubting your use of the word as an adjective. I'm just saying that it may be a poor word choice.

  12. " reputable sources "

    " professionals "


    Name a few please. Still waiting Tobias….

  13. Again Tobias, the evidence is overwhelming. I don't simply believe Apollo happened because I was told so, but because I understand it. I won't easily alter my opinion as to the reality of Apollo because I am reasonably familiar with the record, I understand much of how it works, I use some of the same techniques and knowledge in my own work, and I have had first-hand opportunity to judge the competence and integrity of some of those who made it happen.

  14. I don't see how Neil was a donkey, can someone explain that to me?

  15. That all may be, but he stole the whole 'first man to walk on the moon' thing. That wasn't planned, he just did it… Like a BADASS!

  16. My Mom got to meet him while she was a student at Purdue. She stills really likes him, but she says he was really cold and unfriendly. That sucks. :/

  17. So you're unable to read as well…!
    I told you: I don't simply believe Apollo happened as advertised because I was told so, but because I understand it.

  18. "reputable sources "

    " professionals "


    Obviously you can not come up with a few names of these people. Very, very obvious Tobias….

  19. "I've seen interviews that contradict everything you say"
    – I have seen interviews that contradict Newton. I have seen interviews that support the belief system of Santa.
    You're just another average hoax nut in my opinion. Never mind.

  20. "Van Allen radiation belt"
    Have I mentioned this?
    Gemini 11 went into the Van Allen belt. They reached an altitude of 850 miles. Also, Gemini 10 reached an altitude of 475 miles into the Van Allen belts and the crew felt no ill effects.
    The astronauts on Gemini 10 and 11 were John Young, Michael Collins, Dick Gordon and Pete Conrad. Three of them are still alive. Conrad is not, but his death (at age 69) was accidental and can't be attributed to radiation.

  21. Apparently your grandmother has been closer to the Moon than Neil Armstrong, and that's not a joke.

  22. It was 30 seconds before they would have had to return…. not run completely out.

  23. just like the people who claim to ping lasers off the various reflectors on the moon are lying, and the LDO Apollo Revisited Images (2009 & 2011) are also faked….

  24. Man never walked on the moon for obvious reasons.

  25. Tell me about a few reasons.

  26. Why should i when it looks soooooooo obvious.

  27. It's looking 'obvious' for you. Just like Catweazle, saying "fake!" and "magic!" when the light was switched on.

  28. So you have been up into space to find out then?.What craft did you use?They passed through the belts in less than 1 hour?.And how do you know that?.Did you pass through it yourself in 1 hour?.Idiot.

  29. Try to read. I wrote an hour and a half.
    And finish high school.

  30. Did you know mr hoax nut, there were a lot of missions before the Apollo era?
    Gemini 11 went into the Van Allen belt. They reached an altitude of 850 miles. Also, Gemini 10 reached an altitude of 475 miles into the Van Allen belts and the crew felt no ill effects.
    The astronauts on Gemini 10 and 11 were John Young, Michael Collins, Dick Gordon and Pete Conrad. Three of them are still alive. Conrad is not, but his death (at age 69) was accidental and can't be attributed to radiation.

  31. So you are smarter than the THOUSANDS of scientists and engineers who say you are wrong? Why don't you go back to High school and take some basic science so you will have a clue what you are talking about.

  32. Seriously, make your case. Set em up, we'll shoot em down. In fact, start with "Clavius . org. It will shoot down all of your "theories" in one fell swoop.

  33. That's what this hoax idea is all about: those conspiracy dorks think they can outsmart real credentialed people acknowledging the moon landings.
    Delusional fools.

  34. The Van Allen belt is not a "radiation belt". It's just the boundry of the magnetic field of the Earth. It's not THAT radioactive and the glass and metal of the spacecraft was plenty of protection for the hour or so they were going through it. Some places in it are thinner than others and they timed it so they would be in the thinnest area for the shortest period of time. Go take a high school science class.

  35. Weird, man… I've seen this exact personality 100 times before…

  36. Neil Armstrong: Now Officially Chuck Norris Approved. 

  37. If you didn't already think Neil Armstrong was a BAMF then you are an arse.

  38. I wish I was like that. But I am just a loser.

  39. Agent k: he isn't dead. He just went to his home planet.

  40. Flew home with artillery hole in his plane…he would pwn on warthunder

  41. love this because my idol is a bad ass r.i.p. mr armstrong

  42. I don't like the barber bit. He forced charity  of someone else. He could of sold his own hair to the collector and still let the barber have the money. #dickmove  

  43. Neil Armstrong, the Jeb Kerman of real life

  44. Wait, two men dying on the moon? I swear there was a crew of three. Or did I mishear Hank?

  45. Ads are not playing, therefor I can not watch the video.

  46. ive never even driven 200 cars, hell i can't even drive stick!

  47. GOD Bless – only you-

  48. One more reason I love the nerdfighters When I view the comics I don't loose all faith  in humanity for a brief instant as I see tons of comments spouting WE DIDNT LAND ON THE MOON HAOX GUYS HOAX.  (Similar joy felt when conservation of energy is brought up and there aren't a ton of fee energy hoaxers in the comments here either.

  49. I agree Neil Armstrong is a bad ass!

  50. Anyone else think that Buzz Aldrin should get more credit?

  51. I might be wrong, but I think they were 30 seconds of fuel away from aborting the landing rather than 30 seconds away from death…Still, pretty badass that he managed it all the same

  52. Wow he actually was!

  53. Also his wife started a synchronized swimming team called the aquanauts, and her and Jeannette Chase made the money to fund the team by selling lemonade to the news reporters who would wait in front of his house after he landed on the moon. The team is still around today with Jeannette Chase running it and this year is the aquanauts 50th anniversary.  

  54. Neil Armstrong… Badass is the only word I can think of to describe that legend, but there has to be a better one, if ones aim in uttering it, is to encompass his badassery using efficient vocabulary.

  55. Actually, Neil landed with only 17 seconds…not 30.

  56. I just dont know why major people around the world talking shit about this guy. Fools. He is really amazing

  57. A bad astronaut 

  58. 1:44 They forgot to turn SAS off c: (This is a kerbal space program reference, don't get mad)

  59. We need to go to Mars!

  60. #1:  He joined the U.S. Navy! 

  61. Cut the theatrics, just get to the fucking point, jesus

  62. I got goose bumps when you said 'thats not what happened' O_O

  63. His life insurance rates must have been… Sky high. BT

  64. Get your facts straight.
    Neil Armstrong used The Force to land on the moon.
    100% true fact.

    Also, Neil Armstrong was once bitten by a rattlesnake.
    After several days of excruciating pain and agony, the snake died.

  65. Also he went around telling bad jokes about the moon and when nobody laughed he said "Well I guess you had to be there"

  66. He was also an Eagle Scout, which is pretty cool too. His badge was one of the few things he brought to the moon; he was very proud of it.

  67. person: "So what did you do today Neil?"
    Neil: "Oh, you know, I almost died again"

  68. I think you are forgetting this ….
    Apollo 17 commander Gene Cernan, the last man to walk on the moon, recalled that Armstrong was once asked how he felt when he was guiding the Eagle lunar module down to the moon's surface with only 15 seconds' worth of fuel left. The way Cernan remembered the story, Armstrong thought for a moment and answered, "Well, when the gauge says empty, we all know there's a gallon or two left in the tank."

  69. Neil Armstrong was living proof of the lengths some people will go to in order to get away from Ohio.

  70. one less moonwalker now walks the earth

  71. I know this video is old but still gotta say it. Hank, I absolutely love how energetic you get about the subjects you love. I just started watching yours and your brothers videos recently and I'm loving every min of it. Yall keep up the good work!

  72. That gave me the chills. Neil Armstrong was a total badass.

  73. And let's not forget to mention that he was also an Eagle Scout 👍

  74. Neil Armstrong>Chuck Norris

  75. Wait a minute, I don't remember hearing that Neil Armstrong died, and this is a three year old video!

  76. I'm surprised I haven't seen anybody commenting anything about the moon landing being fake, because even though I think it's real, 60% of America doesn't (as statistics say), and considering the majority of the VlogBorthers' fans are Americans, it's surprises me.

  77. Neil Armstrong was basically the perfect test pilot. When things went pear-shaped he didn't panic, he didn't freeze, he didn't get all dramatic, he just worked the problem, quickly, calmly and methodically, and that's why all those near misses were ONLY near misses. There was a small, select band of such characters in every plane-building country, and the ones that survived were all of that calibre, but of course, most of them never went to the Moon and so they're not as well known today.

    We could do with some more of those qualities today. I'm not suggesting a return to the depths of emotional repression seen in past times, but I think we'd all be better off if we had rather more tendency deal with a crisis or challenge by calmly doing the right thing, and rather less tendency to flap about and create drama to show off how sensitive we are.

  78. Hank, Hank, Oh Hank he had LESS than 30 seconds of fuel…..LESS. It truly took balls of Carbon NanoTubes to land that ummmm lander.

  79. 3:40 wouldn't three men be killed? Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins

  80. Thks is such a good episode. Thanks Hank.

  81. WRT the Apollo 11 landing, they weren't 30 seconds away from being stuck on the moon with no way off. They were 30 seconds away from a mandatory abort back to lunar orbit. In other words, Neil Armstrong's bad-assery wasn't so much preventing him and Buz from dying, but preventing the whole trip from being a bust because they didn't land. Still bad-ass, no doubt, but not QUITE as dramatic as Hank makes it out to be.

  82. He was so young! My baby <3


  84. I disliked every comment that lied

  85. Neil Armstrong definitely had the right stuff.

  86. Duhr durh duhr hoax duhr duhr

  87. Neil Armstrong died on my birthday ): What a guy!

  88. To all those who say the moon landing was fake…

    Y'all are incredibly stupid. The moon landing was indeed real. I could show you hours of documents, videos, and just plain logical evidence that its true. Seriously, this fucking idiotic conspiracy along with a few others makes me lose confidence in the human species.

  89. Everyone forgets Buzz Aldrin
    Forever unknown

  90. boi shut up crusty shin head

  91. Aww look how much Hank is geeking out about this!!!

  92. Everything was correct except one. No one has ever walked on the moon.

  93. 50 years folks. Nobody went.

  94. ARMSTTRONG Aldrin, collins….Dumb dumber and really dumb. Never went..sorry.

  95. A true American Hero..He was a Super Hero!

  96. heheheh, if armstrong was ''badass' , Liberace' was super dooper badass. only kidding , 'onest.

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