Sixteen Candles (7/10) Movie CLIP – Fresh Breath’s a Priority in My Life (1984) HD

Sixteen Candles (7/10) Movie CLIP – Fresh Breath’s a Priority in My Life (1984) HD

ś it’s my birthday too ś ś [ imitating
guitar, drums ]
don’t do that, okay ? ś hey, jude– ś
just stop it, okay ? I mean, it’s really been
a shitty birthday for me. No offense, but I don’t need
a serenade right how. What’s wrong ? You didn’t
get anything good, or– I didn’t get shit.
Not even a “happy birthday.” My whole family
just sort of blew it off. I’d freak if my family
forgot my birthday.
It’s a brand-new year. I’m 16. Everything
should be platinum. I should be happy, right ?
Right ?
Yeah. Well, I can’t get happy. It is physically impossible
for me to get happy. Would you feel better if you
knew one of my secrets, or– Don’t gross me out. No, we’re not talking
gross here. No. It’s–
it’s just embarrassing. [ exhaling ]
this information
cannot leave this room, okay ? It would devastate
my reputation as a dude. No problem. [ clears throat ] I’ve never bagged a babe. I’m not a stud. [ giggling ] I got the rep
in sixth grade. And it, like,
it stuck with me. I’m still on hold. Look, I’d appreciate
you not laughing here, okay ?
[ laughing ] I’m sorry. That’s not what I meant. I meant– Hey, time out,
[ horn honking ] [ exhales ] Pardon me. It’s okay. I meant that it’s okay
that you did it once, But I didn’t mean
for you to do it again ! I’m sorry. [ sighing ]
sorry. You know,
just now I really felt
how much you like me. You’re probably zoning in
on my brain waves or something. Well, not really.
I felt it on my leg. Come on, I don’t
want to see it ! Oh. Sorry if I embarrassed you. I’m not embarrassed. Fresh breath’s a priority
in my life.

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  1. @nickissexy1234 The Beatles – Happy Birthday

  2. lmao he cracks me up 😀

  3. I don't understand why Sam was laughing so hard when the geek told her that he's a virgin.

  4. What is the song playing in the background? You can hear it better in the actual movie.. Or is it just something someone composed just for the movie

  5. Its a Stevie Ray Vaughn song and I keep forgetting the name of it!

  6. It's called Lenny! Haha I found it while ago because I thought no one would reply

  7. not even 3 seconds in and im cracking up
    bawnn nanananana

  8. He kinda looks like bart simpson

  9. Every generation thinks their parents were old looking as kids. Unless ofcourse, they were on the cooler side and dressed really "youthful". I was a kid in the 80s and 90s and when I looked at my parents stuff from the 1950s and 60s, I thought they looked younger but still old for kids. Keep in mind, neither one of these characters were supposed to be that cool, even the Molly Ringwald character.

  10. Even if you saw the punk rockers from the 80s, you would probably think they looked cheesey and dated, even though they were dressing and looking very young. Even while it was still the 80s, say 1989 I looked at stuff from the earlier 80s and thought they were cheesey, so I can only imagine what your generation thinks of the entire 80s and the 90s too. Probably everything before 5 years ago is idiotic to you guys.

  11. Come back in in 10-20 years and see what kids will have to say about the styles in the Twilight movies.

  12. Hehe hes… Hehe (•)-(•)

  13. Yeah, 80's clothes were pan-generational. Unless you were a punk or goth, a 30 yr old teacher looked a lot like the teen kids.

  14. It's the 90's all over again. Puke!! Neon colors can fuck off, as far as I'm concerned. Been there, done that, and we all looked STUPID in them, with the neon color paint splashes and hammer pants….UUUGGGHHH!!!

  15. she's laughing because he said "i'm not a stud", and he just can't pull off saying the word "stud" and be taken seriously, nobody can

  16. oh no i get you! i was just saying that they look kinda older.. haha

  17. bcs she knows he is one. she thought its like a big secret but everyone knows he's a v

  18. Hahaha so akward

  19. Probably because it wasn't a secret at all, he's a geek and everyone knows -.-

  20. Did he really just try to climb on top of her LMAO

  21. I really hope he's that funny in real life 🙂

  22. i'd freak if my family forgot my birthday me and my ma laughed at that haha!

  23. This is a really old comment, but…I think she was laughing because the geek said it like it was a huge "secret", when really it obviously wasn't. So she was laughing at the fact he thought it was surprising..

  24. What's his name in real life

  25. At 1:50, me and my friend Ali laughed hysterically the first time

  26. shes laughing because he thinks people think hes a stud that gets laid a lot

  27. These days it's the geek that's getting the girls in movies and T.V. 

  28. Her laughing at him when he said im not a stud was just her way of saying nodoby fuckin thought u were

  29. I would have broken his arm, so girls were more understanding back then, I guess.

  30. Cmon I don't wanna see it!!!! LMAO

  31. Fetus Anthony was a total babe lmao

  32. don't feel bad for michael hall….when filming the breakfast club him and molly dated in real life..!!!

  33. Time [email protected], the background song for this scene was "Lenny" by Stevie Ray Vaughan. Where did it go!?!?!?!?!

  34. Anthony Michael Hall, love him.

  35. AMH looks fucking 65 today and sure didn't age well (unusual since nerds usually do), but at least we can remember how likable and cool he was when he was a teen.

  36. I wanted Geek to sing "Hey Jude"😍 gosh I love that song

  37. 2:31 I completely missed that line in the movie I just fell off my chair laughing.

  38. what's the music in the background it's so soothing

  39. He is so much more interesting and cute than zombie Jake Ryan.

  40. I love the Beatles reference!

  41. anthony is a fuckboy and he still is

  42. Anthony Michael Hall's performance in this film is incredible, given how young he was. This is the only film I ever saw twice in the theater. And I Spent the whole summer of 1984 dressed like Farmer Ted. And I bagged a babe while doing it, LOL.

  43. why do I only get crushes on people from the 80's

  44. The way when he was trying to make-out with her! XD 1:49

  45. Anybody know the song in the background?

  46. Molly Ringwald is so adorable

  47. Anthony is too cute i can't

  48. Anthony was such a hottie😂😍

  49. I met Molly Ringwald at Spooky Empire in Orlando. Gosh, I didn't know how tall she was. 5'8"

  50. One of my Favs💜

  51. Farmer Ted. The coolest geek on film.


  53. Hey at least he made her laugh on her birthday, that's enough.

  54. He's soooo cute💗💗 hope he's like dat in real life

  55. Anthony Michael was actually 16 in 1984. Ally sheedy was in her 20s already

  56. mandela effect. she never said I didn't get 's..t'. don't remember the farting sound on the split before. seen this thousand times.

  57. Geek is my spirit animal

  58. He got hot after The Breakfast Club. Started to shed his nerd skin 😂 Looking good in 1988 in a movie with Tony Stark.

  59. I've never banged a babe.

  60. Heyyyyyyyyy Jude!

  61. My sixteenth birthday was shitty too lol

  62. God he looks young

  63. This is sooooo!!!! Lame

  64. I had such a massive crush on Anthony for the longest time after this came out. Molly felt it on her leg.😂

  65. He reminds me so much of freshmen I know

  66. He bagged her in the end.

  67. I freaking love Anthony Micheal Hall

  68. While a lot of people are saying how cute Anthony is, I’m sitting here thinking, “Geez, dude! Rapey much?!”

  69. In my opinion I thought they should have ended up together

  70. Damnit! They cut the hubcap scene… one of the best scenes in the whole damn movie.

  71. Dam such a good scene

  72. What kind of highschool has a garage with a unusable car in there?

  73. I crushed on Sophie Marceau in First Kiss. That was 1985.

  74. That laugh sounds hella REAL!!!

  75. i wonder what the guitar noodling in the background is

  76. They well be a parfect couple 🥰🥰😘

  77. 1:49 well that didn't age well 🤧

  78. He looks like Rick Astley

  79. 1:16 what did he say

  80. I watched this scene one night whilst chillin…..never noticed before, that's Stevie Ray Vauhan playing "Lenny" in the background

  81. I don't know why but I was blown away when he started tapping his palms repeatedly on the car. That was impressive.

  82. I love when he breaks into hey Jude


  84. Anthony Michael Hall Is the sweetest guy!! I got to meet him♥️♥️

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