Slick Slime Sam Gets Bedazzled by ORBEEZ HOURGLASS

Slick Slime Sam Gets Bedazzled by ORBEEZ HOURGLASS

Yes, it’s so unfair! Nothing lasts! Candies, for example. You open it… It seems so big and everlasting. You smell this magical aroma and anticipate the joy of eating it. Maybe lick it even! And then what? Boom – it’s gone! Every time! Or take my channel. Just yesterday I created it… Ah-hem… Ok, ok! WE created it. As I was saying… It was so exciting, first subscribers, first comments…oh! Well, OUR channel has over 5 millions views! Isn’t that great? Guys, thank you so much, we really appreciate that! Well, it’s not bad… It’s just… I miss the novelty. How do I make good things last forever? Sammy, you are overthinking. Nothing lasts forever. Fortunately, candies aren’t extinct yet. Here! That’s comforting. Hey guys! I have no idea what we’ll be making today. Uh…Sam? I need something… Sweet? No! Although who doesn’t? Something great that won’t disappear on me and which I can enjoy for a very, very, very, very long time! Stress ball? Yuck, that’s old! Errrm… Spinner? Hmm…Do you have anything older than that? Hmm…Guys, what should I make for Sam to cheer him up? Press the pause button and leave a comment below. Sam, how about Orbeez? Ooh! I’m listening. Just plain Orbeez? Not plain. Come on! Haha! For the project, we’ll need Orbeez, 2 glass Nutella jars, 2 balloons, tape and colored cardboard. Uhh…You will probably need an EMPTY jar? I know where you are going with this. Yes, take care of it, just return me the jar. Of courrrrse! Huff, puff, phoo… Maybe like this? So sweet and so stubborn! Sue! Sue? You should start working out. I have you! First, we’ll need to prepare Orbeez. Hmm…Why are they so tiny? Because you need to soak them in water and then they’ll grow. We’ll see! So we’ll pour them into this glass jar filled with water and leave them for a few hours. Then we can get started. Guys, have you ever played with Orbeez? Leave a comment below! It’s been 3 hours and now Orbeez are all big and nice. This is probably the best stuff to touch ever! Sam, where are the jars? Not to worry! I’m on it! Om nom nom nom nom… Ooo-kay. Meanwhile, I’ll prepare balloons. I’ll need to cut off this top part and the bottom. Just like this. Not too small, and not too big. Moving on to the other one… Perfect. Here, I even washed it! What? Reward candy? Do you even have to ask? Let’s pull balloons onto the jars. Here, just like this. (singing) I believe I can fly! I believe I can touch the sky! I think about it every night and day, I spread my wings and fly away! Ooooooooo! The jars look great! Now I’ll pour the Orbeez into the first jar. This is one of the funnest crafts we’ve ever made! And we’ll fill it to the top with more water. Doesn’t it look cool already? Wow! And now, I’ll do the same with this jar. It’s very important to keep the jars’ tops and balloons completely dry and soоn I’ll tell you why. Let’s just wipe it off with a napkin… Here and here. Now take the cardboard, put it on top,and flip. Great, let’s remove it very carefuly. There. Some water spilled but it’s fine. I’ll just dab it with a napkin again. This middle part really has to be dry. Sue, Sue! That boy is watching my video without subscribing! False alarm, he pressed subscribe button. Thank you, boy! Alright, everything is going as planned. Now we’ll just tape both jars together. That’s why we needed this part to be dry, tape won’t work if there is moisture. Great, a little bit more… Perfect! Now we’ll just cover this junction. Let’s take a piece of cardboard and tape it over. Mmhmm…All done! Here Sam, some everlasting goodies for you, enjoy! Ooooo, it’s mesmerizing! Like the candies floating inside! Annnddd….flip! Guys, if you liked our Orbeez hourglass, give this video a thumbs up! And if you’re eager to see more interesting crafts, subscribe to Sam’s channel and press a bell button. That’s it today, bye all! You are so huge! I shouldn’t even bother moving you…

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