Son Of Abish feat. Kusha Kapila & Guneet Monga

Son Of Abish feat. Kusha Kapila & Guneet Monga

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  1. Nothing Anonymous are just awesome

  2. Can we acknowledge the GREAT sound track in the picks for this episode! What a gem! ♥️ Major shout out to Nothing Anonymous. I am a fan.

  3. Wow. I enjoyed this show so much 😁

  4. We would never love 5 Star as much as you do. Hence proved.😂

  5. All 3 are trying so hard to be funny in this episode -.-

  6. boring show, boring guests, fucking boring show. stop calling morons and being morons and thinking everyone is a fuckkkinn moron.

  7. Prashasti's dance was lit af🤣🤣

  8. I like your show.. but this one is not good bro

  9. Guneet Monga! You are awesome. Indeed you're one of the best producers India film industry ever had. Stay blessed.

    Love from Muzaffarpur Bihar India.

  10. Such a lame crowd man..

  11. I love Kusha 😍😍😍😍 ….

  12. This was the shortest episode. Wish it was pretty longer. 😃

  13. The band sounded like gareebo Ka Tame Impala. Anyway enjoyed it. 😅

  14. Gréât writing & comic timing Abish, audience there were a bore

  15. Guneeet is so pure yaaaaa, it was so nice to watch herself be

  16. One of the most entertaining conversation ever on the show, what wrong with the audience, are they on sleep mode?

  17. Great episode, could hear them for hours….abish you need to change the audience

  18. omfggggg. Kusha's school life 9th standard is exactly like mine. even my mom unleashed herself during ptm. my goodness. ilyyyyyy

  19. if guneet had a twin brother ,he would look like Seinfeld

  20. such a fun episode. I just love these two ladies. also Abish needs to change his audience, maybe get people who at least have some sense of humor.

  21. Great show. Bad audience yaar 😂

  22. Prashasti's dance made my day ❤️

  23. I know pythagoras theorum but I am bad at geography 🤷

  24. That sign part is awesome….modi ji is good s
    At geography✈️

  25. That black dress girl is so fake….

  26. Abish monologue bombing > Hiroshima-Nagasaki

  27. It's really funny when kusha kapila explains how "Mata Comes".. She means total sarcasm but face is totally innocent 😂😂😂😂😂
    I love kusha for that

  28. Prashasti was like she was trying to win an Oscar at the Olympics 😜

  29. The Singer in the end 🔥

  30. Who are these people ?

  31. Each episode's success, clearly, depends on the guests as the host is same and making the same effort every time. Liked this episode more than the first one! These two women are so candid! Loved it!

  32. Goans have hair! and having hair is a common problem… 🤷🏽‍♀️

  33. holu f**k…DOBBIE

  34. What a show yaar …well done ..I was laughing n laughing and rolling and rolling ..laughter n laughter n laughter …I wish I could meet you in person some day…🙂

  35. Guneet I loved your performance in the movie paa:-)

  36. I love guneet monga…she is so cool

  37. You deserve 1 million subscribers

  38. worst audience. nice hustle and funny sories. love this show

  39. Disgusting comment about writing Shree Ram in Exam paper.. I mean why…!!!!

  40. eda paati subs evide da myre

  41. “Pa Patti” 🙂 🙂 Malayalikal ille ivide?

  42. Pick up…. This… Is lit❤️❤️❤️❤️

  43. Ye aadmi har baar gandh ka level bahut badhata h…..only awkward laughs at all times

  44. What has happened to your content and context Abish?

  45. Fantastic episode Abhish, can you also try to get Sneha Khanwalkar on the show?

  46. Abish is literally the most decent person on earth. Ps- We want Abhisekh Upmanyu😌

  47. Thumbs up for the political joke on the ruling party and not the opposition. 😎👍

  48. This is one of the best episode of son of abish……

  49. Kya mast log hai kusha kapila and guneet monga…….
    Why we are not following these people and instead following bullshit Bollywood celebs

  50. love u man nd d show too…..dude u should have little more chit-chat with the talented guests u invited….like to hear more from them

  51. 23:54 almost high5

  52. @Guneet Monga Respect!!

  53. Great guests kusha has amazing personality !

  54. Your joke are getting worse day by day

  55. The dead audience deserves shows like bigg boss,splitsvilla and roadies…..or wait….let me be honest…they deserve ye rishta kya kehlata hai….. Fucking dead…..

  56. 48:20 Pieces❤💛💚💙💜♥

  57. This show has become boring af

  58. Could you be anymore boring abish ??? Abish : yes.

  59. The most delhi video ever!

  60. Iska har monologue pichle wale se bura hota hai

  61. Bro increase the volume of Audience's laugh for our better experience, next episode

  62. Son of Anish is YouTube ka kapil sharma show

  63. has Abish's team ever won a game?! 🙁

  64. Subtitles Please Bro. Im from Malaysia, i dont understand Hindi.

  65. Everything is alright… I really love this show and I have a lot of respect for both kusha and guneet… But just a point… North eastarns are really sweet and shy people… They really won't harm anyone….

  66. This is the best episode of son of Abish …. Mata ka jagrata and kusha with her delhi accent is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  67. Call Prashasti on the show as a guest !!!

  68. agli baar itna ganda kiya to bhai dekhna bandh kardunga, atleast get audience who laughs.

  69. The song pieces so much auto tuned.

  70. Prashasti is so adorable !!!

  71. Kusha Is more talented than all actors today. All biggie directors shameful of u for not casting her

  72. Abhish, Barrack Obama will be boring.. We want Donald Trump

  73. Cool show ! Loved my sister in this show Hats off Guneet.

  74. Not gajni , it's Sanjay Singhania

  75. What a dead ass audience

  76. Wonderful episode. The audience is dead or underated

  77. Main show starts at 8:04….. No need to say thank you😃

  78. You know what I am in love with Guneet Monga😍😍😍

  79. Both the ladies rock….. Women power💪

  80. He's much more talented than the overhyped utubers…such an underrated channel

  81. Abhish unfunny asti!! 😛

  82. 2:49 I am not even kidding I actually do that

  83. The crowd was ruthless towards Abish

  84. 1drag -1drag
    And many more😅

  85. If you remove those Modi jokes, the monologue was SHIT!

  86. It ended too soon. Love them <3

  87. i followed NOTHING ANONYMOUS on SPOTIFY immediately.

  88. Please Anbsh call Daniel Fernandez .
    Hit like if you want him to be his guest.

  89. Can we take a moment to appreciate just how great the sponsor intro was!!!

  90. Wowwhatta dead audience!

  91. Best episode so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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