SONGIFY STAR WARS, but everything goes wrong because Luke is obsessed with Tosche Station

SONGIFY STAR WARS, but everything goes wrong because Luke is obsessed with Tosche Station

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  1. I like how like leaves rei on the planet to go to the tosche staion

  2. 2:35 ben looks so done with luke hes just like "ugh, this again?"

  3. Greatest song of all time

  4. I thought I would stop watching after like three verses but ended up watching the whole thing.

  5. Everytime he says tosche station everyone looks so dissapointed

  6. Star Wars:The Musical

  7. Ben:😮 you speak of tosche station Luke:I want to pick up some power converts

  8. Lukes endless Journey to the Tosche Station is like my endless Journey to Shirk Responsibilities….

  9. 10:29 don't do it….

    You did it.

  10. they're still waiting for luke at the tosche station

  11. Why… How… How long did it take to make this

  12. maybe the real tosche station was the friends we made along the way

  13. Has Mark Hamill seen this?

  14. I wounder if in CANON he ever got to the Tosche Station???

  15. 2:19 autotunned chewie is just great

  16. If he doesn't have those droids repaired and on the southern ridge by noon, they'll be hell to pay

  17. It looks like everybody has a BRA face every time he mentions the station

  18. So, is Luke obsessed with getting converters from Tosche station, or has he litteraly spend decades never being given the chance because people keep asking him to do things? Because both options are sad in different ways.

    Luke: It just isn't fair!

  20. A complete list of things that "Just aren't fair!" according to Luke Skywalker: (enjoy!)
    Eating dinner with Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru
    Getting attacked by Sand People
    Being called upon by Ben Kenobi to become a Jedi, and come with him to Alderaan
    Getting the Millenium Falcon pulled into the Death Star by a tractor beam
    Almost getting crushed in the Trash Compactor of the Death Star, and being saved last second by R2-D2
    Needing to cut off a Wampa's arm to defend himself on Hoth
    Seeing a vision of Ben Kenobi's ghost on Hoth telling him to train in the ways of the Jedi with Master Yoda, and having Han run through said vision on a Tauntaun
    Being saved from death in the Echo Base by his friends
    Needing to save his friends on Cloud City, instead of completing his Jedi training with Yoda
    Needing to literally fall out of Cloud City to escape Vader
    His negotiations with Jabba The Hutt
    Being sentenced to death by Jabba The Hutt, oh yeah, and he's gonna kill Han and enslave Leia, that's bad, too
    Having a cyborg hand in Episode VI and keeping his promise to return to Dagobah
    Needing to help the Rebel Alliance destroy the Death Star II and stop the Empire once and for all
    Hijacking a speeder bike and throwing its Scout Trooper pilot at a tree on Endors Moon
    Being attacked with The Emperors Force Lightning
    Removing Anakins helmet to reveal he's become a gray old man, and bald
    Being called upon by Rey to train her
    A montage of Bens death, his kidnapping by the Wampa, Getting his hand cut off, the Rancor pit, and being kissed by Leia, the sand skiff, collapsing on Hoth, an explosion,

    I assume the [understandable] reasoning behind all of these is always:
    Because they prevent Luke from going to the Tosche, Tosche Station to pick up some power converters!

  21. Places Luke Skywalker "Is never gonna get out of" (according to him):
    Lars's Home on Tatooine
    The Jundland Wastes on Tatooine
    At the Sandcrawler on Tatooine
    The ride on the Landspeeder to Mos Eisley Spaceport on Tatooine
    Random room in the Death Star
    The deactivated Trash Compactor in the Death Star
    The vehicle bay of the Rebel Base on Yavin (I think it's Yavin?)
    The Wampa's home on Hoth (as he escapes, lol XD)
    The vehicle bay in the Echo Base on Hoth
    The atmosphere of Dagobah (While on his way to Cloud City, lol XD)
    Cloud City (As he's falling out of it, I'm sensing a pattern here 🙂
    The trip from Jabba's Palace to the Sarlaac Pit, on Tatooine
    The Sand Skiff, at the Sarlaac Pit, on Tatooine
    The trip in his X-Wing from Tatooine to Dagobah (in Space)
    Yodas house on Dagobah, after Yodas death
    A random Forest on the Moon of Endor
    The Ewok village on Endors Moon
    The Emperors Throne room in the Death Star II (During The Emperors death)
    The Emperors Throne room in the Death Star II (During Anakins unmasking and death)
    Where ever the heck he was in Episode VIII
    All the places in the montage at the end of the video

    He still never got to go to the Tosche, Tosche Station!
    To pick up some power converters!

  22. me going to radio shack… to pick up some power converters…

  23. I never realized how important Tosche Station was.

  24. The sad thing is luke never went to tosche station =(

  25. 7:20 Yoda's wise words

  26. anyone ever noticed that when luke busts in and says I'm here to rescue you she just is like psshhh yea sure but he mentions kenobi and it's like ohhhhh really well hell lets go hahahahaha

  27. Who tf has the mind to make this :/ lol

  28. R2 … R2!
    wheeeerrre are yoU?!

  29. Luke on tatoinne: I’m never gonna get out of here
    * gets out of there*
    Luke: … I’m nEvEr GoNnA gEt OuT oF hErE!!!

  30. The people who disliked never made it to Tosche Station

  31. That's right R2 we're going to the tosche tosche station.

  32. Instead of bitcoin mining people should just run the 10 hour version on repeat for forever and when man kind is wipe from earth this should be all that is left of society.

  33. I hope Mark Hamill is rocking the weekends with this.

  34. I like the way you cut the most iconic NO moments, and make it look like a funny moments

    Vader: Join me!
    Luke: Nope had enough of your joke dad.

  35. Yet Luke Never Picked Up The P O W E R C O N V E R T S

  36. I've been following schmoyoho for about 10 years at this point (i THINK i started watching when they released autotune the news 5, or thereabout), and I can firmly say that this video is my favourite they've ever made. I listen to the full thing regularly. It's got a really catchy chorus, some really funny lines (my favourites being "DAK DAK DAK DAK DAK!" 7:03 , and "UNCLE OWEN ᵃⁿᵈ ᴮᵉⁿ" 4:06 ), an overall funny premise and some nice details in the video itself, like putting Evan and Michael in the briefing rooms when the rebels are discussing plans. Schmoyoho have some amazing videos but this one is definitely number one for me.

    Genuinely considering becoming a YouTuber just so Schmoyoho will songify me lol. Thanks for all the entertainment over the years, Gregory Brothers, have a great day and a great life.

  37. My mind every day now: Touché Touché station… it’s just not fair.

  38. Too long and too long….other than that it was pretty good

  39. Why is luke singing about tosche station when his dad is dying

  40. I honestly hope at least 1 person who saw this, decided to go back and watch the original trilogy. That garbage Disney's force feeding us is an embarrassment.

  41. I liked it
    Its great song

  42. Tosche Tosche Station

  43. Hey guys, can you please songify this? Thanks!

  44. Darth Vader: I am your father
    Luke: But I was going into Tosche, Tosche Station!
    Darth Vader: SERIUSLY

  45. I've seen this before..
    A year and a half ago

  46. The fact that I still watch this is really concerning

  47. Now this song is stuck in my mind

  48. 涙が出るほど素晴らしい✨

  49. All he wanted was his damn power converters, CJ!

  50. What Luke failed to realize was that the real Tosche Tosche Station was the friends he made along the way.

  51. It's so long but its super worth it

  52. Watched this souly for the autotuned wookies

  53. Did Bucky get to eat that plum?
    Did Like manage to get to the Tosche TOSCHE sTaTiOn?

  54. I don't know how many times I watched this before I realized that the reason there's two Death Stars – and the reason that the Death Star keeps blowing things up – is because in the canon of the song, Luke never blew up the first one!

  55. Tosche Station: A Star Wars Story

  56. This is the difference in Anakin and Luke. Anakin hates sand and Luke is.. this thing.

  57. "Hey Luke, wanna come blow up another Death Star with us?"
    "No, I think I'm gonna go into tosche, tosche station"

  58. When the Star Wars movies were good-

  59. 4:12 this part is unironically good

  60. This was supposed to be a joke but it's also the best song I've heard in a long long time

  61. Darth Vader’s face zoomed up when Luke jumps off just screams “How is this week little Toche Station obsessed wimp my son?”

  62. This like the discount 1h or 10h vids that i always wanted to watch fully. I can say i watched this fully, several times.

  63. Anakin: it's unfair!

    Luke: it just isn't fair!

  64. Free us or I'm going into Tosche Station

    That's a threat.

  65. why does this never get old.

  66. It just isn't fair

  67. Where’s he going?

  68. The Hero's Journey, but it's just The Refusal of The Call.

  69. Luke was on that island in Last Jedi because he was depressed he never got to go to Tosche Station.

  70. I hope he got the power converters.

  71. Actually how does this have dislikes? I mean, you don’t have to enjoy the music, but everyone should appreciate that this must have taken an ass ton of time to make. Straight fire.


  73. This is the new Star Wars canon. DAK DAK DAK DAK DAK

  74. Luke keeps screaming "Uncle Owen" because he's the only man who can send Luke to the Holy Land

  75. When episode 9 comes out they need to add a part where force ghost Luke wants to go to the tosche station.

  76. Aw, MAAAAN… That was FUN…and HELLAFUNNY!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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