Welcome or welcome back to our channel Today we’re gonna eat some.. Paëlla ! With.. Shrimp.. Chicken I took chicken wings in addition Some like that in mexican way Yes and there are also shrimp that are too good So Paella is a Spanish dish There’s chorizo There are squid in it, mussels, chicken, rice, peas and other stuff And for the drink we took.. Sparkling pink lemonade, there are bubbles Wait, I’ll do it for you I’ll start by doing the shout outs Because it’s going to be like that now, shout outs at the beginning of the video How are you young girl ? Everything is going well ? Yes What ? What ? I have a tomato on me How did you make a tomato fall there ? I dropped a tomato Thank you We will put the waste in it So Shoutout to.. 💛 YAMMIE ! 💛 💛 MAZZ JAZZ 💛 💛 ALICIA LEGRAND 💛 💛 CLAUDIA PERALTA 💛 💛 MAIMOUNA 91 💛 💛 SHANICE BUGELLI 💛 💛 PEACE MAKER FOREVER 💛 Thank you all for subscribing to our channel to follow us and leave nice comments, we love you very much I can also do with.. Bon appétit Honey I can also eat with my fingers you know I’ll put the chili paste in there, you have to eat your side okay ? Not on this side It’s a chicken wings *called grignotine here* Why is there that ? Because it’s edible It’s edible ? It’s also edible ? Yes It’s good ? It’s spicy ? Yeaaaah.. This wings is spicy ? Yes Okay, it will be for mommy then, eat the rice Here Well yes, it’s with Mexican spices.. Eat the rice then Mexican is spicy ? First time we buy this juice This juice Here, for you I give you one Yeah, it’s mussels It’s just mussels ? Yes Mussels As soon as you’ve finished eating what’s inside, you throw the shell into the trash that I put there It’s not a trash Well Let’s go back to the real things with this dish Now I’m going to show them my bubble bottle So there are squid in it Like this I’ll show them my bubbles You want to make bubbles ? Go ahead Look.. Look my bubbles You will see the bubbles ! Look at the pretty birds 😻 There’s a pigeon that has just landed on our balcony Look Not on the food please Sephora You see ? Ah, there’s a bubble that fell to the ground Yep I finished making bubbles I-ma-naged-to-make-bub-blesss You closed well ? Yes Look I do that There’s a beer in it ? Nooo That’s lemonade, there’s no beer. Do you think I’ll let you drink beer or what ? What is beer ? Ooh, the pigeon is sitting right up there Why did he land on the edge of our house ? He came to see what we eat He said : Eh ! You don’t share when you eat huh ? You niggers *don’t say it if you’re not black* Why does he say that ? Because we don’t share, we eat everything and we don’t give Yes, he wants bread He’s looking for bread ? Nope That’s not spicy ? What ? It’s spicy ? Does it sting ? There’s chicken in it if you want Look, there’s chicken here I cut it for you Why ? So that you can eat it well Because when we give you big pieces, you don’t want to eat anymore I don’t eat the chicken anymore This is too good This one is also spicy This one too These three are for you Can you take off his eyes ? Ooh you’ve eaten his hand Eh.. Eh you have hands I ate his paws Why shrimp have legs ? Legs to eat Don’t drink too much or you will not be hungry anymore I’m still hungry Well, I also have a chicken here I’ve a chicken here What is that ? It’s chicken It’s soon Sephora’s birthday Yes Moana’s birthday (Vaiana here cause Moana’s already taken by adult film actress) In 1 month I already bought the outfits, the Moana decorations And Moana’s collar but I already broke it but my mom managed to fix it SUPER MOMMY Mom, you’re super Thank you When you put your mouth all your lip come in Yes Yes because I drink higgledy-piggledy Drink *badly said* Boivez means buvez ! Boivez doesn’t mean anything I’e a song that’s stuck in my head while I don’t even like this song It’s horrible, I’m sure it happens to you sometimes So sing It’s I don’t even know the name of this guy That singer.. I don’t know who he is or what his name is I don’t know either What ? You know too ? Oui Here That’s the song but I don’t know the name of the singer The music was on TV earlier I didn’t think looked at the name of the guy and the music.. You know 👎 Aww I have a tomato that fell on me On my hand The clothes are all orange The meal is good, the juice is good Look we can also make bubbles Why do you put your mouth like that ? We can also make bubbles in the water Excuse me ^▾^ It’s the juice that makes me burp Burp The cat is here The cat entered the living room She is behind the sofa Yes, she’s doing stupid things What does she do ? She plays with the couch behind the couch Huh ? Are you sure ? You saw her ? No Before accusing people of doing stupid things, did you see it first ? No I’ve already told you many times, we don’t accuse people without evidence deh Look at the crows, look.. *she tries to change the subject* Do you want me to peel the shrimp for you ? Yes Mommy ? You know, the shrimp are very good They are super strong and super good like that He was crushed *the little chicken in the music* In the end yes, he gets run over by the tractor These are the antennas of the shrimp This chili paste is so good !!

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