Stampin’ Up! Rubber Stamp Technique A Candle

Stampin’ Up! Rubber Stamp Technique A Candle

Hey Stampers! Diane Dimich here with Today I’m going to teach you how to do a little candle stamping It’s very easy and I want to show you a quick way to do it This is one I did last week I’m going to do a little different candle this time I’m going to bring in the Bright and Beautiful stamp set from Stampin Up This is a great set for Christmas or any time of year, actually It’s got these great stars and great verses some little tiny Joy, Noel and Shine stamps I start with a cheap candle You do not want to use a candle that too nice because it will melt too quickly and you’ll end up with a puddle when you use your embossing gun on it I buy the cheapest candles I can find Usually I just buy them white I don’t like the kind that are dipped with color because then I think that when they start to melt it’ll show through I like to use either off white or white and some tissue paper Stamp on tissue paper to begin with I’m using VersaMark I like to emboss my images on my candles I think they stay sharper some people just prefer to go a head and stamp directly with your classic inks. That’s fine. It just depends upon the look you are looking for So I stamped that with VersaMark and sprinkled it with silver embossing powder and you’ll see where I get the star image on the tissue paper (moving it out of the way) I used that paper on purpose so that I can dump it all back in the jar See the versa mark goes right through! I’m moving that out of the way for now I’m going to come in with my heat gun Heat this, but becareful Because it’s tissue paper, it doesn’t take very long You don’t want to burn yourself or you don’t want to start the tissue paper on fire so go ahead and start it Melt that embossing powder Oops! You can see how quickly it melts (hum of the heat gun) Ok! Once your image is embossed I could go and color on the background That’s what I did with this one I embossed it on the background and flipped it over and colored on the back of the tissue paper I just like this silver star just as it is I’m going to trim it out I’m just leaving a little bit of a border that is going to melt into the candle so I want it to have something that it can grab on to. (music plays as she trims tissue around star) Ok! So once you’ve have that embossed Go ahead and line it up where you want it on your candle I just lay it on there this may be more difficult with these points You want to make sure that it is laying flat I usually start in the middle and work my way out to the edges You have to go quickly You don’t want the heat set in one place for very long You are melting that wax, and the image is getting embedded into the wax Here we go! Let”s hope it works! (hum of the heat gun as she’s embossing the candle) There you have it! That’s it! That’s how quick it goes You can see it’s melted in there It may have a few lumps and bumps but you can take a warm spoon and just smooth them out I don’t mind them, I like the look of that It gives it a little more Homemade look That’s how quick it is to emboss a candle! You can color behind the embossing if you choose to I choose to have embossing because I like the image to be sharp If you just use regular stamping, it’ll be a little bit blurry but it’s still going to work There you have it! I’m going to go spend some time putting a little addition to this some ribbon or something on it to make it dressed up for Christmas I’ll put it in the video Thank you and have a great day! If you haven’t already done so, you might want to visit my website at Take care! (Music plays while showing finished candle and stamp used)

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  1. I think this would be a great gift for friends.  Do you take the plastic off the candle before the melting of the tissue paper?  TFS

  2. Thats it!? LOL Thank you so much for showing this – that is amazingly simple! I am going to find some candles around here to practice on! Thank you a bunch for showing this!!!! HUGS!!!!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this technique!

  4. Cool idea can u still burn the candle

  5. Diane is that tissue paper for wrapping or facial?

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