Step 6: What is a Wax and How To Apply Wax to Car – Nissan GT-R – Detailing and Car Wash Flowchart

Step 6: What is a Wax and How To Apply Wax to Car – Nissan GT-R – Detailing and Car Wash Flowchart

Welcome back to the Detail Garage. We have finally made it to the end of the
detail on this GT-R. We started off following the Chemical Guys
Flowchart with the wash, we clayed it, we polished it, glazed it, we sealed it and now
we’re going to wax it. The reason why we’re waxing it is to give
it more protection but to also enhance the shine. This pearl white paint has a lot of metallic
and the wax is really going to help make it pop when it goes outside. To get started I’ve got my Butter Wet Wax
and I’m going to apply it all by hand so I can get a thick coat and a really nice bond. To apply it to the vehicle I’ll use these
Blue Microfiber Applicators. The microfiber is the same that you’d find
in your towel but it has a dense foam core to help contour to all shapes of the vehicle. Apply a few strips to the applicator. Blotch it out and then go back and forth in
even strokes. You can use Butter Wet Wax on any painted
surfaces, glass, headlights and any other surface you want to give it more shine and
protection. The owner of this car is getting ready for
a show this weekend. I think she is definitely going to be impressed
with the shine it has. She’s going to get a lot of compliments not
only on herself but also the car. It may even take home some awards and that
is because if the Chemical Guys shine. So after letting the Butter Wet Wax sit for
about fifteen minutes it is time to buff it off. Everybody loves a happy ending this is why
I’m using the Happy Ending Edgeless Microfiber Towel, these are great because they are super
plush and it will pick up all the product without leaving any streaks and since they
are edgeless it won’t create any new scratches or swirls. Place it on the paint and go back and forth
in straight lines. Avoid going in circular motions because if
you pick up any contaminants or a stick or a rock it will create a swirl which is a lot
easier to see and a lot harder to remove. Alrighty guys that’s what it takes to give
your car a full blown detail. We followed the Chemical Guys Flowchart starting
with the wash. We used Citrus Wash & Gloss to remove any
prior waxes, glazes, sealants and loose contamination. Then we clayed the car using a Medium Clay
Bar because the paint was pretty rough. We polished it using the V4 All-In-One Polish
because although the car looked clean there were still some minor scratches and swirls
that we wanted to remove. Then we glazed it using White Light which
really made the pearl pop. We sealed it all using Jet Seal to give it
twelve months of protection against harsh elements, water spots and UV rays. And we just finished applying Butter Wet Wax
to give it more shine and more protection. As you can see this car is ready for the show
and it is definitely going to turn some heads and maybe win some awards. I hope these videos have encouraged you guys
to get out there and work on your own car to give it some more shine and maybe get it
as shiny as this one, who knows. So make sure you go to our website
and check out our Flowchart which will give you the step by step breakdown of how to detail
your own vehicle. If you like this video be sure to give it
a thumbs up. Also don’t forget to subscribe, we’ll see
you next time thanks for watching.

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