Stunning torch ceremony for Pan Am games at Teotihuacan pyramids

Stunning torch ceremony for Pan Am games at Teotihuacan pyramids

It may not have the same worldwide fame as
the Olympic games, but the Pan American Games certainly knows how to do an opening ceremony Organisers of the 2015 Toronto’s Pan American
Games stepped back in time in Mexico on Monday with a lighting ceremony at the famed Teo-ti-huacan
pyramids On the outskirts of Mexico City, chairman
of the games’ organising committee David Peterson watched as “danzantes” in ancient dress initiated
the torch relay for the Pan Am’s with a lighting ceremony at the base of the mighty
Pyramid of the Sun. The torch’s journey will
move on to Canada for the 41-day journey of the flame that will see thousands of people
cover over 5,000 km on the way to Toronto. More than 7,000 athletes from across the Americas
and Caribbean will take part in the 36 Pan Am sports and 15 Parapan Am sports at the tournament in Toronto.

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  1. Our neighbors do this in their garden

  2. Whoa, magnificent.

  3. Yep because emulating a people who ripped the beating hearts out of their victims, is always good for business.

  4. Well that made no sense whatsoever

  5. Lucid mimi, are you even for real? What about the 400 years of European slavery where 50 million people were kidnapped and moved from one continent to the Western hemisphere, to be branded, whipped, raped, diseased, burnt, boiled, fed to sharks, stigmatized, lynched, murdered, abused, humiliated, oppressed, maltreated, undernourished, crushed and you want to get down on the Aztecs for ripping out hearts?

  6. I am writing to say that I am shocked by the tone taken during this video piece.  The descriptions of the Mexican people taking part in this ceremony are outdated and racist.  'Stepped back in time'.  As if all aboriginal people are dead, and their culture along with them. How ignorant.  The original peoples of the Americas are recovering their culture and spirituality after centuries of attack by Europeans.  Respect for Mother Earth, the elements, plants and animals is part of daily life NOW, not 'in the past'.  Ridiculous to characterize their regalia as 'ancient'.  Each piece of the clothing and accessories the people are wearing has a meaning, and the clothes (aka regalia) are worn on important occasions and celebrations.  Describing aboriginal people as 'part of the past' essentially says that the attempts at complete genocide were successful, and that aboriginal people have been erased.  What irks me even more is that the presenter on this video sounds Irish,  Were the Irish erased?  Was Ireland cleansed and absorbed into England?  A terrifically backward narration, and why not focus more on the ceremony?  I am not interested in anonymous whites, strolling along in their business casual outfits.  What a tremendous waste of an opportunity to show people more about our world and our neighbours.

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