Surprise Torch Run

Surprise Torch Run

(Olympic music plays) (laughs) excuse me, would either of you be able to help me? I got a little lost, I hurt my ankle would you be able to get my torch to my partner around the corner? I can’t, I’m sorry I’m trying to get to the next runner, would either of you want to help me? yeah? just right around the corner just run around the corner? yeah, just thank you so much, you’re an American hero, thank you (cheers and applause) (chanting) USA! USA! USA! sir, sir, please come here, hi there sir, I’m Lauren Adams from channel four, how are you? what’s your name? Jason Jason, can you believe you just completed the torch run? I guess not look at all these Americans who came out to support you today can you tell us, just what you’re feeling right now? confused…I guess you’re feeling confused? thank you so much Jason, congratulations, thank you I just have to pass it off, will you be able to pass it off? um…sure ok, yeah you just hold on really tight would you guys be able to help me get it there? yeah, where is it? would you guys get this around the corner? I’ll totally do it (cheers) (chanting) USA! USA! USA! (cheers) sir, hi there, what’s your name? my name is Henry Henry, you just completed the torch run, how do you feel Henry? great thank you Henry, you’re a great American, thank you thank you (cheers) hi there, Lauren Adams from news channel four, how are you, what’s your name? my name is Ameel Ameel, now that you completed your torch run, what are you gonna go do? I’m gonna take a nap (cheers) seems like you earned it Ameel, thank you so much, excellent work today thank you, thank you Ameel, ladies and gentlemen (chanting) USA! USA! USA!

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  1. WHAT A GREAT MISSION!!!  I love this one!

  2. 1:03 Feeling confused! LOL !!!!!  ♥

  3. this is so happy

  4. This video made me smile so much

  5. If that happened to me I'd be like "OH MY GOSH WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING?"

  6. The awkward moment if you trip and fall.

  7. Omg this is amazing.

  8. Ameel is actually spelled Emile. I know in english this is read as a female name, but Emile is short for the latin name Emiliano. I say this because the subtitles are (probably) wrong.

  9. The first guy looks like a short, light skinned 50 cent. Lol.


  11. The little girl gets scarred for life

  12. That Henry guy seems like such an awesome guy he could spend Christmas at my house no questions asked

  13. 0:45 i found 50Cents

  14. "Can you believe you just complete the torch run?"
    "Ugh guess not"

    Classic Jason

  15. 0:45 It's white 50 cent!

  16. Mochila do Flamengo,Br pohaa

  17. Amill is soooo me

  18. My names a Henry

  19. what if their not americans but like a tourist or something???

  20. Henry when he see all of the people waving america's flag: No china is better

  21. thats so beautiful !!

  22. If this happened to me… with my luck… I'd probably trip and fall and set myself on fire

  23. Everyone is so happy in the video 😀

  24. "I'm gonna take a nap."


  25. Everything happened so fast his brain literally got fucked up in seconds LOL

  26. Pretty sure this would make me smile even on the worst day of my life

  27. Knowing my luck if that would happen to me I would trip while running …

  28. I just found this channel and I just can't believe how great it is. These ideas are so fresh, finally "pranks" that are not harmful nor offensive (quite the opposite) and acting is brilliant. Amazing job!

  29. USA, USA, USA, USA! xD

  30. Those line of people looks like a good resting place

  31. I like that your improvs bring out the best in people, and give them a chance to show what we – as people – are really all about. Thanks, Improv Everywhere!


  32. 2:17 Back pack Brazil soccer team Flamengo

  33. omgosh so cool ! ;D

  34. I love your channel. You give people smiles!!

  35. My name is Emile 😹

  36. 2:07 that torch is bigger then her.

  37. 2:25 he's cute tho!!

  38. I love this one! Great idea and fantastic execution! Well done!

  39. When they are chanting team USA and the torch runners are wearing Canadian outfits…

  40. everyone might know who improve everywhere is now

  41. Reporter: "How do you feel?"
    Runner: "Confused"

    And that's how you know a prank is done right. Confuse, don't abuse

  42. This makes me very happy


  44. Chant U.S.A. nowadays, you're considered a "racist, fascist, KKK".

  45. Henry Henry! Polecat324

  46. втдео должен быть таким ….большой лайк

  47. позитив рудит

  48. just got discovered your channel. 😂 awesome videos 👍 i subbed.

  49. Lol, if this was in 2017 you would have so much AntiFa trying to Black Block this Torch Run 😀

  50. haha that was quick!

  51. That was so cool



  53. That's what a prank should be like. Make the prankee feel uplifted instead of bad.

  54. these are the kind of pranks i live for.

  55. Poor dude looks confused ass fuck

  56. my cheeks hurt so much. improv everywhere. best ever you tube channel. I'm crying right now and I don't know why..

  57. Wow this is Hilarious

  58. This is an Amazing Idea to make everyone Happy.

  59. I'm gonna go take a nap. FOREVER THE BIGGEST MOOD

  60. USA USA two people wearing Canada tops.

  61. The news anchor is fine though 😉

  62. Almost all these vids r cringy as fuck lol xD

  63. What are you gonna do oneil. i'm gonna take a nap

  64. Wait you guys! I thought that some of the public were genuine… but I recognised the first guy running and the first woman in white tracksuit.. they were the couple that got a surprise wedding reception. I thought that that couple was genuinely a random couple that just got married.

  65. LMAO they really proud

  66. 1:18 CITY YEAR NEW YORK!!! I did that right out of high school in the Bronx! Go AmeriCorps go!

  67. Jason was so serious and hell bent to get it where it needed to go he ran past the guy 😂

  68. Lol, that first guy tho, ran straight pass the guy probs thinking: I'm an American Hero

  69. Uhhh….guess not

  70. omg the first guy was so touched

  71. I think the lady that said no at the beginning probably wishes she did it

  72. I'm gonna go take a nap, huh

  73. We all want to be part of something BIGGER something special

  74. That was just…Wow!

  75. My name is a Henry lol wtf

  76. my name is meal can i eat you hehehe

  77. Not all heroes wear capes

  78. I'm gonna take a nap yass a boy version of me😂

  79. 0:08 im innocent

  80. 2:23 take a nap 😂😋😅😴 😍

  81. Not one person mentioned the poor lady who handed it to them, who did the most running.

  82. I thought the last kid was going to say " Play X box

  83. Big smile for this video. Good work Improv Everywhere 👏

  84. I feel like henry's last name was washington

  85. Since im 11, i would definetly say yes to this. I would just zoom around and be like: YES!!!! I DID IT!!! WOOOO!!!!

  86. Is Lauren adams still single ?

  87. How has no one mentioned that the first guy is Common

  88. Gawd bless our o-limp-ick team!

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