T-Rex Torch Grille on a 2015 GMC Sierra Denali – Fast Facts

T-Rex Torch Grille on a 2015 GMC Sierra Denali – Fast Facts

Hey, guys. John here with We
just finished installing the T-Rex Torch Grille on this 2015 GMC Sierra Denali. And, I wanted
to show you guys a little bit about this grille. This grille comes in this really awesome black
mesh finish. So, it adds a little more of a custom look to your truck. Also, has the
really awesome X Metal logo in the center. Now, you guys could add some different logos
to this if you wanted to personalize it, make it your own. You also see it has the riveted
look around the outside, which is going to give this a more of a beastly look to it.
So, it makes it look tougher. And, the best part about this Torch Grille is the torch
guys. This is not only a spot, but also a flood light. The only thing that you need
in order to get the best of both worlds out of this light is the wiring harness, which
is sold separately. You have to get that because it’s vehicle specific. Let’s take a look at
this light. This is very simple to wire up. You just wire a switch inside the truck. So,
let’s go ahead and take a look at that. Wow, that’s awesome! You guys can see there’s both
the spot and flood feel about it. So, it’s going to light up the night, so you can see
whether you’re on or off road. And, a great thing about this is it comes with a limited
lifetime warranty on the grille and the light and a three year warranty on the finish. So,
there you guys go. That’s the T-Rex Torch Grille.

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  1. Can you do a segment on the fender flare for the denali? I want to get that. thanks

  2. How did you guys get the halo on the headlight and foglight?

  3. how can you remove the tow hooks have a hard time getting one screw off

  4. Is this pickup in Jamestown ND? I see a truck just like it at the Real Truck here in Jamestown

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