Taser vs Pepper Spray | Self Defense Weapons Tested! [WARNING] DON’T TRY THIS!

Taser vs Pepper Spray | Self Defense Weapons Tested! [WARNING] DON’T TRY THIS!

I’m not excited for this at all. Ahh! *coughs * Ahh! F$%#! Warning! These are weapons and not toys. They
should only be used in emergency situations. I really don’t want a phone call from your
mom telling me that you’re going around school electrocuting all your friends. The question we’re going to try to figure
out today is what’s better a stun gun or pepper spray for self defense. We went around
and tested a bunch of different stun guns Ahh! Ow! Ow! Your hair is burning. Ha it burned my- How about these? Ahh! What’s the strongest one you have? Ohhrgh! Oh god! That one hurt more? Yup. This one is 2 million volts and we found this
one to be the strongest. There are stronger ones, but they’re bigger and most people
just don’t carry it. There’s some on the internet that claim to be 12 or 18 million
volts and we’ve tried those, and they’re not that powerful. Ahh! Ahh! This is pepper spray by Smith and Wesson and
this is probably the most popular one that people carry. On a daily basis. Dylan’s gonna to put one dollar in each
pocket. We’re gonna try to take that money from him 3 times, one without a weapon, one
with a stun gun, one with pepper spray, and see which one is the best. No punching, that’s
the only thing. No striking each other. Yeah, we’re not gonna actually beat the
s$#* out of each other. No, ha no we’re not. Dylan how did that feel? Eh kinda sucked. It was a pretty good drop in the beginning.
Haha! I almost broke my thumb. Hahaha! The sound of that thing is terrifying. Dude it echoes through the trees, it’s just- Ha my heart is racing right now. Sup? Give us your two dollars now! Give us
your two dollars! Get him! Get him he’s on the ground! AHH! Get him get him get him! As soon as you got me in the stomach,
I no longer cared about getting your money anymore. Haha! There was a point when you were getting away,
you were just rolling, you didn’t get up and run! How much safer did you feel with that? A lot more! At first it’s like getting jumped,
but then when I turned around I could see you were both like, “okay… how do we do
this?” It’s scary! I was like, legitimately afraid
to grab you. So there is intimidation, but I mean, I got hit twice, and they both like,
stung, but they only last a second because I backed away. As soon as I back away- But you know like, if you actually tried to
grab onto him, you’re pretty much f*%#[email protected] You’re gonna, you’re gonna get the s*@#
tased out of you. He’s gonna try to stun me and I can hit
him back. So, we’ll see if we can get any stuns in. It’s easy to stun somebody if they’re
not expecting it, but if they’re trying to punch you back, it’s pretty tough to
get it in there. Ow! I see some red dots haha! That f#$&%@ hurt! It felt like a, like a million
volts! Haha! No it’s actually two million. Really? Haha! The second you get tasered by that thing,
you, you really, fight or flight instincts kick in and you just wanna get the hell away
from the person. Yeah! I mean, it definitely hurts. I do believe
that’s a pretty good defensive tool, but I wouldn’t call it and offensive, like you
can’t attack with it. But if someone jumps on you, you just have it right here and ready. The downside is that you do have to be within
arm’s reach of the person. Exactly, exactly. This is your basic, keychain pepper spray
that most average people buy. Why? Why did we think this was a good idea? Why are we pepper spraying each other? Can’t
we just get like fake pepper spray and say it was real? Pepper spray? I’m gonna f$&% you up! Kick your ass you
son of a b@#%$! Let’s f$%^&* go b#%$&! Ahh! Come here you little- Ow! *coughs * Ahh! *coughing continues * How are you still? Give me a towel! Ahh! Are you not? Are you not crying? O man, dude I’m crying a lot. O dude…
My tear ducts are going insane. It’s not, immobilizing though. Really? I can’t, I mean can you open your
eyes? Ahh! Barely dude, but it hurts like- *Gurgling milk * Ahh! Ahh! Now it hurts! Ahh! AHH! Ha dude, I can’t, I don’t know how you
open your eyes right now, it hurts so bad. AHH GAH! I think it was all on my face and
I just washed it into my eyes dude. Dude it’s so bad dude! I’m gonna, open my eyes, alright? Ahh! Ahh! You’re just gonna pour milk on my face,
alright? Okay. Dude, dude this is stupid as f$%^ dude. It’s clean, it’s clean. Ahh dude! Burning, it feels like my eyes are on fire. My eyes are melting in my f#$^%*&… Haha! It was misting and it was missing my eyes
and kinda just going on my face, and it wasn’t until I actually washed my face that it went
in my eyes. I didn’t even get that close, I was going
towards him, I felt a couple drips go straight into my eye, as soon as that happened, like,
I was done. My eyes literally shut and I couldn’t, like I was trying to force my eyes open and
it wouldn’t. Can you pepper spray someone with sunglasses? Hey! Give me those cookies! Get away from me pervert, or else I’m going
to spray you with this pepper spray! O yeah? Well I got sunglasses! What are you
gonna do now? *Coughing * Hey get the towel. Ahh s%^&! Ahh f$&%! Ahh! Take the glasses off. Whatever you do, do
not, let it get in your eyes, don’t wipe your eyes right now. *coughs * Ahh! Ahh! This is a different part of the towel. Ahh! O your eyes are swelling up. Do you want to
sit down? Ahh! So I’d say that the sunglasses were not
effective. Stinging pain. Heheh. My face is like on fire. It’s like a stinging
fire on my face. Especially on my eyes. A little on my lips cause the first one kinda
got there. Uhh, yeah. God it’s like hot. Ahh f#$%! I knew that was going to happen. I was gonna, shock myself, but put your hand
on my shoulder and see if you get it too. Hah okay. Ahh! Nope, didn’t feel it haha! Really? Ahh f$#%! Yeah, that was intensely not fun. When it gets on your skin it feels like the
worst sunburn that you’ve probably ever had. It’s just like radiating burning f#$&^%
pain dude. It’s like, slowly absorbing into my skin all over my body. I might have to
get more milk, take a shower in some milk. A little bit over here, not as much. It’s
mainly- This is all Gene. Yeah, you came from that side. Obviously I was being a lot nicer to him.
The funniest thing is that we got injured on the one where he did not have a weapon. The taser is 1000 times more intimidating.
Like I think if you have one, there just gonna back away, cause that thing is scary. That would be what you would hope for. But if they don’t go away and they’re
not scared of it, it’s tougher than it looks to use I think. It’s also not immobilizing. Like, it hurts
while you’re getting tased, but, you’re not gonna sit there and be able to tase someone
ongoing while they’re trying to attack you. That just isn’t gonna happen. I think they only way to hold a taser against
someone like for four to five seconds, is to literally pin them down against something,
and then tase them, but at that point, you have full control over the other person, you
don’t need a taser! You should join UFC. One thing definitely to keep in mind is that
if they are carrying pepper spray, the first burst is going to be the most powerful. We
did a bunch of test sprays at the grass and we were trying to check it’s range and everything
before we did that test. So when you had it you were using a half used bottle and also
you were saying that you weren’t trying to go 100% spraying us right? Cause there’s
definitely points in the video where you were like this. Yeah. But you didn’t want to spray, you coulda
sprayed. Yeah you were just right there, and you were
even saying like, “spray me” and I was like, you sure? You want me to do it just,
right here? He’s nicer than the rest of us. So he wasn’t
trying to spray us too bad. You can take a taser gun and joke around and
taser your friends, but you’re never going to get pepper spray and jokingly pepper spray
each other, so- Yeah it’s like, really messed up. Did you think the sunglasses would protect
you against the pepper spray? You know I kinda did. Haha! Cause it’s like, well if you’re aiming
for my eyes, but my eyes are covered, like, it won’t work, right? So you now know, that if he’s got glasses
on, he’s still gonna go down. Yeah, haven’t you seen movies? All bad guys
wear sunglasses, even at night, they just show up and they’re creepy and have weird
hair cuts. Which one are you more afraid of? O definitely that one, get that away from
me, I’ll take this any day. Ahh! Ahh! You’re body jolts a little bit. Ahh! Haha! Ahh! Just as a disclaimer, these are not toys,
these are not something to be playing around with. The only time that these should be used,
if you feel like you need to defend yourself, or you’re fearing for your life. Yup, or if you’re just- Ahh! Ahh no! Just to clarify a few things, we use the word
“taser” a lot, but technically we were using stun guns. Actual tasers are the ones
that shoot out needles, they’re carried by law enforcement and they’re much more
effective. We haven’t tested tasers yet, but they’re not legal everywhere, they start
at $400 and they go up from there. They require more training, so I consider them to be in
its own class. Maybe we’ll test those one day. So after our testing, we concluded that
stun guns are 1000 times better than not carrying anything at all, but pepper spray still takes
the win for its size, effectiveness, ease of use and range. And don’t worry, no one
was hurt in the making of this video. At least, not super severely. The burglar from the 80s
is still alive and well.

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