That Mane Thou [SFM]

That Mane Thou [SFM]

Never go to Griffonstone without bits The griffons won’t give a damn about you without bits Because they’re all stingy bastards

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  1. This is hilarious XD man, I wish I could animate like this!

  2. you've got potential kid, subscribing 😀

  3. Much better in SFM mode.

  4. aw man I wanted to sub to you but youtube gives me a 404 error when I click sub (mobile device)
    happens on some channels randomly.
    could it be some setting you have active or do I just have a shitty yt app?

    also: nice animation 😉
    looks hella smooth

  5. "Princess Twilight is mad for having nothing to do."

  6. Ya'll earned a new subscriber, mate.

  7. what is that episode

  8. Nice. You're gonna go far kid

  9. Princess twilight is mad for not having anything to do
    lol XD

  10. X3 awesome! i can imagine twilight's unamused expression if she were there seeing her do that whole thing LOL

  11. that… was… of…. the episodes of ……my little pony…… SEASON FOUR!!!! XD STARTS LAUGHING SO LOUD

  12. I have one questions. rainbow dash what are those! !!!!!!!!!! Lola

  13. ha ha ha ha ha ha 🙂

  14. my caption at the end said Because there all stingy bastards

  15. Turn on the captions, it is SO WORTH IT!!!

  16. Always carry a lot of bits the griffins are sure if you share the well ( Rainbow dash )😐 POOF!!


  18. lol… ohps I broke the repeat o.o

  19. Was that her impression of Twilight Sparkle or Kimi Sparkle?

  20. That was so stupid

  21. lol, i remember this episode. nice cgi reenactment.

  22. Hahaha like it xD

  23. 0:07 The moment when Rainbow Dash realized the Twighlight was preaching communism/socialism… ðŸ˜Ļ😆

  24. Oh my goodness turn captions on..

  25. Ahhhwww is cutie woow i love much dashi

  26. Rainbow dash great job your the best pony

  27. Bruh
    Why this video popped on my YouTube homepage

  28. never go to griffenstone without bits
    the griffons won't give a damn about you
    without bits
    because they're all stingy bastards
    (said captions XD)

  29. Rainbow Dash is 20% more Twilight.

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