The 16500 lumen Acebeam X45 is the brightest flashlight yet

The 16500 lumen Acebeam X45 is the brightest flashlight yet

Let�s say hypothetically there are flashlights
that are brighter than your 600 lumen surefire or your insane torch the military has banned
because it made a bear deaf or whatever.� Now if you�ve watched this channel and you
believe everything I say- which you should because I�m from the government, then you
know that my 7200 lumen Meteor and my 9000 lumen Olight X7 are really bright� perhaps
cause you drank the lumen cool aid and bought those too.� You know or antifreeze depending
on how you look at things� There are special sorts of people out there where there�s
no such thing as too many lumens� no matter how small of an apartment you live in� how
tactical you really are�� or how many flashlights you hide from your wife.� Or
husband or real doll� I guess� I don�t know your situation.� Well in the race for people who need more
lumens, let me introduce you to the new king.� Or queen or whatever gender you assign intimate
objects.� The Acebeam X45.� A light that can pump out 16,500 lumens depending on which
version you choose.� I went with the Neutral white version and while acebeam doesn�t
say technically if it outputs less, generally cool white versions of lights are brighter
than the neutral white options.� The aluminum constructed X45 is a 4 LED light, using 4
Cree XHP70 quad core emitters.� The ace beam uses an orange peel reflector to help
smooth out the beam pattern a bit,� which sits behind a coated glass lens.� The X45
is powered off of 4 high drain rechargeable 18650 batteries, that are put into a battery
carriage inside the light. � Included in the package are 4 high drain unprotected
cells, a holster, a spare oring, a lanyard and and a manual. �To get to the lanyard
rind you�ll need a multitool plier to twist it and it pops out. The thing about a flashlight that puts out
this much lumens, is that there are big jumps in the brightness between modes.� So if
you�re going to buy a 16,500 lumen light and complain about low end mode spacing shut
up.� Just shut up.� I normally do this on a white wall, to allow you to see the brightness
jump between levels, but since the low end is like under 10 lumens and the high end about
150000 lumens that�s not possible, to accurately portray with this method� But here is a
beam profile shot first on a white wall on a mode.� A a distance the odd shape isn�t
really noticeable.� Ok� so here it is set up in the basement� First is firefly.�
It�s a very usable and respectable level for this light.� Next is Low.� Then is
mid.� Then is high.� Then is Turbo, note that it steps down.� Then is Turbo Max,
which also steps down.� Step downs are necessary in very bright lights, because they generate
a ton of heat. And this light gets hot on turbo max. How about the User Interface.� Like most
ace beams, the user interface is intuitive.� I prefer their control ring set-up a bit more
like on my K70� but those add some bulk to the lights.� Although overly bright lights
benefit from extra aluminum to help disperse and shed heat� I would not complain if this
light was a bit bulkier, and maybe used a thicker battery tube, with cutouts for a battery
like the X7 or Meteor versus the battery carrier.� Ok� so put the batteries in the carrier
like so.� Note polarity. Now the carrier itself when it goes into the tube doesn�t
matter which way you stick it though.� Tighten it down and you�re ready.� Press and hold
1 second to go to firefly.� If you hold it longer than 2 seconds you electronically
lock out the light.� To unlock it you can always press and hold until it stays in firefly
and it�s unlocked.� Firefly isn�t saved into mode memory.� Ok so turn it off again�
a single click turns it on or off.� Then press and hold to scroll through the 3 main
modes, low mid and high.� These are saved into mode memory after you turn it off�
so whatever the last mode you were using was, it comes on in that mode- provided it�s
low mid or high.� To get to turbo double click while on.� The timing is a little
weird� but you go to turbo first� and the double click to get to turbo max is slower�
basically click once it turns off and for a split second its black then click it again�
if you double click it too fast you won�t get it�again fast double click to turbo
then press pause press� slower double click and that�s it.�� Neither turbo or turbo
max are saved into mode memory.� When not in use for long periods of time or during
transport make sure you remove the batteries.� The led indicator next to the power button
is green you�re good� when it turns red battery voltage is starting to drop and higher
modes will not work correctly.� If it turns red charge your batteries.� A light that
has this sort of power, needs to be treated a bit more carefully.� To get to strobe,
triple click from on or off for instant tactical dance party. � Runtimes.� I did most of the runtimes.�
While this light puts out a ton of lumens, it does function like a regular old flashlight.�
I used the included batteries for all of my testing.� Please note that the cells are
unprotected.� I did not test it with protected cells.� And in the manual� It specifically
states that if you don�t charge when it gets red you will damage the batteries possibly.�
Now I did the work for you, and throwing caution to the side I let the light run continuously�
I found that when I picked up the light and after it cut off for the runtime tests.. that
red indicator light was still on, although light was no longer coming out of the front.�
Voltage for me was between 2.48-2.52 volts per battery.� 2.5 volts is often the minimum
voltage recommended for a lot of batteries, to keep from damaging them long term.� Which
I have found causes the battery to not charge fully or the battery to not hold consistent
charge.� I�ve never had a battery vent or explode, but this is my anecdotal evidence.�
So my recommendation is that this light is for people who will not forget to turn the
light off or will charge when the idiot light on the side turns from green to red. � First is Turbo Max. Turbo Max at 30 seconds
per FL1 standards is putting out 14,820 lumens� then at 3 mins in it starts to step down and
stabilizes at 6 minutes in at about 3600 lumens. You see that green indicator light on the
side green means good red means charge. On Turbo max I measured near the indicator light
at 167 degrees at 3 minutes in. That�s freaking hot- like you need to have gloves on for it
to feel comfortable. Then At about 53 minutes in you get the red light. Then it begins it�s
decline until I cut the test off at 2 hours and 11 minutes. Battery voltage was around
2.48-2.5 volts. Then is regular old 9000 lumen Turbo. At about
9 minutes in starts a ramp down to about where it steps down on turbo max. At about 57 minutes
in you get the red light Then at about 1 hour 10 minutes in it starts stepping down. You
don�t have to immediately charge at the red light, but its warning you total battery
voltage is about 13 volts or about 3.25 volts per battery. I let this one run all the way
till light stopped coming out at 2 hours and 27 minutes and battery voltage was around
2.48-2.5 volts Then because you and I have nothing better
to do lets get High. I know some people are sick of that one. At 1 hour and 20 minutes
it starts dimming after running pretty steady with no major brightness step downs. I let
it run for a while and dim and I ended the test at 2 hours and 56 minutes, voltage was
about the same as the other modes. Then because this is Youtube, and there�s
no shortage of boring videos, you get mid. This is the first mode with longer runtimes�
like if you need to use it for many hour over night� you get 3 hours and 16 minutes before
the red light kicks in,,, It starts dimming at 3 hours and 50 minutes, then continues
to dim until over 6 hours in and it cuts off at about 6 hours and 38 minutes� ending
voltage was about the same And for extra punishment let�s get low.
� Hey hey hey like being� no one else know that one? You get staeady light for about
9 hours and 45 minutes� red light kicks in signaling about 13 volts total from your
batteries. Then it starts dimming a bit later at 11 hours and 15 minutes. Light ceases to
come out at about 13 hours and 44 minutes. And let�s do a test to see if there�s
thermal regulation or timed rrgulation. Not scientific� one has
a fan on it, the other doesn�t both seem to start dimming around the same point�
I noticed about a 15 to 20 degree temperature difference at 3 minutes in 165 vs about 145
for the cooled one. Both stabilize at about 7ish minutes in to the same brightness. Again
at this point you�re still pretty hot at about 150 ish degrees near the switch and
120ish near the tailcap. If you want to run this for more than a few minutes on it�s
max bring gloves. You�ll be fine if you use it in bursts 2 minutes or under without
gloves and settle on one of the low modes. Ok, now the beam shots.� Here are the lights
I�ll be comparing this X45 too.� That�s right a few of the brightest lights out there.�
A few other Acebeams, and a context light.� A context light is a light I�ll say is about
1000 lumens, maybe a little less, because that�s what most people are familiar with
as being bright.� Since our eyes are more sensitive to light than my camera, this will
help to give perspective.� Ok first up is my context light the Xtar B20 pilot� OG
subscribers will remember this video� the jokes haven�t improved but the quality,
cameras, and testing all have.� Ok now is the X45 in Turbo Max.� That context light
will help give it some wow factor.� My X45 puts out a little less than 15,000 lumens�
I assume that to be because the neutral versions always put out less than the cool white versions.�
Expect the cool white in theory to get closer to 16,5000 lumens, and I have no reason to
doubt that because I own several Acebeams and you can watch those reviews for my testing.�
Now is the X45 in just puny 9000 lumen turbo mode� remember for our eyes to perceive
something to be twice as bright it really needs to be 4 times as bright.� That�s
why it may not seem like much difference, but it really is.� The figures on screen
for all the lights are my tested figures.� Now we�l go back got the Turbo Max mode,
before moving on to the Olight X7, which was my brightest light, but is now my second brightest.
It has a cool tint, and I prefer the more Neutral Acebeam tint.� The X45 on paper
is the current brightest production light.� The 4sevens maelstrom was 15,000 lumens but
that�s discontinued, and the Imalent DT70 is 16,000 lumens.� Now I know my X45 is
under 15,000 lumens� but remember I�m testing the NW version, my testing equipment
isn�t professionally calibrated.� Now to the Noctigon Meteor.� The most compact
of my big lumen lights.� With a nice neutral tint.� And the video responsible for almost
1/3 of my total channel views.� Now back to the X45 for a few seconds before moving
onto another Acebeam the K70.� The Acebeam K70 is my throwiest light still� meaning
highest candela� it will shine light much further into the distance than the X45, even
though it�s only a fraction of the brightness.� The X45 is much floodier, but still no slouch
in throw� partly due to it�s immense lumen pumping power.� Now to the Acebeam EC50�.
now I�m basically using this, in case you also bought this light from another one of
my videos� just showing you how much of an upgrade this light is in brightness and
throw.� Now back to the X45. For a few seconds� before going to my custom adventure sport
flashlights maglite.� Yeah thats right a nearly 5000 lumen maglite.� The bloodiest
big lumen light I have by a long shot� if you want a dispersed bright light this is
about as bloody as you can get� That video should be out soon?� Maybe it�ll be out
before this video- I�m just waiting for fellow flashlight channel adventure sport
flashlight to give me the go ahead to publish my video.� Back to the X45� and let�s
wrap this up. Now most people have no need for this bright
of a light- but I review these things because for some defect in my brain I like the biggest
and brightest lights.� Hopefully you have that defect too.� Or maybe your defect is
exotic blade steel.� This is about a mid to high 200 light depending on where you get
it.� Which isn�t that bad when you do some lumen per dollar math- especially if
you have a surefire as your reference light.� Flashlight humor!� And someone else is like-
those are fighting words!� Ace beam continues to prove they can push the envelop in max
lumens and throw.� Again this may soon change but this is on paper the brightest production
flashlight I�;m aware of.� Now there are brighter custom lights� and vinh makes a
brighter version of this light, and maybe there are specialty spot lights� you get
the idea right?� As in Nitecore, surefire, olight, etc� major flashlight companies�
this is the brightest at least for a few weeks.� The light is waterproof to IPX-8 standards�
so use in the rain and elements and temporary shallow submersion in water is ok� provided
your orings are lubed and you don�t disassemble the light.� And you know what it�s surprisingly
compact�� you know relatively speaking.� Technically.� Ace beam provided this light
for testing and review.� If you like this review, stay tuned for reviews of the best
lights available� or at least some of the most interesting�. subscribe, give the video
a thumbs up, leave a comment.� Thanks for watching. The 16,500 lumen Acebeam X45 Flashlight Review.
The Brightest Flashlight Yet. If you wanted to purchase 2017 brightest production
flashlight, the Acebeam X45 at 16,500 lumens is it. This review tells you everything you
need to know about the brightest flashlight ever. In the review I have a flashlight beamshot
comparison between the X45 and other lights including: The Noctigon Meteor, the Olight
X7, the Acebeam K70, the Acebeam EC50, the Xtar B20 Pilot and the World Brightest Maglite.
I also test runtimes, check how hot the light gets, and test all brightness levels. This
is the best comparison and review video on the X45 on Youtube. Check out the flashlight
at You can also preorder it at and
use coupon code �AKB� for a discount. BLF: Acebeam X45 Video Review. Runtimes, Outputs,
and Beamshots, etc. Hey Budget Light Forum. Recently Acebeam had
a global testing campaign, and I asked them if I could participate. They said yes- and
so a few weeks later here is my review. I test outputs, runtimes, walk around with it
at night, and do a big beamshot comparison in the video. The Olight X7 and Noctigon Meteor
make big appearances in the video. Thanks for watching, and let me know if you have
any questions! Candle Power Forums: Acebeam X45 Flashlight Review (4x XHP70, 4x
18650, 16,500 lumens) Hey guys. My latest review is for the Acebeam
X45. It is the brightest light I have ever tested- by almost twice as much. In this review
I test the light pretty extensively, including: runtimes, outputs, and more. There�s a thorough
demonstration of the User Interface, and a big beamshot comparison with the Olight X7
and the Noctigon Meteor. Acebeam provided this light for review and testing. Thanks for watching. Reddit Acebeam X45 Review. 16,500 lumens. Sup Reddit. I am blown away by the output
of this beast. As I was walking around the yard last night with the light it occurred
to me that comparatively my Meteor didn�t seem that bright. On camera it may not seem
like it, but I had to double check my Meteor because I was sure it was on Turbo. Anyway�
this light is truly impressive, and it really heats up. Check out the review if you�d
like to see it pitted against the Olight X7 and the Noctigon Meteor. Acebeam provided
this light for review.

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