The 20 Best Hearthstone Neutral Legendary Cards. What should I Craft? Great Crafting Guide.

Hello my friends. My name is Bot Mathematician, and this is
Holomancer. We have collected a great amount of information
and statistics in order to create a large list of the most useful neutral Legendary cards. I will be grateful if you like this video. Neutral Legendary Cards are an important
and versatile component of the game. In the Standard format we have 47 Neutral
Legendaries, and we are receiving 5 more new ones after
the release of the new expansion. I should point out, that in the past each
set had 11 neutral and 9 class cards. Everything changed after the release of Ungoro. In this set, each class received 2 cards. The total number of legendary cards has also
changed from 20 to 23 cards. Every week I process the results of differents
meta reports and calculate the popularity of decks, strong
archetypes and cards in ladder game. This list contains information from all ranks
including the legend rank. Our main task is to show you the most popular
and necessary neutral cards for the game, and to help you properly invest your dust. To get started, let’s quickly look at the
first ten best cards. When choosing your next Legendary card to
craft, you should always consider both the strength
of the card, and the set it is in. Supposedly, another card rotation will take
place in April, the year of the Raven will end,
and a new game year will begin in Hearthstone. In the standard format, we will lose 3 very
important sets of cards that were added to the game in the Year of
the Mammoth. We will lose Journey to Un’Goro, Knights
of the Frozen Throne and Kobolds and Catacombs. You’re the ones that should make decision
to create these strong cards and play with them only until April,
or to create cards from this year’s additions and classic set, or even save dust for the
new expansion. We want to ask you, should players create
cards from add-ons that leave standard mode or not? We created a Youtube poll. Find the button on the screen,
please vote and share your opinion in the comments. I want to share my opinion with you. It seems to me that you can create at least
one neutral legendary card that is going into the Wild format soon if
you really want it. Provided this card is strong, universal, popular,
has a good win-rate, or at least has interesting mechanics. You will enjoy the game and significantly
strengthen your decks, although only for just a few months… And now let’s look at the top ten most popular
cards and talk in more detail about each of them. The tenth position is held by Alexstrasza. Alexstrasza has been a combo enabler since
the early days of Hearthstone. The option to either burst down an opponent
to set up a kill or dodge incoming lethal damage makes Alexstrasza
a perennial powerhouse worthy of crafting. Here is a graph that shows the percent popularity
of this card over 15 months of observation. Today, 5% of all meta decks include this card. Alex is currently played in many different
decks, most notably in Malygos Druid, Big Mage, Odd
Mage and Control Priest. The win rate of all decks with Alex is 53%
on average. At ninth place is Zola the Gorgon. This card got into some popular meta decks,
mostly as a part of a combo or an extra value generator. Quest Rogue, One Turn Kill Paladin, or Shudderwock
Shaman are only some of the decks that can run it
right now. Here are the dynamics of the popularity of
this card in the metagame. More than 5% of all meta decks include this
card right now. On average the win rate of this card is 51%
. The eighth position is held by Malygos. Malygos has been a part of multiple combo
decks throughout the history of Hearthstone. Right now it’s played in Malygos Druid,
Quest Druid, Clone Priest and Malygos Rogue decks. The popularity of this card is more than 7%. It’s win rate is 51% on average. If you look at the graph, you will see
that Malygos is going through its golden period right now. This card was used somewhat consistently in
the past, but had very little popularity at certain
points. Over the past five months, the situation has
changed substantially. At seventh place is Genn Greymane. Decks with Genn never miss playing something
on turn one. The most popular archetypes at the moment
are Even Warlock, Even Shaman and Even Paladin. Even decks are a big part of the meta right
now, with more than 9% popularity, and win rates
over 56% The
sixth position is held by Bloodmage Thalnos. Thalnos is best placed into combo decks where
he’s used to find key pieces of the combo as quickly as possible. In the current meta, he’s found in Mill Druid,
Quest Priest, Tempo Rogue, Tempo Mage and Quest Mage. This is truly a very important and universal
card. Thalnos has found a place in the decks of
all classes except Hunter and Warrior, and he has 10% popularity. Today, the win rate of all decks with Thalnos
is 49% on average. At fifth place is Baku the Mooneater. Surprisingly, it turned out that both Even
and Odd decks are viable. Baku’s upgraded Hero Power has found a home
in some of the meta decks. Nearly all of the hero powers are incredible
when upgraded, and so Odd decks are played in Rogue, Paladin,
Warrior, Hunter and even in certain Mage archetypes. Baku is still more popular than Genn. More than 13% of all meta decks include this
card right now. On average it’s win rate is 56%. The fourth place is held by what may be the
most aggressive and unstoppable card in the metagame: Leeroy
Jenkins. The massive Charge damage makes this card
a powerful finisher for a long time. Leeroy playing in many popular aggro decks
such as Odd Rogue, Odd Paladin and Zoo Warlock. If you look at the graph, you will see
that Leeroy has maintained stable popularity over the past six months. The popularity of this card is more than 16%. It’s win rate is 56% on average. In spot three is Zilliax. Immediate board presence and healing makes
it a mainstay in many decks. Almost 17% of all decks include this card. Zilliax does multiple things well. It offers healing and can often remove two
minions while gaining at least six health. It is no surprise that this card finds a home
in the popular archetypes of Hunter, Priest, Warrior, Rogue, Warlock
and even Paladin and Shaman. In second place is The Lich King. This legendary card is playable in many popular
midrange and control decks and archetypes. Even in some decks where he’s not considered
a staple, you can often throw him in as filler if you’re
missing a late game card. He found his place in the popular decks of
all classes except Rogue. More than 19% of decks include this card right now. The win rate of all decks is 54% on average. This is an incredible result, unfortunately,
this card will not be able to be enjoyed for much longer. And finally, the card in first place is Prince
Keleseth. Keleseth is the most popular Legendary card
in the game right now. His primary home at the moment is in several
midrange and tempo decks. The most popular of them is Zoo Warlock, Deathrattle
Hunter and Shudderwock Shaman. Every fifth meta deck includes this card right
now. From a power perspective, this is one of the
highest win rate cards in the game when drawn in an opening hand. And we can not forget about the most unique
card in the game. Whizbang the Wonderful is probably the best
Legendary a new or casual player can get. You can find more information in a special
video about Whizbang. You will find the link in the description But we desire to ask you. Do you continue to play with Whizbang the
Wonderful or not? We created a Youtube poll. Find the button on the screen,
please vote and share your opinions in thecomments. Alright, that’s all for today! Thank you for being with us. And special thanks to Chris for text editing! We will meet in new videos. Good luck!

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