The best flashlight for tube light-painting [NOT ANYMORE]

The best flashlight for tube light-painting [NOT ANYMORE]

talking about my flashlights he goes back d25 a to using double-a batteries d25 LSC to using 18 650 batteries first one is the clicky version from the tactical which is a bit more powerful the one I’m currently using is this one b-25s c2 tactical super-powerful constant strobe mode waterproof everything that I need the other one here in the center is a bit different you can still fit two of those in the tube it’s the most powerful one that I have everything looks good on paper but it has a major problem doesn’t have the constant strobe mode so if I go on strobe you can see it’s going from fast to slow pattern which is not good at all so this one I keep it only for studio city again this one is the best now with a bit of thumb here and from the Tehama with the chicken thank you good night

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  1. Do you use any colored lights or do you just use colored tubes and other filters? Also, many 18650 flashlights can get up to 1k lumen or more; is not better? How many lumen do you usually use? The full 740 of the D25lc2? Thanks!

  2. OMG!!!!! I've been a fan of your work for years! I finally discovered your youtube channel and facebook group! Just sent a request! Im excited to learn from you!

  3. Eric,

    Just wanted to say how cool it was to share this info with us.

  4. Hi Eric! Where do you get your tubes from? Thanks!

  5. If I use a color tube that you recommend do I still need the parchment paper or color gels inside?

  6. The first amazon link (to 'My favorite flashlight') doesn't work anymore.

  7. How come your not getting captured in exposure ? I can you lights on you hand n bit on face even if you wear dark cloths your captured. Please share

  8. Join the learning group for all the details about the tubes:

  9. Hi Eric, have been meaning to subscribe about a week or so ago, but have not got round to it cos' I've been watching all your vids. They are fricking awesome.

  10. I just got the D25LC2 tactical in the mail. I activated strobe mode but I'm not getting a constant strobe. Just fast to slow strobe. How can I fix this? I'm also using CR123A batteries.

  11. Hey! I'm now selling tubes: <3

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