The Best Personal Defense Tools and How to Use Them

The Best Personal Defense Tools and How to Use Them

So we’re here in Newberg, Oregon. We’re asking some people, ladies at this point
what they do for personal defense. Do you have any tools on you? Do you have a protocol that you use when you’re walking in public or out by yourself or out at night? I walk to my car at night from work Holding my alarm button on my keys, my car keys Do you have a protocol for coming out later at night or… I don’t. I probably should but I don’t And you’re by yourself frequently? Yes So what I’m seeing is no real preparation and no preparation that’s really
going to be valuable to them. A little bit of preparation, a little bit of tools,
a little bit of knowledge can make you safe, or you could walk out there and roll the dice. I’m James Williams. I design knives and
personal defense tools for CRKT. I teach close quarter battle to police and military. I teach civilian personal defense
and edged weapon use. We’re here tonight with Eve, who has
agreed to help us out with our filming. So we’re going to run through some tools, some tactics, some strategy on how to be safe and well. Personal defense isn’t about fighting. If you’re already in fighting,
you’ve made a series of mistakes. You park your car during the day and
you come out after dark, it’s not the same place anymore. So as you start moving through,
you just look what’s possible? Could somebody hide here
or could they be there? The biggest thing is awareness. The single best tool is the tactical flashlight. As you can see down some of the streets, it’s dark. You could walk by something you couldn’t see in to
and somebody could come out of there. You never walk by a dark hole. You always light it up before you get there. I don’t want to walk past it not having to cleared it. So bad guy. So you can see this light is enormously bright. Okay Enormously bright. Alright so first thing, we’ll light them up.
I want to see hands okay, okay? I’m gonna light him up to see is he a threat or not. Okay. The other thing is,
if you shine the light in someone’s eyes, it completely removes their vision. You can’t see anything other than the light. Okay Even if they’re threatening you, keep it in their eyes. Most of the time they won’t close. If they’re going to approach, they still can’t see. Pens are really valuable defense tool because one designed properly, you can carry them everywhere. Easy to use, writes very well,
and if you need it as a force multiplier, it’s a very effective tool. Okay. Aircraft grade aluminum, so it’ll penetrate,
it’ll break bones You know and you’d grasp it, like this in an ice-pick grip or you’d hold it like this to thrust. Okay, between your fingers okay,
so that’s an icepick grip so Yes to thrust – boom. Because if you’re that close,
this is serious now. So you hit them hard. It’ll go in, which is good. And it’ll hurt like heck more than a knife
does because it’s not sharp. It’s sharp enough to penetrate,
but it hurts and what we want is, shock disengagement right so that you can get away. It’s not your job to engage people. If I grabbed you to hold you and you took that pen
in an ice-pick Grip and you hit me on the back of the hand.
If you hit hard you can feel on yourself that’s going to break bones is going to cause an enormous amount pain a lot of nerves. Keep the light in there eyes and keep hitting them. You know like right behind the clavicle. Up in the neck. Okay keeping the light
in my eyes with one, okay? Okay, and just really going to work with the pen until they quit. We don’t swing the light at people to hit them. Okay, I’d very much disagree with that. Okay, once I start swinging the light on or off you have an option or possibility of blocking it. If I continue to blind your eyes, everything else I do from behind that light you can’t see. So when you approach your car, always have your flashlight in your hand. And then your keys that you want to hold it like this, So that you could then, if somebody grabbed you, you just drill them in the hands, or if they grabbed you instead of the hand, just drill them right in the face. Eyes. Drill them in the throat. Okay they feel nice and solid so you
could hit no problem. Bang, your gonna be at soft tissue
as much as possible anyway. Okay, there you go boom and
then you could just tune them up. Once you have to engage, let out the inner You keep the light in his eyes, bring the pen out… Now leave the light here. Take a step to your right but relax
so the light stays where it is. But leave the light here. Okay, so what I want you to do is, look at this if I hold the light here and I step and it’s in your eyes,
you still think I’m here. Okay, so you keep it in his eyes. Okay. Light in his eyes. Shine it. Push in. Okay, step to your right, leaving the light here,
and then see you’re at an angle. Yes Go ahead and make that motion several times
because you’re going to light him up. Because all he sees is the light. If it’s in his eyes. He has no idea that you move sideways So we have several things:
you can’t see, surprise, shock, pain. When I teach people to use knives,
the knife is not used as a tool to intimidate people. It’s not flashed around. The bad person should not see that knife until they’re feeling it. This is a weapon of last resort for civilians. Do not use it unless it’s absolutely necessary, and if it is then get down to serious business. Don’t buy the B.S. that, “Oh they’ll take it away
from you and use it on you.” Because you’re going to be in banshee mode, and the only thing that they’re going to get is the business end of things, right? Pen and knife is used almost the same way Using this, hold it this way with the edge towards you so that you could… Because it’s a small blade. You can’t slash a lot with a blade this small. It just doesn’t have contact enough. Put your thumb over there you go and just If you are in real danger, then you just let it go Okay, anything that touches you first and then, unless he runs away, you just keep whacking him until he’s either down or he runs away. Most importantly I feel empowered to defend myself. I guess it’s not that hard to have the
right tools with you at all times, and with very little instruction, can defend yourself.

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  1. if you use a tactical pen you could break someone's ribs if you keep stabing him

  2. Good only for night. I've seen stuff happen in the day

  3. Put your keys on a leash, such as paracord.

    1. Always with you
    2. Can carry in your HAND where its immediately available
    3. Doesnt look strange if you do carry it in your hand
    4. Metal keys are very devastating
    5. More inertia/force generated on swinging keys. Or, you dont need to swing, use keys as shown in video.
    6. You dont have to buy anything except a cheap piece of paracord.
    7. Lease could be attached to a striking tool, flashlight or just about anything else you could think of.
    8. The main point is ITS IN YOUR HAND…..and GIVES YOU DISTANCE away from your attacker. Use the flashlight, or swing the keys…and push the panic button. The lease contains all the ideas in one.
    9. Buys you time to deploy another tool.

    Better features… it yourself….combine it with other tools……way cheaper price making it yourself than other things you could buy.

  4. Light in eye is good idea.

  5. you are so fucking americans

  6. Why do some people have daughters if their daughters have to go through life being scared and a target for the rest of their lives?

  7. If i kill the bad guy who trying to kidnapped me will i go to the jail?


  9. She should have stepped to the left to the attacker, on his blind side, Never ever step in-front of your attcker.Ever!

  10. imagining crazy feminazi with this pen stabing white males cause of their priveleges…the horror

  11. I don't want her mad at me. I just want her! (jk)

  12. Good video and lessons.

  13. Where is your gun?

  14. The first thing I do is defend America by buying American. ALL CRKT is made offshore. Awareness indeed.

  15. Would rather have a Glock 26 instead of a pen

  16. I Liked this video. I believe simple strategies for women often work best in critical situation; When they are quick and efficient they feel more confident. I would love to know how sturdy is that blade though. Its small and compact, great for real world.. This was interesting! Great Job on the video it felt personal and unique.

  17. I’m not sure that teaching her to hold the knife with the edge towards her is the best idea. Also, you kind of suggested that she shine a flashlight into every person she encounters walking at night. People don’t take kindly to that and it might cause her problems from someone who otherwise didn’t have any bad intentions. It’s probably a good idea to teach people to identify a threat prior to using a offensive tactic against them. A lot of “street people” can be aggressive, but generally speaking, if you don’t mess with them, they won’t mess with you. I’d say, if a person enters your zone of concern, of say 15-20ft, shine the light at their legs and identify if they’re a threat. If they are, move the light to their eyes. If they’re not, say something to the effect of “I’m sorry, I’m just trying to be safe” or if you want to deescalate a potentially aggressive persons hostility(from having a light shined in their face), say something like “I’m sorry, I’m just trying to be safe. My mother was murdered in a robbery last year, so I try and be careful.” Everyone has a mother after all. Or “I was attacked during a mugging. Now I take a FEW precautions to try and be safe. I didn’t mean to shine a light on you.”

  18. She needs a fucking gun. This shit is a joke!

  19. Very cool. People SHOULD know how to defend themselves. Particularly women and smaller stature men, and young men, who are statistically most likely to be assaulted or targeted by random strangers.

  20. I like this video because it allows people to be prepared to react to an extremely UNUSUAL situation (being attacked) using everyday tools that are also useful in the real world – which is not usually dangerous.

  21. Whether you wind up a victim or a victor is entirely up to you and that begins with your thinking, training and planning for various situations.

  22. some of these are iffy at best I recognize I've gone though training and by no means am I the average guy but I have taken knives and guns from people in fights so ya it is more than possible.for someone to take your knife

  23. If you cannot even turn on a flashlight while not stressed…stay home.

  24. This is partly a commercial, but it is also legit advice. If some thug goes for a woman, and he gets blinded and then brutally stabbed with a blade….he either runs off or he's a dummie/dead.

  25. Thanx for the tips .I won't be carrying a knife

  26. Keep up the good work, I have been using your products for several years and they function flawlessly, God bless….
    Tony Parrish, Douglas AZ

  27. Amazing – I'd really like to try this new knife. I love CRKT's and would love to add this one to my collection, count me in on the giveaway. Keeping fingers crossed.

  28. Check your state laws folks. If you engaged in this in most places in Europe, you'd get locked up for a long time.

  29. Is you’re an inexperienced male or female I’d use the Columbia River Bear Claw. If you get punch or knocked down it’s going to stay in your hand. Unfortunately it’s discontinued but other manufacturers sell the same design. This type of finger through the knife design compiled with pepper spray in the other hand is a great self defense set up. The best would be a fire arm though.

    Americas #1 TACTICAL PEN

  31. [I realize these comments are likely unwelcome]

    I have so many mixed emotions about "women's self-defense". I've studied aikido since 1991 and I'm now branching out into other martial arts; many times, "martial arts virgins" police officers would come to our aikido dojo, and even 6th kyu students could p'wn them without working up a sweat. My ex-wife took some women's self-defense training, and I had learned in my 3rd martial arts lesson how to nerf pretty much all of her techniques. And, my art isn't even a full-contact style – watch some episodes of Jason "Mayhem" Miller's "Bully Beatdown" to see how the average instrumental violent crime thug does against an experienced full-contact martial artist.

    I really don't know the answer for teaching the average non-martial arts enthusiast woman how to defend herself against an experienced instrumental violent crime thug. The only thing I really do know is that death is preferable to being in someone's milieu control in a secondary location, and so, if it comes down to that, a woman should fight tooth-and-nail to the death.

    Having studied martial arts for decades, I know anything one is going to try to impart to someone in a few hours training, an experienced martial artist is just going to be able to nerf out of hand – and, an instrumental violent crime thug, likely armed with a 0.45 or 9mm handgun, is just going to be able to overwhelm. I really don't know what the answer is. We're supposed to pay the police force to take care of these things so we don't have to. Aside from giving up one's property without a struggle in an armed robbery and fighting tooth-and-nail to the death to avoid being taken into milieu control at a secondary location, I really don't have any useful advice I can give the average citizen about defending themselves against instrumental violent crime.

  32. Get a fucking Pencil and some rubberbands, exelent stabbing wep

  33. The only thing I would change is how he suggests to hold the knife. I agree that the "ice-pick", blade down grip is ideal; however, I would hold the cutting edge facing toward the knuckles, rather than the palm.

  34. Thank you very much for this video. It's great! I wish you all the best. And I also hope you guys will stop killing animals.

  35. Must have EDC Tactical Defense Knife Highly Recommended!

  36. Awesome knife I carry a crkt every day and this new one bad ass

  37. A pen

  38. Wouldn't it be great if you can take a rottweiler everywhere you go :))

  39. Take a look at Orthrus on Youtube. Down to earth no bs self defence.

  40. Well she would be dead in that situation for not taking it seriously

  41. That's really AWESOME but NOTHING beats a 45cal

  42. if you deported brown people back to africa and built a wall this wouldnt be a problem

  43. Great video. You need a daylight version, too.

  44. Great tips. I got the tactical 🔦…

  45. Wouldn’t you damage your hand when you hold your keys in your hand.

  46. so how many people got a criminal record after this video??? its all good and dandy but when police comes they dont care you going to prison and all you did was defending yourself…. and if you are a minority …. well good luck not getting lead from the badge

  47. A handgun could possibly help just a tiny bit.

  48. I travel on planes a lot, and a gun, and even sometimes a knife just can't come along. I've just finished my 10th trip (20 check-in) bag screenings with my Pen PDT (yeah I agree "tactical pen" is a bit wannabee sounding). I have it in plain site in my computer bag, clipped next to two other pens. Hasn't been looked at or mentioned once.

    On the ground I clip it inside my front pocket. Unobtrusive, easy to get at, looks like what it is, a pen.

    On the price / quality, I did some research and bought 4 different pens for under 12 bucks each. I looked for aluminum construction, tungsten tip, and most importantly, the top (where your thumb might go) is FLAT. Some of these pens are configured rather unweildly with all sorts of bells & whistles. Others have no cap on the "pen" end so you have two points. No place to place your thumb to really strike with the thing. Others go on and on about how well they WRITE. Look if I'm going to write something, I'll get a 99 cent pen, not pay 39 -50 bucks for a PDT pen that writes great & takes Parker refills!

    I practiced with the pen versus cardboard & other objects, just various striking maneuvers combined with punches & kicks. You don't want the first time you've tried this thing to be the real deal.

    Tactically, I think the idea of jabbing such a small light object isn't optimal. Personally, I carry it point down in my fist and prefer to punch. If I were to do down or was engaged in a grapple, it becomes a perfect strike down weapon (thats why the flat tip is essential). All four I screened worked well. Gave one to my sister and another to a friend who services equipment in bad neighborhoods (and yes he carries).

    Would I prefer to have a .357? Would I prefer my Walther in my pocket? Would I prefer my K-Bar? Would I prefer my Kershaw assist open? Would I prefer a tactical cane, hatchet, brass knuckles, sap, etc, etc, etc. Yes. Yes. Yes. But when I can't have those, for 10-12 bucks I have added a tool that I can bring on the d^mn plane. 12 bucks and if I never need to use it, well I'm blessed.

  49. If you are a woman, get a gun. Get your CCW / CPL and carry responsibly. In those situations where an attacker tries to initiate a rape, they are successful in slightly less than 50% of the time — same situation and the woman has a gun the percentage go down below 1%. That’s huge. Be safe.

  50. Hooah Sensei Williams situational awareness leads to crucial seconds In life and death. Thank you. I personall caryy you hissatsu as my edc. Great penetrator not too big. Very wieldy nimble. My favorite go to defense tool

  51. My everywhere carry are a flashlight and knife

  52. This video is an illusion. The only real defense would be a 5 mw Laserpointer in the eyes

  53. I carry canned food with me

  54. My strategy is , pocket knife , tactical flashlight or if it's not that serious , pepper spray.

  55. That’s it James keep up your message & good work ! As they taught us in Scouts with our motto “ be prepared !”

  56. Ok, this was a really good video…. until he started with knifes. In almost no state can you stab someone with a concealed knife and not go to prison. DO NOT CARRY KNIVES! There are better, safer, more effective self defense weapons. Also, if you do 😉 the bit (6:45) about not being about to cut with a short blade is complete BS. If you give me a tiny knife I will open your wrist with it when you come at me, and well, see you in the hospital. 😉

  57. Going to the car is when you are most vulnerable,so you need to be very alert. Your best protection is to not be alone in the first place,but learn how to protect yourself anyway.Watch these videos and practise until everything becomes instinctive. Don't stop to think,react fast,hit fast then get the hell out!

  58. The best self defense strategy for a woman is to scream and run, not to flash a light in their face and then stab them with an object that isn't even sharp. What the fuck kind of advice is this?

  59. The overhead hand knife grip can lead to an arm grab away from you. Short, close tight stabs might be better. The confrontation will be too close to allow higher stabs.

  60. If professional and well trained police can not use a firearms safely, how do a civilian without practice manage to cope to keep his blade in own possession and in proper use? Police are eager to kill innocent private homeowner in his own backyard and tasing him for resisting the arrest as he is unable to comply while bleeding to death.

  61. The best personal defense tool is a gun

  62. what is more effective in your opinion? a knuckleduster or a pointy pen like this? lets say in combination with a flashlight.

  63. I think no one should carry a knife who doesn't know how to use it…

  64. Absolute rubbish. This thrusting pen bullshit. That would be like shooting a grizzly bear with a .22.

    You're an IDIOT. And you're full of shit as a self-defense expert. You've never even tried to do any of this stuff in a training space.

    Imagine a guy in a leather jacket, coming at somebody, determined to get them under control in some manner, and see how much damage a woman — OR A MAN — is going to do against that attack with an aluminum fucking pen. — What nonsense.

    In the little slow-mo kiss thing of a demonstration here, you've got her slipping the pen up into his neck with this little "surprise surprise!" sucker jab. — Her elbows would be already pinned against her chest at that point, you dipshit.

    Fuck you.

    Talk softly and carry a small flashlight.

  65. Or is it walk softly? — I always forget that one. Teddy was so prolix.

    But the movie gets better here. Now it's the deadly (but often much misunderestimated) "Stab to the very back of thine OWN most offending hand! Sir!" maneuver. — Or we just used to call it the "Unhand Me, thou Cad!" slap.

    "As she raises the dagger to strike,
    with viper-like precision
    The over-anxious suitor,
    Overwhelmed now by the almost …
    … untouchable distance between his beauty and hers
    even since
    that eternal half moment before
    (Oh!!! Just a moment before )
    in which he reached out so desperately for her troth
    has now entirely lost sense of anything like reactions.

    Stunned and held in her gaze
    he sees the arm go up…
    (… of course… of course… of course he sees it)
    but he cares now not whether he lives or dies,
    should she truly

    "I… I… I…

    …. i may not take your hand in marriage now, Milady?

    Then I shall most certainly withdraw mine.

    But only after thou hath plunged it thorough mine own flesh to finally merge with yours forever!"

    "Sweet lady."

    It's kinda like bad Shakespearean stuff. Somebody's definitely going to die of heartache.

    But yeah.


    Yeah, I can see how that would totally work in like a fifth Spiderman reboot.

  66. Thank God for my minimalist Bowie and glock 19

  67. You gotta practice self defense regularly. Under adrenaline you are going to freeze and forget. Telling and showing someone what to do are useless. I’m a self defense instructor.

  68. The Tac pen looks like it is about enough to piss a man off.

  69. You're selling bull shit here! In a real life situation your products are only going to get most women brutally murdered on the spot and very possibly with their own knife or little toy you sell here! This beyond ridiculous! Many if not most attackers that would attack and harm a woman seriously have been in the can already and are in good shape and know how to handle a wimp using a garbage useless weapon like the trash you're selling here!

    and a woman stabs them with a toy knife you offer here and they will slit her throat with their knife or crush her skull with just a few blows of their fist or gun or whatever object they have in hand!

    Women need to carry pepper spray and a small Beretta in .22LR (or two) on their person at the very least! NOT carried in their purse! And to pedal your crackerjack toys you've shown here only reveals your ignorance to real life attack situations for a woman!

    Not a bright light in their eyes, little knives, little pieces of aluminum that look like a pen to hit a pressure point, etc. that's am absolute joke in a real life attack on a woman! And evidently you not smart enough to realize that or you're only trying to stuff money in your pocket or both!

    The crap you've showed here and your so called tactics are fairy land all bull shit for a woman and in most cases will only seal their fate by making their perp furious and get them slaughtered like a sheep when they try and use them. You might save a few with this crap but that is only due to circumstances or luck and that is all. You're disgusting this is pure BS!

  70. I would really advice to buy the agressive flashlight by WowTac from Blackscoutsurvival…Agressive bezel so you can use two weapons…I totally dig CRTK and the M16 is great

  71. XD funny how they did a cut in the vid when he told her to let out her inner Bitch funny af.

  72. just practice running very fast, sprinting! get your cardio up, too

  73. Stabbing someone in the neck is likely to kill them; simply being 'threatened' by someone is not the same as being attacked by someone. Be careful you yourself don't end up charged with serious assault or worse.

  74. this guy trains your tough guys. lol.

  75. For schoolboys, not russian

  76. Never use knife for self-defense!!! 80% you will kill !!!

  77. In Canada we are not allowed to use anything for Self Defense! We have zero Self Defense laws!

  78. Excellent first step into defence. I'll share this video w/ women friends. My next blade purchase is machete.

  79. Knowledge and pushups are free… Be the weapon/don't live in fear

  80. Well thats one way to end up in prison, causing serious harm even in self defence, will only result in charges for assault with a deadly weapon.

  81. At close quarters like this it’s not my tools, it’s our tools. Must learn some empty hand skills

  82. Why does everybody who makes an instructional video (of any type) think they have to put in a lot of distracting music?

  83. Push daggers are the best bet for self defense knives.


  85. This is very good information, but please, please remember that violent crime has been DECREASING pretty steadily for like the last 30 years.

    Be prepared, but don’t buy into the hype that violence is ‘normal’ and that everyone needs to be afraid. Ladies are already paranoid enough because of all the hype in the media, one issue occurs and that’s all you hear about, 24/7, for the next month, or until another issue occurs…

    That said though, this is good info, just in case you are confronted with possibly being that ‘one issue’ I spoke of,

  86. I totally agree with these flashlights they're the best even in daylight these little fuckers in someone's eye's just takes the fight out of them, if you don't believe me just flash 500 or 1000 lumens in your eyes for a second and you won't know what the fuck is going on, and after that a good stun gun to the motherfucker and he'll be fucked, seriously.

  87. Your knives are awesome your pen sucks

  88. And no, when holding the knife in reverse grip don't have the edge toward you. In a clinch struggle it collapses on you. Have it edge out so you can also slash with it.

  89. in EU, You'll go to jail, just for caring a knife or that pen on the street

  90. I own 9 of your knives from pocket size to the hisshou in my collection, I also have 3 of your tactical pens both types, 2 tactical keys and both flashlights, As for your knives they are pointy enough so penetration would not be a problem but I would like to ask you if it is necessary for your knives to be Razor Sharp for Defensive Slashing, the reason I ask is because the CRKT knives of yours I have bought will pretty much slice paper ( at least fairly well ) but are NOT Razor Sharp at least not what you would expect to shave with so how sharp an edge do you recommend?

  91. Pens are useful, I'll give you that. But I still prefer a retractable baton. Might be a bit more heavy, and might be more difficult to carry around then a pen, but you can surely gain reach advantage. And if you do know how to use that in your advantage… you can surely mean quite a lot of trouble for your assailant, that he might prefer to run away.

    And it's good for disarming too. I mean – If a pen to a hand can hurt enough to make someone drop an object, then a strong strike to the wrist, or the hand, can surely cause quite some damage (and it does – I had quite some "light incidents" when practicing Historical Fencing – And man, it sucks to get hit in the hand, even when it's not with full strenght).

    Another suggestion, from historical fighting manuals – If you are carrying a heavy jacket, and it's not raining, or snowing, or cold… put it in your wrist, as to protect it, but with a part of it hanging from your arm. Why? So, if your assailant is coming at you with a knife, or a sharp object, you can use it to either deflect blows, or stop the blade, to try dissarming it. Though I still like to have, if possible, flashlight at hand. But I'm not 100% sure this combination could work.

    And I do have to say – This thing about the jacket is based on concepts of fighting with Cloack and Dagger and with Cloack and Rapier. And it means, you would need to train a bit first, to see if it's possible or not. But, in general terms, I do recommend training some basic and fast fighting tactics, so your fate don't have to be entirely left to luck in a situation of despair and danger.

  92. Many assaults on females are from behind and they grab women around the neck. So unless I had the knife out and the blade opened I would not have time to use that. I believe we should carry some protection in the use position when walking at night in a possible danger. I do, and I try to e aware. Some time we miss things, so try to be prepared.

  93. Was I seeing double there?

  94. Hes absolutely right. People saying "He will take the knife from you" have no fucking idea. Try grabbing a knife from an adult. Hell, try taking it even from a small kid swinging wildy. Its really fucking hard.

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