Hey guys, it’s Ro today, I’m hanging out with Kandee! Hi guys! Am so excited because this is technically our first collab. That is a special video I know I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time. Me too. I’m so much love for her if you they are not subscribed Please go do that I’m gonna put her link it down below go subscribe show her some love And we made a video over on your channel Wait till you see I transform into one of my favorite characters from the movie wreck-it Ralph. I’ll let you guys guess who it is Leave in the comments below I thought Kandee would be the perfect guest today because I got so many requests to play the lollipop challenge And I thought who better than Kandee I mean, my name is like a sweet so perfect You know she just had her makeup line come out which is amazing you guys it smells like candy I just got it in the mail. Oh, it’s so giant look at this. It’s like a giant Lollipop. It is the coolest packaging very creative I gotta say I mean your house smells like frosting and the makeup smells like frosting so we’re like a perfect pair to do it Wow, this volleyball have you ever played no lollipop challenge. No the rules are very simple We are both gonna beat the line folded I got these cute little I love you like a little foxes cuz we’re like some foxy lady off a long table Today we’re gonna be tasting 10 different lollipop flavors, and if you guess it right you get a point Hey the person with the most points at the end wins the game Are there gonna be weird ones or hot ones or we don’t know like I know what those like a scorpion or like a fly-in? And I hope not let’s put these on okay. Okay, it might be a little tight or loose. I’m sorry There’s no no eyelashes afterwards, but I know all right here candy lime jammers the first Molly pop All right our first Lollipop. Okay. This is big. This is like the size of the size of scorpion ones. This is huge. I a little nervous I hope it’s not a scorpion one today I’m feeling it and you little scorpion No, no no, okay, but I’m feeling that slowly pop stick and it’s really fancy It’s like a wood and there’s like a little ball at ya like. It’s an accessory like this is like this area It’ll rip, and cane yeah. Yeah like let off things with your lomi a little tap yeah Why is this so Jenny? Okay? Let’s open it up wait. Okay? When you unwrap it. There’s more plastic on it again There’s another plastic oh I smell fantastic Oh smells great, Oh smells really sweet knows like caramel Hmm hmm tastes like normally, I’m scared to lick the bum police ID Oh Yelich, I think that’s where the Scorpion is another empty Tempe uh-huh the bubbles are empty, uh-huh I checked it each cavity with my tongue And I was like what where’s that bug these are delicious So why would you make the lollipop that tastes funny mate or just caramel well? Why would be shaped like a square? What’s she like us Carlos or peon? That’s what it is. It’s a caramel It’s a maple caramel scorpion pod one two three made caramel Scorpion oh my gosh my eyelash is sticking to my face. That’s a lot This looks this is amazing So wait if I got it half right you think should I get a point Porsche you gonna? Have a point for sure all right you were for the next one yeah this gets a point for being cute Yeah, you get you get a point really okay, so we have a lollipop number two mm-hmm And it feels like it has a very cute ribbon and it’s a very traditional Shape it’s a circle. Okay. Let’s smell it Doesn’t smell like anything doesn’t smell like should that make us afraid. I want to eat one of these things on the top Okay, I’m gonna eat it now hmm, okay Are you biting me? Yeah? They’re like marshmallows. Oh oh? Are you okay? Oh my god? I can’t see as part of my tooth, but I think it’s still there I can’t taste this lollipop. I can’t either is it like cereal flavor there. You know Big flavor that’s hit me in the face that it’s like me girl here. Oh Yeah, I’m just gonna say cereal, I’m going to theorem – okay. We’ll just say ready 1 2 3 cereal some mores This is s’mores Some more you taste the chocolate you take the green grass graham cracker add this ratio and not right Yes, you get to Mars militants a little crumpled. Yeah, okay, this one was a walk. Yeah This is my trip all here now this next Olli face I feel the fantasy hey again, so maybe it’s another breakfast food, okay And it’s round so maybe this is my thing okay. We’re thinking to normal before oh It’s not a pancake. It’s not W. Ulicia feel the shape stick your finger in the middle hole oops I can’t really get the plastic is it a donut I’m thinking at the donor. We got a taste out you ready huh okay ready go? He’s fruity taste fruity One side tastes like a berry and one side doesn’t the shape is killing me their shape should we just go with the shape? I’m for the taste shape or tapes cuz of the handle it was similar to that waffle waffle one So they should go into shape one two three a dome that blueberry bagel oh I was waving it around it just snapped in here. That’s not very for me. Okay. Let’s look For any donut worry There’s a bunch of long hops to go now on to lolly number four oh This one doesn’t feel fancy, and we were having like kings and Queen lollipops We were used to the fancy nice of the knowledge But I was now I was not made for that cuz I I broke the lollipop hmm. He’s very chigan Oh it hit the whole mouth Hmm, I think I think I know I have a favorite tropical drink When I go on vacation and I think this is it because I am tasting little coconut. I’m tasting a little pineapple you’re tasting a lotta is that cherry that’s not how you make a Maulana I Love pina coladas cuz I love me too. I’m allergic to it. It’s my favorite. Oh wait you’re allergic that’s what the doctor says, but I don’t know ah It makes my lips and tongue sting but I’m alright it isn’t worth it. It’s a little numb feels like paper cut 1 2 3 Pina colada coz I’m a copycat look. See we figured it out. That’s teamwork We did it good job chairs Okay, rose. We’re on lolly number five. Yes. We are already halfway there. Just like the other one Oh, yeah, it’s a little dome it’s a little sphere a little regular classic lollipop Don’t smell it Ohio taste it now, okay? This tastes like a cream I agree with you one on the same thing I think so we’re feeling those who they’re easy yeah, the exotic cops are easy right one two three Creamsicle let’s look We got a Little Ollie thing easy next male cute these are how come yours is a total sphere and mine’s like flat? If there’s no your sister, and you were like yeah Love Z and yeah, and that mom was like she’ll say to you you lucky to get along Number six and the same basic lolly shape yeah, we know this guy okay. We got a taste of everything Hmm Laffy Taffy So I eat only though yes, I eat when we have Laffy Taffy I like the green ones and then the yellow ones and then Woody’s I was just a smile of mine you would cuz I hate Them that’s why we’d make a good deal. Yeah, what color is skittle Do you like I like to put all of them in my mouth this tastes, just like yeah a banana Laffy Taffy Yeah one two three. Yeah Okay, let’s see let’s see banana split What were the splits you know where they got a split checkpoint because I don’t taste up bananas Maybe like white part in the vanilla the next lolli like it’s like I want I know for the next Ollie we have been told that these are different flavors, so I Have to figure it out. We have a you’re a mini-challenge. Yeah, I gonna guess without you I’m really hoping that their flavors that go together Yeah, like it’s like peanut butter and jelly or like cookies and cream, okay, let’s hope for that. Okay Let’s try it whoa. I thought it was a round ball. I need you what is this shape it’s a rectangle Mm-hmm the rectangles are what the scorpions come in Mind is really sweet mine tastes terrible, but he’s kind of like a diluted watered-down Strawberry I you know why it’s a rectangle unless. There’s a scorpion in the center. I’m not biting it I Like the sound that you’re making I feel like that helps your senses 1 2 2 3 Ming strawberry Ok let’s see with this oh My gosh it any scorpion part pop out We’re just looking it the worst-tasting Apple now, they’re really deluded ok in your defense these flavors are very Diluted they’re very light because you nobody’s ever gonna lick this, that’s why they’re like flavor flavor We’ll put a drop of it to say money because that you’re joking about these I’ve seen my food worms in there But I can you eat a scorpion Did you or did you work in my mouth? Are you ordering this? What is that? That’s his leg, I’m not joking you I think a leg came loose yeah, and that was in do you guys see that that was on my tongue Can you eat his tail? Coming back to point yeah, I got the flavor right, but you called it it has a low score peon for the link I’m gonna give you a full plate because you got eyes in your mouth, and you call it you say You know what these are rectangle. How do you think they came up with this? Do you think it was just a lollipop factory, and they were like one day a bug got in there? We’re trying lollipops, so other people don’t have to go through uhd the floor paint long pop Not even as a joke and thinking. Oh, it’s safe. It’s trapped inside the long pop It’s not there’s a leg probably more They came out creepin out like yes But it’ll hand out there and dust they sprinkle to doesn’t joke like oh you thought. It was inside stuff We sprinkled two legs on that Oh shoot what the heck oh no? I’m not feeling safe about this shape. What is this? Oh? What? Is we know what it is it’s a teardrop. This is a weird toy room. I was gonna say do. I look like B Can’t see me, but this but they can see this looks like it. Yeah It’s wrong No, I’m putting this by my eyes Another thing in here they put a little band of worms with the cayenne pepper on the thing Another worm in here at work. This is a hot work. I think it’s a hot worm. I think it’s a worm well Whatever it is. It’s hot are you putting it back in there. You know? What is shaped like a tear because your client? You’re gonna cry okay? You Keaney? What was it a woman of ghost chilies a ghost pepper? That’s why it’s a fucking. Chili you Banging it good opinion. It turns here. It’s a chili with a bullet This is a ghost pepper with a bug in it as well Ghost pepper you may be paranoid about I can go but have a lovely doing now, but you also were right one two three oh Man no one’s Oh habanero This is really hot. I think you’re gonna have a point cuz you say chili pepper. Yeah And there was no bug in it unless those are mug parts so we both get half a point I can have lot weird clothes Yeah, okay, we only got two more these are gonna terrify It’s gonna get a little tricky though you guys because my mouth is still burning my tongue is on fire I don’t know if I can taste the next two flavors. Maybe this will help mmm-hmm Little we got a unique shape in the family All right We got a freaky little ribbon ribbon and it’s a flat lolly not a sphere I feel safe none of the scorpion one came out with a ribbon. I can’t smell any glue I don’t know if it’s cuz of that that chili low. It’s only known. I’m Italian. I can’t okay Let’s try it taste something hmm Creepy yeah, I’m getting the grape Mm-hmm yeah, I’m gonna take a bite do it. Oh, but it’s great actually because it’s really thin mm-hmm oh I’m not feeling great dentist Do you think I look better than before jannat Oh wait, I got keys stuck on my nips. What a great thing there. Just let it. It’s really just a grapes I feel like this is the fancy kind so I feel like if I guess grape. That’s so basic What should great homie jab? Let me, Napa Valley Vinny great Bob One two three great Our grape jam PB. Yeah, you kidding me I Tasted no peanut butter this just tasted like and grape no peanut butter But this cuz of our chili pepper is there like peanut butter in the middle may be Missing it hit put the boy. They made a brown. Let me see let me see my grape ready here. We go oh Gee that doesn’t do anything one two three. Sorry sound Now the score right now is six to four and a half It’s in a close game And we only have one move left is it worth more points or something or no okay the next one is Winner takes all it’s our last lowly number ten. You ready. I’m ready. We’re down to the very last one But these are the same old same old little regular lollipop nice Oh, yeah, it’s shaped like a sphere these ones have the most defined flavor. I think but candy This is where takes all right who are constants okay? Everybody yes Let’s taste it go Hmm I Got tasted a whole bunch more hold on, but you know what I’m picking up Cinnamon yeah, yeah me too But it can’t be just another minute. I’m feeling ginger, buddy, but nothing I’m in a pumpkin spice Because I don’t taste any blue It tastes like a basket of potpourri. Yeah, it tastes like um like the holidays mm-hmm Cloves you know my tongues playing tricks on me ever since we had that that’s really come on I’m a pepper yeah that that pepper was a lovely pen under our flavor sensors. Maybe I know Pteropus Oh you think it’s like a churro. Maybe this is a churro. It is one two three cinnamon and nutmeg Okay, let’s see how do we do in white a? You were right with the clothes. I don’t taste any pumpkin in here, and you were right with Halloween can I just say something Yeah, I don’t taste any any pumpkin. I was really worried they were gonna finish with my Lollipop full of lies so big Alan great way to end my day on the sweet note Yeah
We did end it on the sweet note And you know what because it was winner takes all for the last round we both lost So Teddy Bay we both, won. I love your logic. I learned all the winners Yeah, we both not you were a winner before and now even more winners Out you a big thing you do you guys for suggesting the lollipop challenge great idea a big. Thank you to candy candy Thank you so much. She’s amazing again. I’m putting her links down below Go subscribe show her some love and we did a video over on her channel No snarling yelling no no Alright, thanks again you guys bye-bye If you want to check out any other videos You can click up here or okay? You might eyelash feel not at all a Little smoky get your little my got a little smoky to you well That’s a new technique if you can use smoky eyes. Just put on the Fox mass sauce mass

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