The Nepalese Honey That Makes People Hallucinate

The Nepalese Honey That Makes People Hallucinate

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  1. Like if they need two really make a pt 2 so they can see each other again

  2. Beautiful country with beautiful people. I'd love to hang out with those guys. What a great documentary.

  3. 3:25 Yeah you are LMAO!!

  4. 3:25 Yeah you are LMAO!!

  5. This is so interesting! Extremely important to carry on traditional ways. These people are so awesome, you lucky guy for going and meeting these people. Thankyou for sharing your awesome story. Blessings to you xxxxx

  6. Awesome documentary! I loved it!

  7. 5:58 Why them old ladies dancing? Need some young honies shakin it

  8. So if I go to Nepal and harvest this honey and bring it to the clubs in America I'll be the man?!

  9. Soooo… Can I buy some somewhere?

  10. They say that killer bee honey is very sweet sweeter than honey bee honey I would like to try that someday along with this crazy honey here I would love to eat some honey and go on a trip LOL you can tell those workers were probably laughing at the vice crew from wearing the bee suits but me shit fuck that I'm with him I'm going to wear a suit I am not getting stung that shit's painful I can get through the pain but fuck no

  11. Kudos to the reporter, amazing job.

  12. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😎😎

  13. Kash Yaha pe bhi ketlee me milta…

  14. Nach gana Ke liye mobile hai

  15. Honey+shilajit effect

  16. Wow man… Ye dad arranged a nice thing

  17. 19:42 that guy is freakin high.

    God iwanted to be in that heaven.

  18. Winnie the Pooh was tryna level up the whole time. Who would've guessed

  19. Winnie the Pooh trapping

  20. Winnie and Christopher Robin were trapping

  21. Winnie and Christopher Robin were trapping

  22. durte dom needs to know your location

  23. Anyone else notice the last song was literally Pink Floyd

  24. i hope they'll stay happy and healthy, these kind peoples deserve that

  25. You have a permanent high-guy face man haha

  26. Kudos to the person who made the honey-high part of the video

  27. The people there seem so awesome.

  28. Honey Hunting is the best party in the jungle.

  29. kudos to the camera man

  30. Im all in for carrying on traditions and adventure but…did you see the thousands of angry bees swarming when the hunter tore into the honey comb?! From like 2 thousand feet up and hanging from a woven ladder. #Imapussy

  31. What the song at 18:50?

  32. Where can i get some of that on the states?

  33. Great video! Enjoyed it. The Nepalese are very humble and excellent characters!

  34. @9:43 madan bahadur right there ,if u knw what i mean

  35. this trip is so mello

  36. the part you all are waiting for is around the 18th min mark
    but don't skip even a second
    the process is too beautiful

  37. Fu*k every drug you know, this is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen in my life, these people, their smiles, their culture, you can get high with your dad because thats the part of that same culture, haven't seen such a educative and emotional stuff in a long time, good job VICE.

  38. That DIY ladder is damm sturdy as hell.

  39. We’re is deepak 🤔

  40. this indian presenter speak english very well

  41. Now I want some of that honey… anyone hook me up?

  42. Lol omg this is soooo freaking funny….. we humans love to get high

  43. Meanwhile we overuse antidepressant
    Over katmhandu they just eat some honey

  44. Right kind of high and medicinal properties from the flowers the bees feed on.Hope it continues throughout the generations.Free from pollution of exhaust fumes and 5o disturbing those who blunt on my music videos @Fleshoo

  45. can you just fly there and get this hallucinative honey?

  46. “It’s only medicine”

  47. Thats why nepalese people have balls of steel

  48. I'm so happy people are still watching this video. I think it's the best thing I've ever done!

  49. Where website trusted ? I wanna try to eat

  50. How can I get to there

  51. 21:04 that guy was so cooool

  52. They were expecting someone else

  53. N some lunatics are gonna go harvest honey…damn

  54. VICE i like your vlogggggsssss

  55. These people seem so humble and nice and not because of the honey they just seem nice 👍🏻

  56. How could one purchase such honey 🍯🍯🍯?

  57. Eating this honey makes you immune to bee stings and more tolerable to certain poisons

  58. are there anybody who knows what is the music at the beginning?:)

  59. Being a Nepali ,I never heard of such places exist and Honey hunting!! Thanks for the content n showing me the new thing that never been showned

  60. You get high from the honey. The bees get high from the smoke. Its all fair and square.

  61. where to buy this honey

  62. Dont show the this clip of video to the goverment of USA they will ban the honey,they will try to capture the all our natural resources .i am also harvester of this type of honey. when i am out of cannabis i ask to mom can i have honey with bread 😂😂😂😂😂😂 oh yeah.

  63. love when declarative statements based on research are replaced with speculation delivered in extremely casual vernacular man

  64. VICE take out the Ads you put in
    .. because you don't own rights to this video..Act on it or actions will be made for You..

  65. We should not have left this way of living. I know we live longer, more comfortable lives. But we LIVE less. We are less connected, we love less, we are strangers to ourselves. I wish society had managed to develop while keeping the soul of the community alive.

  66. "just the good shit" hahahah

  67. I love honey. I plan to order some of this honey. Hopefully, I can buy it with the effects.

  68. Why the hell are you speaking hindi in nepal 😀

  69. Amazing they made that bridge with the materials around em Americans r spoiled fucks. I'm American lol

  70. Bees😁💟😁💟

  71. Nepali 🇳🇵

  72. Mah Shikari मह शिकारी It Doesn't Mean Mad Honey, It Means Honey Hunters.

  73. natural edibles! man thats bad ass!

  74. shoutout to my man mingma sporting the obey

  75. They have nothing and yet they smile. We, on the other hand, have everything we could ever want and we're killing ourselves off in the tens of thousands every year because of drug abuse, mental illness, and suicide. Maybe we should take a lesson from these people…

    Also, where can a brother get some of this honey???? lol. I want some!

  76. Today i don't know This is first time , i feel proud myself as a Nepalese🌿🌱🇳🇵

  77. Can you buy some on Amazon though…

  78. The montage with breath by pink floyd at 18:50 is fucking dope

  79. Mother nature’s edibles

  80. im in nepal then able to get honey!



  83. A Pink Floyd song in the background would have been better.

  84. It surprises me that I am not even seeing a single comment from Nepali people on the entire comment section.

  85. Don’t search for this Honey in internet or like black Markt just go to Nepal and test it👌

  86. Oh bother, I've got a rumbly in my tumbly.

  87. Can you please share me details of any local guide who can take us to this place I am planning to visit Nepal in November

  88. one of the songs here is listened to you by robert gongalez… i loved the vibes but in you tube quality its not as good as in this video. somebody help. i liked the sounds more than vocals..

  89. Could anyone provide a trusted website that sells this honey please ? ..i would love to give it a shot .

  90. by the way, they could get the job done using drones one for smoking the hive and one for cutting it to parts…no climbing no stung and good results at the end.

  91. 18:44… Pink Floyd breathe 😂😂

  92. Where could I get some RHODODENDRON FERRUGINEUM

  93. Deepak is the toughest nut….. He got transferred from other nepsl

  94. At least 5G Technology and InternetOfThings will help us legalize illegal drugs and give us more options to consume edible and inedible plants safely with synthetic knowledge as long as they aren’t too poisonous and give us a good experience


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  96. Either somebody’s watching by opening to achieve it by a bunny I disavow… that’s deep.

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