The Secret to Taco Bell Cinnamon Twists Revealed | Copycat Cinnamon Twist Recipe | We Tried It

The Secret to Taco Bell Cinnamon Twists Revealed | Copycat Cinnamon Twist Recipe | We Tried It

– Taco Bell twists are not made of pasta. There was a video that went out where some workers at a
Taco Bell made you believe that Taco Bell cinnamon
twists which are so tasty were made from pasta but it did not work. With further research, I found out that these are
called duros, wheat pellets. They’re also called chicharrones. I thought chicharrones
were just pork skins. They are really affordable. They just had ’em
pre-portioned into these bags and they’re charged by the pound. I think this whole bag was about $5. I don’t know, I have not yet tried this but I’m about to throw these into some oil and we’ll see what happens. Supposedly they’re going to puff up just like the cinnamon
twists at Taco Bell. Here’s another way to
check your oil temperature if you don’t have a thermometer. Stick the end of a dry
wooden spoon down in and if you see some bubbles
come up then it’s ready. All right, here it goes. Josh, be sure and get this
because it happens fast. Ready? – [Josh] Ready. – [Nicole] Wait. – [Josh] Something’s
supposed to be happening. It’s supposed to be happening fast. Here it goes. So they look like fried pork skins. The difference between
these and chicharron are these are mainly carbs and the chicharron as
we know are pork skins. I asked the guy in the
market if these had flavor because they were a different color so it looks like they already
have some seasoning in them but he said no, that I would
have to add the seasoning. Yeah, these don’t have a spicy flavor even though they look like they do. I’m gonna toss some in
some cinnamon sugar. I’m gonna fry up a couple more. I probably shouldn’t have
thrown ’em in like I did before. This could be a fun snack to add to your next just regular fish fry or another time you break out the fryer. So I’m just winging it
here, my measurements but I will post this
recipe in a link below. Okay, I will mix up a
little cinnamon sugar. This might have to be done
when they’re piping hot. Whoops, I got a hole in my bag. Clearly I’m prepared. They don’t smell as good. So these look like the
Taco Bell cinnamon twists but I know the color’s
probably throwing you because we started with
a piece this color. Maybe there is something
that flavors this. Maybe it does have a little
bit of a smoky spice to it because these almost taste
more savory than sweet. You’re probably gonna ask but
I’m one step ahead of you, yes, I will try these in the air fryer and see if we can make cinnamon
twists in the air fryer in which case they would
be a super low fat snack. I kinda feel like they’re
not gonna puff up. I feel like they need the grease. We’ll see. I mean, that would be like
making popcorn in the air fryer. It’s working. I don’t know if they go any
longer are they gonna puff more? Maybe they’re just not done. I mean, they looked cooked through. These are definitely not as airy as these. They do puff up but I don’t
think they can go much longer. They’re cooked through. They’re just crunchier. They’re harder to chew. So the answer to the question is no, you cannot make Taco Bell
cinnamon twists in the air fryer but you can make a tasty
air fried snack treat from these in the air fryer
and there you have it, that’s how the Taco Bell
cinnamon twists are made and don’t be fooled, it is not pasta.

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  1. where do you buy chicharrones?

  2. Hello. I am a chef in Korea. It's great to see various dishes on your channel. Thank you for sharing.❤👍👍

  3. Just might impulsively go out and buy Mexican Wheat Pellets and eat them in my dorm

  4. These are really common here in Mexico! Especially the ones that are a circle with a cross in the middle
    We actually bought a big bag today for a halloween party. I can’t eat them unfortunately lol

  5. Whoa! This explains why the Taco Bell cheese nachos I bought tasted like they had cinnamon. Lol!

  6. Thanks for watching! Here's the recipe:

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