These Hoodies Are The Best – Painting With Beeswax Batik

These Hoodies Are The Best – Painting With Beeswax Batik

all right I am doing my almost daily
routine of coming outside and checking out the progress of the well these are
the peacock designs that we’re doing in the workshop and I think we’re on the
third step so these are we’re gonna finish these up and then next class I’m
just I just stepped on the spoon okay so getting ready to begin painting these
hoodies let’s get everything adjusted here I’m still dealing with the heat out
in these parts but it’s actually starting to lighten up and I can fathom
the idea of painting on one of these super thick super high-quality hoodies
oh yeah this so I’m going to use this hoodie that just I don’t know it’s just
a spontaneous design I did it’s really pretty
it’s a 2x this one is a 2x and I am now making this and a few other sizes
starting right this very second so that’s the lead
that’s the hoodie that’s sort of leading the pack on this series of hoodies that
I’m beginning to paint what is what is in there what is that oh it’s just a
wait okay it’s just a fold so we have our nice melty beeswax
okay wait first drawing this moon yeah sometimes I pre draw sometimes I
don’t there isn’t a specific rule for it so I’m painting this with my tool and I
can tell you right now that the tool is not flowing and I’m not sure if it’s in
this video but I know I spent a considerable amount of time trying to
unclog that tool but check out these brush strokes look how look how juicy oh
my you got the these hoodies paint so well
but they take up so much wax look at this brush stroke it’s it’s such a juicy
it’s so fat it’s so fat and delicious oh my goodness these brush strokes though
this fabric this fabric just harmonizes with the beeswax so far every hoody I’ve
made and all of the crop they’re not hoodies but they’re like crop
sweatshirts oops are with this fabric this super super I
cannot emphasize this enough super thick hoodie fabric is all the brushstrokes
all the boutiques that have made on it so far have all flowed so nice like this
fabric is just asking for the delicious designs to be slathered all over them if
that’s how you want to describe it I don’t really know how to describe it
maybe not slathered but but maybe I don’t know decorated or graffiti it’s
kind of like graffiti it’s clothing graffiti but in a like moon and star
ethereal luminous tint kind of way all of the batik so far has come out
amazing amazing and you’re gonna see this hoodie in the end of this video
with the color after the is it this one yes I think it is this one there’s a
bunch of them I’m a I’m making I’m in the process right now I’m making a few
this this one I haven’t painted the star on yet so I’m doing the detail work
right now with this tool that’s driving me nuts because I can tell you right now
that it’s not flowing it is clogged a bit is it flowing I don’t remember
check that out I can’t really tell from this angle because we’re not in frame
but it’s fine doesn’t matter because creation is happening and that’s really
the purpose oh yeah here we go yeah see I knew it I did tool is driving
me nuts it’s not flowing so I’m using a safety pin or a needle whatever anything
that’ll like you only it’s a safety I have a safety pin I kind of keep right
next to the wax that I can use to like and what gets in the tool I don’t know
could be some sort of beeswax stuff someone said it was propolis if which is
like this really sticky ingredient or residue or some sort of bee thing like
if you’re a beekeeper you know all the different be ingredients that come out
of bee bee keeping the whole industry of it’s not just beeswax that bees make
they make there’s a bunch of stuff pollen is one look at these dots uh
propolis royal jelly there’s a bunch of stuff I can’t remember all the different
bee products that come from bees beeswax is Oh! honey of course delish and then
beeswax Believe I’m actually so frustrated it with this tool I’m trying to use this
other tool I have it in the wax those metal tools that one that you see on the
far right that I just put in the wax right there they they’re awful don’t use
them yeah this one I’m just I’m just trying to adjust it because it’s clogged
there’s something in there and the other stuff gets in there too oh look wait I
had to turn it off I oh my god I cut the video short
okay guys here are some shirts I made but check out the hoodie yeah see
there this is the hoodie this is the hoodie look at what I did
isn’t it gorgeous so that’s the first layer of wax, and a first layer purple
dye and there we go there’s our beeswax culprit right there
oops I’m still recording well I was trying to chop the beeswax up that’s
what you see those well I did chop the beeswax up
okay so that’s the only video that was a lot of fun I’m glad that you enjoyed it
and I will be keeping you up to date with the progress of the hoodies yeah so
stay tuned because it’s coming alright this is Victoria from Batikwalla. it’s
been an absolute joy sharing this exciting updates with you and my
painting progress and yeah, if you’re in the workshop I’ll see you guys super
soon and we’ll finish up with those peacock shirts and also if you are a
shopper of Batikwalla, or would like to shop at Batikwalla, those peacock shirts
and other shirts and so many good tshirts, you guys this cotton is
incredible all the new stuff is incredible all on the website so check
out my website if you want to shop I usually get things shipped out between
that day or five days I don’t know I’m doing all the shipping
myself so yeah but most everything is in stock it’s all in stock so check out the
website if you would like to shop and if you’re interested in the batik workshop
sign up for the waitlist because I’m it’s not open right now although someone
snuck in I don’t know how they got in but I have a new student she found…
don’t know how? I’m not gonna say no! So welcome to the workshop
but officially it’s closed, I mean if you can find out how to get into the
workshop… but I took all the links down so I don’t know how that worked out of
it I don’t know I’m flattered I’m honored
and it’s great and but if you are interested the workshop right now it’s
well actually even if you’re new to batik all the informations there but I’m
not even talking about it right now so okay I’ll see you guys in the next
video but stay tuned see you later bye

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  1. Really love the peacock designs, the feather on the back, the amazing, rich colors… beautiful!! Really enjoy watching you paint! 👏💖 Your sweet cats are always great to see in your videos. 🐈💗😊

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