This Flashlight is Doing Nothing… Season 19 | Episode 7

This Flashlight is Doing Nothing… Season 19 | Episode 7

hey you guys so I came out and I stole
flashlights from inside and I sent a text my mom and that works fine but I’d
be really far out there like I walked way down the road *scream* Did you guys hear that? Guys? Guys? You can’t even see anything, this flash light is doing nothing. I guess there’s the ground. Guys? Hey, hey how’s it going? good uh, we uh we just touched a ghost the classy
apparition was over there and it manifested itself and we heard voices We were looking for you and What? It was talking to an imaginary dead body. No well not imaginary it was a part of his memory if anything. Yeah that. Supposedly this is a hypothesis. Holy cow I go to text my mom one time and I miss everything yeah. Did it go through? Yeah but I had to go way out there way out Why are you just holding the
camera? Oh it’s freaking out again I think we might just need to change the
battery. We just did that it’s something about that whole time loopy Christian
explains it better than me but like it drains it. Yes essentially if the ghost
is present in this time frame it might be trying to like I said before cast
sucking power well it’s theoretically it’s important Leyman’s
terms yes it’s stuck in the power okay do we have another battery. Yeah but it’s my last one after that

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  1. Second. I love YOUUUUU

  2. First again and I love your videos so much you don’t even know 😭❤️💍‼️

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  4. Hi Sunshine I shoutout your channel here

  5. Love you Sunshine

  6. Love ya sunshine!!!

  7. That scream at the beginning shook me.

  8. Interesting…very interesting. At least your ok Paige. So, you didn't disappear. You just needed to find a really good wi-fi spot to text your mom at. The ghost really loves to mess with your guys tech stuff. Anyway, I can't wait for more episodes in this season to come.

  9. Just carry a charge

  10. Hi from England I found your channel about a week ago and I'm loving the paranormal videos and also enjoy the random Monday videos. This is a good one and can't wait to see more

  11. Paige I really loving all of your cool video

  12. Yay yay for another Paige’s Chronicles within thee Paranormal Journey!

    Thank you Paige for bringing us all along with you.

  13. Ghosts are very strange


  15. if the flashlight isn't doing nothing that you need it to Paige…. get a spotlight…..

  16. Awesome video Sunshine!!! Love ya! 😃👍🏻👌🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. Awesome time to solve it 🙌

  18. Does these all comments change anything to the video

  19. Love you sunshine i talk to ghost too

  20. Surely you can recharge the batteries.

  21. Oh no something happen

  22. Hi Paige I am one of your biggest YouTube fan and my name is Raymond Garza Junior and I am a special needs adultI was not upset when you change your name so I live with my father and my brotherSo are you coming to Chicago if you do I would really love to have your autograph and one of your books page

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