THYRM SwitchBack 2.0 Large Flashlight Ring

THYRM SwitchBack 2.0 Large Flashlight Ring

Sometimes we Show You not the newest stuff but something that really works well here is the THYRM Switchback 2.0 THYRM Switchback 2.0 is available for a while now – You will recognize this by the name 2.0 means there must be a previous versioni this here is Version 2 it has some improvements: wider thumb rest a Breaking line within the ring so You will not get caught the Clip is now designed to work with MOLLE but what does this Thing? that’s a Flashlight carry assistance which means You carry the Flashlight like this put the forefinger through the ring and grip the light then You operate the light with the thumb or You can swing the Flashlight in front of your Hand then You can take your gun – You can either shoot like this or You can swing the Flashlight to the front, grip the gun with both Hands and push the button for light I have to say, for me it is not working 100% Right now because this flashlight is not perfect for this ring I carry this light – a NITECORE P20 – for a while with ring in my pockets the ring itself works perfect but with the NITECORE You have the issue on the back You have the brackets which protects the button and an additional button for the strobe You can see, a lot of accidently light with that specific light You will hit the strobe button often You have to rotate the ring in order to get that issue solved Im still Looking for the Right Flashlight for this I like the ring alot but in this combination it is not working perfect I demonstrate it again, it works like this and You have the Hand free whenever You Need it for example, if You have to reload You can directly grip a Fresh mag and insert it without putting the light away and regardless which stance You choose, the ring covers it all it Needs a Little practice but not that much The Clip is designed for MOLLE but works also well for pockets what’s nice: The ring Points Forward so You have a real low profile You will not see it with a Shirt over it and it doesn’t handicap you and if You pull the light, You will go Right with the forefinger in the ring and then You have it in your Hand Ready for action conclusion: we do like the THYRM Switchback 2.0 we carry it for while now and it doesn’t interfere at all we also got Feedback from law Enforcement stuff which are using the ring and like it I will swap the Flashlight soon and do another Video with it but that’s for the ring, check it out – cool stuff as Always, like us subscribe the channel, don’t Forget to click the bell until next time, take care, byebye

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  1. Du brauchst ne Surefire Tactician 🙂
    Cooles Teil, cooles Review!

  2. Es gibt von Surefire die D3ft. Diese ist aber leider nur bei Haley strategic in den Staaten verfügbar und für 200 Doller recht teuer und in Europa nicht zu bekommen.

    Es gibt noch die Ta30 von Nextorch mit der Führungshilfe. Problem sehe ich aber da das diese Taschenlampe eine zu komplizierte Methode hat das Licht einzustellen. Außerdem sind die Dinger von Nextorch "made in China" und produzieren auch für die Staatsapparate der Kommunistischen Partei, was mir persönlich negativ aufstößt.

    Ich suche auch schon ewig nach einer Taschenlampe mit guter Führungshilfe. Leider bisher erfolglos.

    Mit welcher Taschenlampe würdet ihr denn den Switchback empfehlen?

  3. Surefire DF intelly passt super drauf und ist Dualfuel also Akku 18650 und CR123 Batterien

  4. Schau Mal bei Selected Lights vorbei. Die haben bestimmt was passendes.

  5. Hi weiss jemand ob der ring auf ne olight m2r warrior passt?

  6. Ich hab den thyrm 1.0. funktioniert super mit einer klarus xt11

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