Tony Wisconsin

Tony   Wisconsin

My name is Anthony Nerad and I work here at the U.S. Embassy Zagreb Regional Security Office. I am from the great state of Wisconsin. I lived there for about 25 years before I moved out to Colorado and then began my career with the Department of State, jumping around. My favorite part state has to be
northern part of the state. We have an abundance of natural
resources in the northern part of the state that really make it enjoyable any season of the year. My state, like I said, we have it all. We have skiing in the winter, we have hills and forests. We have thousands of lakes. We have Lake Michigan, to our east, we have just the abundance of the five Great Lakes there easily accessible from Wisconsin. If you get a chance, I suggest you come during the fall period, and you drive north along US 10. The changing of the leaves in Wisconsin
is one of the natural beauties that a lot of people don’t realize. You’ll see a
myriad of colors. It’s a beautiful sight. We are of a heavy German influence, so we have bratwursts. Bratwursts are a big food in Wisconsin. We have Usinger sausage company, who you’ll see during our sporting events. The Milwaukee Brewers have the Usinger sausage race at the seventh inning stretch. So I heavily suggest you go you and you try some of the German cuisine.

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