Top 10 Alternate Versions Of The Human Torch

Top 10 Alternate Versions Of The Human Torch

Johnny Storm is a character who first hit
the panels of Marvel comics back in Fantastic Four issue 1 in 1961, created by Stan Lee
and Jack Kirby. Repurposed from a character who had existed
back in the Golden Age when Marvel was still Timely comics, Johnny Storm was one of the
members of the publisher’s first major superhero team, gaining his powers after the spacecraft
the quartet was on was bombarded by cosmic rays. Now able to engulf his body entirely in flames,
fly and absorb fires, the character has become one of the most recognizable Marvel heroes,
even if you’re not a big fan of the Fantastic Four. But today, rather than looking further into
Storm’s 616 version, we’re taking a look at his alternate timeline counterparts, with
our list of the top 10 alternate versions of the human torch. Let’s get to it! 10 1602
The 1602 earth, technically known as Earth 311, is a timeline that takes place in, you
guessed it, the year 1602, over in Europe at that time. Our beloved heroes and villains are all of
that era, and mutants exist, but they’re called Witchbreed, and hunted because of their
differences. Storm was once a hot headed young man who
had to leave London after a duel, and ended up joining up with Richard Reed on his explorations
alongside his sister, who was fleeing a man she did not love. On these adventures, he gained his powers
when aboard Richard’s ship, the Fantastick, which encountered a wave of energy from the
Sargasso Sea which turned his body into an element like fire. This gives him the same abilities as his 616
self. They end up getting captured by Otto von Doom,
and he’s thrown under a waterfall as an attempt to calm his powers, but they manage
to escape and join up with Sir Nicholas Fury. 9 Ruins
The Ruins Johnny Storm is a very depressing one, as is the fate of pretty much every other
hero or villain in the Ruins timeline. So, for context, Ruins, which came out in
1995, follows a character named Philip Sheldon, a reporter who believed his world was warped
by some unknown force. He seeks out answers by travelling the country,
interviewing those with super powers, most of which suffer from medical or other horrible
circumstances due to the very abilities that make them special. Just google the Hulk from Ruins and you’ll
see what we mean about it being pretty darn depressing. Anywho, Johnny Storm’s storm has the character
still taking part in the space flight that would cause the Fantastic Four to gain their
powers. Except it didn’t work out the same way the
616 timeline did. Johnny’s body was found near the crash site,
with his body having caught fire on a cellular level, burning from the bones outward. All we see is a pretty depressing corpse. Yep. You’re welcome. 8 Fox Films
How could we do a list on the alternate versions of the Human Torch and NOT include the oh
so hilariously bad Fox Fantastic Four films? For the sake of this number, we’re looking
specifically at the first iteration, where the Human torch is played by none other than
the MCU’s Captain America himself, Chris Evans. This cinematic version of Johnny Storm is
initially all about getting girls and making money, but eventually goes on to learn to
rise up to his new responsibilities after Victor Von Doom aka Doctor Doom almost kills
the entire team. Evans would portray this version of Storm
in two films, this first in 2005 and the second in 2007, the Rise of the Silver Surfer, which
has become notorious for how terrible of a film it was. 7 Jonathan Strum (Earth 33)
From Earth 33, Jonathan Strum is a different kind of hero. For starters, this timeline takes place in
the 1950s and 60s, and the Fantastic Four are powerless. He first appears in Fantastic Four, unstable
molecules issue 1 from 2003, a story that places the members of the quartet in a ‘realistic’
narrative rather than one that involves super powers. In the 60s, he, Reed Richards, Ben Grimm and
his sister Susan Strum would become national heroes and government agents thanks to the
space program. And, to get super meta with you, the heroes
on this Earth inspired comic book superheroes, with Strum being the inspiration for Johnny
Storm, the comic book human torch in his world. He also has a crush on a comic book character
called Vapor Girl, a hero who could turn herself into mist. 6 MC2 (Earth 982)
The MC2 aka Earth 982, is an alternate timeline in which the Age of Heroes (which is initially
marked by the first appearance of the Fantastic Four in the 616 universe), occurs 15 years
earlier than it did in the main continuity of the comics. The result is that many of the OG heroes who
first emerged have retired or stepped down, with a new generation of heroes taking their
place. On Earth 982, Johnny Storm had tagged along
on Reed Richards’ ship, the one that crashed, leading to them getting their powers. Originally very hot headed and rash, this
Johnny would eventually grow up in a major way, going from feeling as if he wasn’t
taken seriously on the team since he was the youngest, to eventually leading the team after
the other members retired for the most part, with the team now called the Fantastic Five. Experienced and mature, he’s also married
to Lyja, who acts as the new Ms Fantastic. 5 Shame Itself (Earth 11201)
Almost every superhero in the Marvel universe has at least one alternate version that’s
a comedic take on their character. Shame Itself is one of the many comedic series
that Marvel has produced over the years, an amusing take on the Fear Itself crossover
story event from 2011. There’s actually two versions that appear
in Shame Itself of the human torch, and the one we’re looking at today goes by the name
of the Hunan Torch. Despite having the same powers and undergoing
the same accident as his 616 self did, this version of Johnny Storm has decided to use
a different method of fighting crime; he uses his powers to fling spicy Chinese food at
his foes, Doctor Doom and Galactus included. I have many questions. How spicy is spicy? What levels of spice does it take to knock
out Doctor Doom, let alone Galactus? Does he just target villains who don’t do
well with spice? Do they have specific dietary restrictions
we aren’t privy to? Is that even ethical? What if one of them has a severe allergy? Does he acquire the Chinese food himself? Like, at a restaurant? Or does he make it himself? Has he found a way of materializing it himself
via his powers? Otherwise, we’re looking at a pretty costly
method of fighting crime. Just saying. 4 Too Many Human Torches (What if vol 2 issue
11) What If volume 2 issue 11 features multiple
different kinds of versions of the Fantastic Four, featuring four different stories in
which each of the characters gained the powers of the team’s other members. We’ll only be focusing on one story at this
number though; What if the Fantastic Four all had the same power as the human torch? In this hypothetical story, the quartet’s
tale begins with their rocket crashing, and Johnny bursting into flames, unharmed. All four of the team members experience that
exact same thing, and all the powers that only Johnny normally has. When attempting to defeat the villain Miracle
Man, the team end up accidentally killing a civilian child when they set a building
on fire (assuming it had been abandoned). The tragedy is taken to court and the judge
determines it wasn’t the team’s fault, but they end up disassembling due to the traumatic
memories. They all end up going down different career
paths, with only Ben continuing to be a superhero, taking the name of the Human Torch. Meanwhile, as for Johnny, he ends up becoming
a race car driver. 3 Human Lantern
The amalgam universe is the combination of DC Comics and Marvel comics, a universe in
which all of their heroes have been amalgamated into their own unique cross over individuals. In this universe, the human torch has been
amalgamated with DC’s Green Lantern creating the Human Lantern. First appearing in Super Solider Man of War
vol 1 issue 1 from 1997, Human Lantern can use pryokinesis, similar to his Marvel counterpart,
and assumedly can do the things that the golden age Green Lantern, Alan Scott, can do, although
we never see him fully in action to make that assumption. It’s also assumed that the green lantern
he’s amalgamated with is Alan Scott based on his uniform. His entire body is engulfed by a mystic flame,
something that he’s always looking to put to good use in a plethora of ways, like baking
cakes (actually). As a part of the All Star Winners Squadron,
he’s always doing things like baking his teammates treats, even though sometimes they
don’t have much of an interest in snack attacking. Baking isn’t all he does though- During
World War 2, Human Lantern was known as the beacon of justice. 2 Earth A (Earth 721)
The Jonathan Storm of Earth 721 is a really interesting departure from the regular version
of the character. His story diverts when he never takes the
space flight up with the rest of the Fantastic Four, and therefore never gets his human torch
powers, with Reed Richards gaining the flame powers along with his stretching ones. Johnny instead ends up signing up to fight
in the Vietnam War, and is wounded in battle. He’s found by this Earth’s Arkon, who
erases his memories and restructures his mind so he can serve as the guardian of the nexus
between earths 616, 721 and the Fifth Dimension, and he takes on the new name of Gaard. Creative. Gaard basically looked like a glorified superpowered
hockey player, and even engaged with the Thing in a hockey style shoot out, causing the nexus
to be destroyed, and Gaard to skate off into its void. The void does something unexpected though;
it turns him into Vangaard, and gives him the ability to destroy realities. He gives himself a new purpose, which is to
travel to different realities and destroy the ones he believes are redundant. Eventually, he encounters the 616 Human Torch,
gets a change of heart, and decides he’ll end his tirade, rather helping timelines find
closure rather than destroying them altogether. He can also manipulate energy and reality,
so that’s pretty darn impressive, too. 1 Human Torch (Android)
Back in the day, long before Johnny Storm became the human torch, there was another
Marvel character who operated under that mantle; an android known as Jim Hammond, who first
appeared in Marvel’s predecessor, Timely Comics. He fought alongside the likes of Captain America
and Namor back in the Golden Age, working with them to take down axis enemies at the
height of World War 2. But he would fall into obscurity in the 50s,
much like many other heroes, and eventually by 1096, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby would repurpose
his name and his powers for Johnny Storm. So what was his deal? Hammond was an android created by a professor
named Phineas T Horton in Brooklyn New York, and when he was unveiled at a press conference,
thanks to being exposed to oxygen, he burst into flames. Despite being a sentient robot, many thought
he was a threat to the public’s safety, and he was sealed in concrete. But thanks to a crack in that concrete, he
broke free, eventually learnt to control his flames (after accidentally setting some parts
of New York City on fire first). The character would eventually return to the
comics and the modern day Marvel continuity when the Mad Thinker reactivated him to fight
against the Fantastic Four. He refused to kill the heroes, and eventually
went on to join the West Coast Avengers (or rather, the Avengers West Coast, when Marvel
changed the title so it’d be grouped together with other Avengers titles in stores. The more you know!) These days, he’s joined up with the reformed
Invaders team. There we have it friends! What other alternate versions of the Human
Torch can you think of? Should we do a part two of this list? Give us a shout in those comments below and
let us know! If you dug this video, spread that love, hit
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friends! I’ll catch you all in the next video!

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