TOP 10 RESTAURANTS IN SF: Local’s Guide to Best Spots from Ten Different Cuisines

TOP 10 RESTAURANTS IN SF: Local’s Guide to Best Spots from Ten Different Cuisines

What’s up, everybody? Philcaela here πŸ™‚ San Francisco has amazing
restaurants and making a Top 10 list is not easy because of how many options there are. And today we’re gonna show you our favorite
restaurants through 10 different cuisines. Without further ado, here are our Top 10 restaurants
in San Francisco! Let’s go!!! This is Farmhouse Thai. It’s got really, really vibrant decor in
here and delicious food and honestly it has like some low-key nightclub vibes with all
the lights going on everywhere. We ordered a branzino, which is gonna be a
delicious fish right here. We also got a panang neua, which is the beef
shortribs. Farmhouse Thai just uses better meat than
most Thai places, honestly, this meat is super high quality, falling right off the bone,
melt-in-your-mouth. Really, really strong flavor from that panang. Onto the branzino, little bit of a sweet and
sour flavor in there, just enough spice. It’s got great service, delicious food,
and it’s a little bit on the pricey side, but it’s definitely worth it! We’re at Marufuku Ramen, this is my favorite
ramen place in San Francisco, it’s so good. Only caveat is that: expect long waits. Either have to come around 30 minutes before
it opens, or what we do usually is go on the Yelp app and waitlist and just wait it out. We actually waitlisted around 5:30-5:45PM,
and it’s been 3 hours and we just got seated, so you’re waiting a long time in line, but
once you order, they make the food really quickly. So Hakata-style ramen is a little different,
so the noodles are usually thinner, the broth is rich, but it’s not as heavy. They’re also known for their chicken paitan,
which is, you actually get your chicken on the side and then you get your ramen, but
we’ve actually had it before and it’s just OK, there’s nothing special about it. The best thing on the menu is their regular
Hakata-style DX ramen. So good! We got on the side here some takoyaki and
also some fried shishito, but the star is absolutely gonna be the ramen. Just because of how always packed and popular
Marufuku is, if you really wanna avoid lines, we’d recommend trying to come on a weekday
or coming before they open on a weekend, but even on weekends, you need to be here at least
probably a half-hour before lunch. So as long as you plan for your trip to Marufuku,
and you don’t just show up, as long as you get here really early or you use the Yelp
waitlist, it’s definitely worth it and it’s honestly the best ramen in San Francisco. Our favorite spot for Italian food in San
Francisco is at Roma Antica in the Marina. We started off with some hearty and saucy
meatballs and also got some vegetables on the side, but the highlight of this place
that we order every time is the truffle ravioli. The restaurant is pretty popular, it’s not
crazy, but you should still join the waitlist before you come if you wanna be safe, or just
come at an off-hour. This cream is amazing! So after we’re done with this, this plate
will be completely clean, you have to eat it all! Can’t let truffle go to waste. One more thing that we really like to order
is this pappardelle with an oxtail ragout, get some of this pappardelle here. The pappardelle itself is really al dente,
really yummy, super good to eat. And the oxtail is really tender and really
flavorful. And that truffle ravioli is the reason why
Roma Antica is our go-to Italian restaurant in San Francisco! And a place that needs no introduction, this
is House of Prime Rib. If you haven’t heard of House of Prime Rib,
you have not been in San Francisco long enough. This place is wildly popular and famous, they
have a very small menu, but they have basically just a couple different cuts of prime rib
and this place is absolutely delicious. Better come hungry because they have massive,
massive portions! One of my favorite things about the House
of Prime Rib is that it’s a steakhouse, but it’s actually really affordable for
what you’re getting. $60 will get you a huge prime rib with a ton
of different sides, too. The service here is also impeccable, the waiters
are super friendly and they’re happy to bring you seconds or extras sides if you ask
for them. They start you off with some bread and they
come in with this delicious sherry vinaigrette salad that is just absolutely delicious. Then you can pick your side, whether you want
a baked potato or mashed potatoes. You can get creamed corn or spinach or what
we do is we get 50/50. Anyway, the cut that I always get (and most
people get when they come here) is the King Henry cut, which is this massive slab of meat. They come with this really cool cart and they
just basically cut the meat in front of you and they serve you and it’s basically a
big show and a big experience. Prime rib here is always cooked impeccably,
get it medium-rare like we do or get it however you want. It’s not a secret at all, but you can get
seconds. After you finish your regular cut of meat,
you can get a smaller slice of meat free of charge. It’s really hard to get a reservation here
so make sure you make reservations online at least, like, AT LEAST 2 months in advance,
especially if you’re coming on a weekend. Overall, dining at House of Prime Rib is a
San Francisco experience, it’s an iconic restaurant and it is definitely one of our
favorite places to eat in the city! And the best Korean restaurant in San Francisco
is here at Daeho Kalbijjim. This place routinely gets huge wait, so make
sure come early! But they’re most known for their braised
shortribs. They’re absolutely delcioius and melt-in-your-mouth
here. You have the option for what spice level you
want, we went with 2/3 so it’s gonna be a little more on the spicy side. We also add oxtail in it and also added extra
meat for only $10 more and it’s a big platter of meat! Online it looks kinda small, but
in real life, it’s like massive! We also added glass noodles and, on top, there’s
cheese and they come by and torch it for you so it’s like really melted. And it also has rice cakes (tteokboki), and
the tteokboki is probably the best I’ve ever had because of the fact that it’s soaking
up that broth and it’s super, super flavorful. In summary, this is our favorite Korean restaurant
in San Francisco. The quality is really similar to that of K-Town
down in LA. The portions here are giant, the food is delicious,
but there is a pretty ridiculous wait time here because of how popular it is, so make
sure to come right before they open or right when they open to make sure you get seated. Stopping in for our favorite tapas restaurant
in San Francisco in the Mission now, this is Picaro! We love this place because the food is just
absolutely delicious and there is such a huge variety and we got a big feast here. The oxtail stew here has a nice tomato-tasting,
really rich broth and the oxtail is absolutely delicious, it’s loaded with vegetables,
I love it! The patatas bravas here is roasted potatoes
with the salsa brava, it’s this orange sauce that is absolutely delicious, they also serve
it with the bread. It’s kinda spicy and tangy and it’s just
really, really delicious and it’s honestly really addicting to eat. This salsa brava here is a big part of why
we keep coming back. We’ve asked the workers here a couple times
if they sell it because we’re totally down to just buy it and bring it home and snack
on it, but it’s not for sale, unfortunately. This sauce is like crack, it’s so addicting,
you can dip every food in it. One of our go-to dishes is the Spanish potato
omelet, it’s like an egg and potato omelet, and there’s the aioli on top and it’s
really good. It’s one of their most popular dishes. Got the gambas al ajillo here, it’s a really
good dish of garlic shrimp here, super yummy. And also got some asparagus with the garlic
aioli and some lemon, awesome. This is our favorite place to get tapas in
San Francisco because the salsa brava is delicious here – all the food is delicious here! And also it’s relatively affordable, in
San Francisco you could overpay for tapas in a lot of places, but at Picaro, it’s
pretty reasonably priced. One thing is that if you’re looking for
paella here, it’s not the best. Paella is OK here, I don’t recommend it. In terms of other dishes, all the tapas here
is amazing. Overall, highly, highly recommend Picaro if
you’re looking for tapas in San Francisco! So our favorite Japanese restaurant in San
Francisco is Nara, it’s like a perfect middle ground between a super high-end place and
like a basic sushi restaurant, but it has the quality of a very high-end place. The price is right in the middle, which I
love. On the Happy Hour menu, we got the spicy salmon
hand rolls and spicy tuna hand rolls. They’re both delicious and they’re $5
each. Really, really good deal! There’s more fish and there’s less rice! We also got the Ray Ray’s tako, which is
basically an octopus dish, trying the tako out! Mmm! Lightly sweet, it has a nice, like, charred
flavor to it. This is some delicious octopus right here. We also go the wagyu tartare, and it came
with these little chips that were really, really crispy, and really, really yummy. Very high quality meat! And they cut them up into little baby pieces,
so tiny, but you can still see the marbling on the wagyu. The star of the show is the omakase that just
arrived! We got the nigiri. I can’t exactly name all the pieces because
they might change everyday because it’s the chef’s selection, but I know we start
off from the left side and we go all the way to the right. Literally, you just like take a bite and it
completely melts in your mouth! So good! In summary, Nara is our favorite Japanese
restaurant in San Francisco because it has really good fish at really good prices. They have really good deals for happy hour,
so come check it out and make sure to get the omakase! We are at Chili House, it’s an amazing Sichuan
restaurant on Clement Street. They offer a Peking duck here, they come up
to you and slice everything on the table for you. Today, we just don’t have the stomach capacity
to get it, so we got other great options! We ordered the filet fish in the flaming chili
oil, we also got stir fry chicken with jalapeños, we got sautéed string beans, and we also
got Beijing pot stickers. I love this fish, it’s so flakey and tender. And this sauce is so good. When we’re done eating the fish here, we
always take it to-go, so with the sauce, we make dumplings at home so you get 2 meals
with this! Beijing pot stickers, it’s like a xiaolongbao
without being a circle. Chili House is actually owned by the same
people who own Z&Y Bistro and Z&Y restaurant over in Chinatown and that’s why this place
this place is so amazing, because those places are great and same management and everything. We love tapas-style, dim sum-style places,
so our next favorite spot in San Francisco is here at State Bird Provisions on Fillmore
Street. When you first come in, you might look at
the menu and think, “Wow that’s very small, there’s not a lot of stuff on here…”
but the way it works is there’s a menu that you can order from, but there’s also dim
sum carts going around that don’t have dim sum, but they have small plates. The food is mostly American-style, but there’s
some Asian influence, too, so you have some really, really creative dishes here. So the first dish we got is like a dry-rub
black bean pork rib and it’s definitely Asian-inspired because black bean is really
common in a lot of pork dishes. The second dish we got is a duck liver mousse
with almond biscuits. The California State Bird with Provisions
is really, really good. It’s California state bird (quail), fried
quail, it’s like fried chicken, but it’s better, it just tastes better. It’s like eating poke, but it’s not fishy
and it’s more buttery, this is my favorite dish! And to get some veggies here, we got some
turnip greens and there’s a yuzu and tomato sauce at the bottom, there’s a black sesame
tahini sauce underneath, so when you mix it all together, it’s a really, really creamy
sesame flavor. Seasoned really well, there’s a good amount
of salt and it kinda tastes like white pepper. Got a Guinea hen dumpling, haven’t had it
yet, but this probably the most bougie dumpling I’ve ever had. Very flavorful and very good! And after all these different dishes we got,
we finished it off for dessert here with this corn ice cream sandwich. Make a reservation if you can, not to mention
this place also has a Michelin star, so it is a little bit on the pricey so, but it’s
definitely worth it. We love coming to State Bird Provisions because
the food is delicious and the experience is unique. This is B Star, not to be mistaken for Burma
Superstar, the more popular, more crowded version of this restaurant. Burma Superstar may be more popular, more
people, more wait, but B Star, honestly is way better than Burma Superstar. I’ve been to Burma Superstar a couple times,
and B Star a couple times, and every time I’ve been here the food’s been way better! And the menu here features not only Burmese
food, but also food from other parts of Asia like China, Japan, Thailand, whole bunch of
other stuff. And what they’re most known for is the tea
leaf salad. So crunchy, with like nuts and seeds in it. Peanuts, dried garlics, sesame seeds, tomatoes,
the tealeaf dressing, which is why this salad is so good! And another one of our favorites to order
here is the miso cod. We love this probably almost as much as we
love the tealeaf salad! And this cod is cooked beautifully, melts
in your mouth, soft, just falls apart. It’s absolutely delicious. The 2 must-orders when you come to B Star
are the tealeaf salad and the miso cod. The menu’s unique, the food is so good here. It’s great for groups, great for small parties,
make your reservations online and I cannot recommend this place enough! And that’s gonna do it for our Top 10 favorite
restaurants in San Francisco that we definitely frequent way too often. Obviously, there’s no single Top 10 list,
it’s gonna depend on who you ask, but those are our 10 favorites. If you liked the video, give it a BIG THUMBS
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