Top 5 Best CR123A Flashlights – Battery Junction

Top 5 Best CR123A Flashlights – Battery Junction

welcome to our top five list of single
cr123a powered flashlights these flashlights are generally compact
powerful and make great utility lights or everyday carries EDC for short our
list has been compiled from combination of bestsellers and customer feedback due
to the diversity of these lights will present from the no particular order the
sun way man the eleven are neutral is one of our all-time bestsellers the
classic EDC that the eleven are features a unique variable ring interface that
lets you select the exact brightness level the neutral 10 LED is the pima
nice warm color the o light s1r turbo features all of the trappings of the
modern EDC the TIR lens and cree xml2 LED have this light emitting a perfect
900 lumen beam he included 16 340 battery and magnetic charging cable make
it easy as pie to keep your light powered on of course to qualify for this
list the s1r can also take a primary cr123a the night core ec 11 explore it’s
an ultra compact EDC that our customers have found perfect for casual or
professional use with a single cr123a it’ll output 430 women’s but if you
really want to see this baby shine you need to get an IMR eighteen 350 and that
will get you 900 lumens the two button interface is intuitive and easy to use
the Phoenix PD 25 is a highly portable everyday carry and longtime customer
favorite it’s great it’s portable and while it can run on a cr123a it includes
a rechargeable 16 340 with a USB port right on the side the o light tl12
Valkyrie is a tactical weapon light that has been extremely popular security and
military professionals it features 450 lumen output
and easy to toggle for your buttons that control on and off as well as the
defensive strobe mode this light is designed to fit either Picatinny or
Glock rail systems and there you have it that’s our list of current top 5 single
cr123a flashlights do you have a favorite or one that you think should
have made the list let us know in the comments
battery junction gear up power on

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  1. Smaller and hotter

  2. Jetbeam e20r best…16340…

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