Top Alternative Browsers for Windows: Tor, Blisk, Vivaldi, Torch 🥇🌐💻

Top Alternative Browsers for Windows: Tor, Blisk, Vivaldi, Torch 🥇🌐💻

Hello everybody! Statistical data says that over 80% of all
users prefer top browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Edge, Yandex. However, there are also alternative browsers
that exceed them in some aspects. In this video, I tried to show you the most
interesting ones. In one of the previous videos, watch the top
free browsers for Windows; find the link in the description: Let’s begin with Blisk Browser
Blisk Browser is based on Chromium and created for developers. It allows producing code for mobile and desktop
platforms at the same time, and includes emulators for phones, tablet PCs and various screen
resolutions. It makes it different form other browsers,
which are primarily designed to view webpages. Blisk allows website development for desktop
and mobile devices at the same time. To make it possible, it features a special
emulator to help you see how a website will cook on this or another device at every stage
of website development. The list of devices includes products by IPhone,
Ipad, Nexus, Pixel, Samsung and LG, various models of monitors and tablet PCs. The screen can be divided in two to work with
both versions at the same time and enjoy full synchronization of all actions. Automatic refresh function will spare developers
the trouble of refreshing the page again after every change they make to the source code. Integrated analytical tools collect all necessary
information on errors and failures. You can take a screenshot of the desktop or
a webpage without leaving the application. In all other aspects, it is the same good
old Google Chrome. You can find a link to download this browser
in the description: Tor Browser
It is primarily positioned as a browser for anonymous web surfing. Confidentiality of your traffic is based on
using an extended network of servers. That is, on the one hand Tor presents a good
alternative to popular browsers with integrated VPN. On the other hand, this is a product of a
different level. Tor will not encrypt your data as it will
require a VPN, virtual private network. Instead, Tor redirects all your traffic through
a series of intermediary net points. This measure makes it much more difficult
to follow your web activity. Using Tor provides a new grade of privacy
which is more reliable than using private tab options in a conventional browser. Tor Browser itself is a deep transformation
of Mozilla Firefox and includes several security add-ons such as the function to cancel caching
of all data. That is why its interface looks very similar
to Firefox except for some additional plugins. The browser’s home page calls to support
the project financially and features the search line of DuckDuck.go anonymous system. In order to find necessary information or
go to a website, enter your query into the search line or type the website address in
the browser address line. By clicking on the onion, Tor’s icon, we
can see the circuit of servers the browser uses to work with this website. You can change it at any time. The only thing you have to do is to select
“New circuit for this site” and it will change. As you can see, users can get access to a
web resource via three interim servers. NoScript, a frequently used extension for
Firefox, comes pre-installed and can be used to block various scripts and other contents
that doesn’t belong to HTML. It lets you set up easily the level of security
you need without fine tuning of particular options. Everything you do in this browser is tested
for anonymity: as soon as you try to switch the browser to full screen, a message appeared
saying “Maximizing Tor Browser can allow websites to determine your monitor size, which can
be used to track you. We recommend that you leave Tor Browser windows
in their original default size.” During our testing, we noticed that many websites
asked to enter CAPTCHA when using Tor Browser. It happens because your masked addresses look
suspicious for security services. We also noticed problems when looking for
a correct version of a visited website. When entering, the browser
opened its English, Spanish or Dutch language version. You can use Tor to visit conventional websites
anonymously, but there is also an entire network of hidden sites which are not displayed in
the public web network and can only be visible when you use Tor. Webpages are loaded much slower in Tor than
in any conventional browser. It is impossible to determine exactly how
slow your Internet connection becomes with Tor, because this change depends on a number
of factors, and speed will always vary because a different chain of servers is used every
time you connect to the Internet. Therefore, Tor becomes a necessary tool in
the days when privacy online is almost non-existent. This product allows to visit websites without
annoying attention of all kinds of services monitoring your activity. All of us must have noticed the advertising
that follows us anywhere just because we have once visited a certain webpage of a product
or service. All these annoying things disappear when you
use Tor Browser. You can find a link to download this browser
in the description: Vivaldi
Vivaldi is positioned as a browser with unlimited functionality. As a user, I would say it’s a good and largely
customizable alternative to Google Chrome with a wide range of interface options. This is something that Chrome lacks. At first, your eye catches the Speed Dial
well-remembered from Opera as well as the toolbar, and the menu button featuring Vivaldi
icon. However, developers of this browser have gone
a long way from other top products. Why do we compare it to Chrome? Because Vivaldi is also based on Chromium. Though it is more often compared to Opera
because its developer is related to this company, I would compare it to Chrome. By the way, Google Chrome extensions are compatible
with Vivaldi, and if you go to Tools / Extensions, you can see they are installed from Chrome
web store. The browser has the same Task Manager and
Developer Tools. Users will be happy to see convenient Bookmark
and History tabs. There is a good function Quick Commands (you
can start it by pressing F2) to open any item on the wide list of settings. I will not go into detail with the browser
settings. But I can tell you for sure there are so many
of them that every user can fine-tune Vivadi in every aspect. You can change themes, backgrounds and colors
– something we missed in Chrome. There is also an interesting opportunity to
change position of the tab bar. If you send the bar left or right, the tabs
will be shown with a preview of webpages. And so on. You can add necessary links to the side panel
for quick access. I also liked the Capture function. Clicking on a camera icon in the lower bar
of the browser, you can take a screenshot of your entire screen or only a part of it. Previously, such things required some third-party
software. Unfortunately, the browser doesn’t support
creating a user account yet, so there are no synchronization options. Nevertheless, this browser is a very promising
alternative for the top five products in this category. You can find a link to download this browser
in the description: Torch Browser
Torch is rather a powerful media center than a typical browser. It is based on Chromium and stands out for
its improved design and additional functionality. The browser page with a new tab features customizable,
minimalistic yet stylish design, while the toolbar contains shortcuts to all media functions
available in the browser. Torch Music is a shortcut to a web application
of the same name, featuring a music streaming service with lots of popular artists and albums. All music comes from YouTube, so you can not
only listen to it but also watch it. Torch Games is a collection of Flash games
to help you kill the time. The download manager in Torch can download
files somewhat faster than Chrome, but can often show you critical errors. When you go to a page containing audio or
video, the download manager icon will blink. When you click on it, a download will start. It is especially convenient when you want
to download videos from YouTube. Torch can download torrent files and work
with magnet links which it processes not in the download manager but in a separate tab. An opportunity to watch a video in the browser
while it is downloaded is an interesting alternative to watching videos online. Still, Torch has several annoying disadvantages. For example, it often shows pop-ups explaining
its functions, and asks you to tell about it in social media. If you don’t need some of its features,
it is not so easy to uninstall them. Nevertheless, Torch is a wonderful tool for
those who like films, music and social media. You can find a link to download this browser
in the description: That is all for now. Don’t forget to like this video. Subscribe to our channel to find lots of useful
videos about using your computer, laptop, Tablet PC or smartphone. Thank you for watching. Good luck.

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